Me and My Golf Review: #1 Online Coaching for All Golfers

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Me and My Golf is one of the top online golf resources on the internet, with hundreds of videos worth of golf tutorials and tips. In this Me and My Golf review, I do a deep dive on the website to show you exactly what you can expect if you subscribe.

ISpecifically, we’ll go over:

  • What you get when you subscribe to Me and My Golf
  • Key features on the website
  • Some of the things I liked and didn’t like on the site
  • Some key lessons and shot fixers offered on MAMG

You can check out Me and My Golf by clicking here.

If you end up checking out the site yourself, comment down at the bottom of this guide and let us know what you thought.

Me and My Golf Fix Your Slice program
The new “Fix Your Slice” program from Me and My Golf is a great reason to sign up today.

What is Me and My Golf?

Me and My Golf (MAMG) is a golf website that provides videos, coaching plans and other unique golf related tips to help amateurs get better out on the course. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will get better at golf – this is a promise from the creators of MAMG.

Led by two world-renowned PGA Coaches, Andy Proudman and Piers Ward, your membership will give you access to hundreds of online golf lessons and tips. They also offer practice plans in order to make you a better golfer. You will also gain access to a supportive global golf community, all looking to get better at the game of golf. This is all included in one single membership to Me and My Golf.

Me and My Golf also offers free tips and tutorials for those who may not want to pay for the yearly membership.

Struggling with a slice? Chunking your chips? Need help with your tee shot? Want to fix your swing faults?

There are videos for all of these issues and more!

If you are looking for more serious help than a few free tutorials, you will want to take a look at a membership. Here is where you will gain access to hundreds of videos and tips and more. We will go into the website below and what you can expect after signing up for the membership.

Click here to check out or sign up at Me and My Golf while you read.

me and my golf dashboard review

Who Created Me and My Golf?

Me and My Golf was created by Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, who are two of the more well-known PGA Coaches in the world. Both coaches have worked with many PGA Tour and European Tour golfers including Rory McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Justin Rose, Aaron Rai and more.

Both Piers and Andy were born and raised in Wolverhampton, England and met back in 1993 at Oxley Park Golf Club. They have been friends since then and business partners since 2006 when they set up 3 Hammers Golf Complex to help junior golfers become better at the game of golf.

me and my golf review coaches

Along with Piers and Andy, there are 4 other individuals who offer their expertise to Me and My Golf.

Chris Trott is the Director of Sports Marketing at TaylorMade and he gives his 20+ years of experience on the Tour as exclusive access on MAMG.

Marcela Smith is the resident golf rules professional. She only started playing golf at age 39, but quickly learned to love it and also mastered the rules of golf. She offers her expertise to MAMG on everything golf rules related.

Karl Morris is regarded as Europe’s leading golf performance coach and he focuses more on the mental aspect of golf. He has worked with many professional golfers over the years and gives exclusive videos to MAMG regarding the mental approach to golf.

Lastly, Robert Yang is a certified Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has worked with many professional athletes across a multitude of sports and provides exclusive videos regarding exercises, golf fitness, nutrition and more.

Overall, the team is filled with tons of knowledge and have helped thousands of golfers get better ball flight.


The main value that you are going to get out of Me and My Golf is the paid membership. When you sign up for a membership, you gain access to hundreds of online golf lessons, practice plans and more.

There are many different categories to choose from, depending on what you are looking for, such as golf tips around the course, the mental approach to golf, mastering the rules of golf, golf nutrition and exercises.

The pricing for a membership to Me and My Golf is as follows:

  • Monthly Membership ($25.38 + tax USD/month)
  • 6 Month Membership ($139 + tax USD, $23.17 USD/month)
  • Yearly Membership ($199 + tax USD, $16.58 USD/month) ****BEST VALUE

Included in every membership is a free 7 day trial to the website where you won’t get billed until the 7 days are up. You can also cancel your membership at any time.

This is great value for the amount of information and videos that you are given access to. Me and My Golf explains that the online coaching they offer on their website through the membership is equivalent to about $50,000 spent on in real life lessons and you can get access to it for just $16/month.

Key Features

Below we will go over some of the key features that Me and My Golf has to offer.

Free Golf Tips

For those who may not want to or have extra money to purchase the paid membership, Me and My Golf provides access to hundreds of free videos and tutorials.

On the main website you will find a Golf Tips link in the main toolbar. Through this link, you are then taken to a page where you have access to blog posts, video tutorials, podcasts and more, all for free! On the right side of the page there is a list of categories that you can go through depending on what you are looking for and wanting to learn.

Of course, the free tips only scratch the surface to everything that MAMG has to offer. It is a good start for those beginner golfers who want to learn some of the basics.

After getting a sneak peek of the free information available, you’ll want to check out what the paid membership has to offer.

Golf Brand Discounts

One of the neat features that Me and My Golf has to offer is that they are partnered with many of golf’s biggest brands. With your paid membership through MAMG, you gain access to discounts through brands such as Adidas, TaylorMade, FlightScope, GreenFee365, SuperSpeed Golf and more!

Save on hundreds of dollars through these exclusive deals on clothing, golf equipment and more.

Coaching Plans

Me and My Golf allows golfers to purchase any of their Coaching Plans in full, for a onetime fee if they don’t wish to sign up for the full membership. If you purchase a plan, you gain unlimited access to it through the website.

Each Coaching Plan is an extensive plan consisting of multiple different Courses and Lessons throughout to help you with specific things around the golf course.

Some of the Coaching Plans you can purchase include:

  • Break 100
  • Total Driving
  • Ultimate Irons
  • Complete Chipping
  • Complete Putting

If you have a specific problem to fix or goal you want to achieve, these courses are a preview to the unlimited membership options. They’ll take you from an average golfer to a great one by teaching you how to hit a golf ball better.

me and my golf review of total driving coaching plan

Shot Fixer and Swing Analysis App

Another great feature that I love about Me and My Golf is the iOS and Android app that you gain access to through the membership. Whether you are on the course, driving range or at home, you have instant access to all MAMG content.

This includes their Shot Fixer tool.

If you are struggling with certain shots around the course, you can load up the Shot Fixer, click into the shot that is giving you trouble, and watch what some of the problems may be during the swing that is causing these shots.

Tied into the app as well is the Swing Analysis tool.

With the Swing Analysis tool, you can film your golf swing right on your phone and load it into the app. From there, you can see where your issues lie, draw alignment lines, hints and more.

Having all of this information at your fingertips is great instead of trying to battle through it and learning afterwards.

me and my golf shot fixer options

What To Expect After You Sign Up

As soon as you sign up for a membership through Me and My Golf, you are given access to the Members Area. On the website, the Members Area is in the top right corner of the toolbar and you sign in using your username and password that you chose at sign up.

This is also where you would sign in if you purchased just single Coaching Plans. Once signed in, you will be taken to the Dashboard where all of your information is stored.

My RoadMap

When you first enter the MAMG Dashboard, all of your information will be on the left side of the page. The first link you can go into is My RoadMap.

Here is where you can set different goals for yourself on what you are trying to accomplish out on the golf course. For brand new golfers, this could be as simple as building a swing. For amateur golfers, this could be goals such as breaking 100.

MAMG has different roadmaps you can choose from and it acts as your golf journey. As you go through these roadmaps, you can track your progress throughout and also change to different ones.

me and my golf review my roadmap

Coaching Plans

The next link on the Dashboard is Coaching Plans. If you paid for a full membership, this is where you are given access to every single Coaching Plan that MAMG has to offer. The nice thing about these is you can scroll through each one, and it will advise what kind of golfer it is intended for.

There are some harder plans for more Advanced golfers, but the majority of them are intended for amateur and beginner golfers. A lot of the plans are also intended for all levels as they can help just about anyone.

Each Coaching Plan has a different amount of courses within, and each course has another set amount of lessons. It all depends on which plan you choose and what you are looking to accomplish.

The Break 100 Coaching Plan has 40 Lessons spread throughout 6 Courses

The Ultimate Irons plan has 18 lessons spread through 4 courses.

There is a TON of value here!

Once you click into your desired Coaching Plan, all of the videos appear on the right side. You start with the basics and progress through once you watch the videos. Under the videos, MAMG outlines what you will learn in each Coaching Plan and underneath that are real-life testimonials of golfers who have used the plan.

me and my golf review fix your slice plan


Challenges make things a little more fun and interesting for those golfers wanting to learn something new. MAMG will come out with different time limit challenges (usually 30 days) and challenge you to progress in the game of golf. One of the challenges out right now is the 30 Day Slice Fix. Any golfer struggling with a slice is challenged to go through this and fix their swing.

MAMG also incentivizes golfers to do these challenges by rewarding golfers they feel have shown the most dedication to the challenge. You can win many amazing golf prizes such as Golf Bags, new golf clubs, shoes and more!

Shot Fixer

Lastly is the Shot Fixer. If you find yourself struggling with certain shots around the golf course, then you should definitely check out the Shot Fixer through MAMG. When you click into the Shot Fixer, it will bring up a list of shots that most golfers struggle with at times such as:

  • Slice
  • Hook
  • Push
  • Pull

Clicking further into these shots will bring up a multitude of videos and tips of how to offset these bad shots and turn them into good shots.

Shot Fixer is a great tool to help golfers of all skill levels fix their shots.

What I Like About Me and My Golf

There are many different things that I like about Me and My Golf. The first thing I like is the fact they have plenty of free content available for golfers who may be on the fence about spending money on an online golf video membership website. There are enough free tutorials available to kind of get your feet wet and see what the website is about. Piers and Andy are very approachable and do a great job teaching the game.

The second thing that I like is that it is not just a membership for some golf videos. There is much more to the membership than just that. You gain access to many different things such as:

  • Video Podcasts
  • Closed-Facebook Group for all Members including the creators of the website
  • Discounts on major Golf brands such as Adidas and TaylorMade
  • Swing Analysis App through iOS and Android

Lastly, I love the price that the membership is set at. If you were to compare to some of the other golf tutorial website, Me and My Golf is a very reasonable price.

For only the equivalent of $16/month you gain access to some of the best golf tips and tutorials out there from PGA Coaches who have taught some of the World’s best players.

What more can you ask for?

With so much content, I also like how Me and My Golf have setup their website. You can try a full coaching plan, or hone in on specific shot types. If you want to learn how to hit your fairway woods better, better bunker shots, or about proper ball position in your stance, there are tutorials for that.

What I Don’t Like About Me and My Golf

If there is anything to not like about Me and My Golf, it is very minor. Most golfers, especially beginner golfers who are looking to improve, may find more benefit to actually heading down to their local course and paying for live golf lessons from a PGA Professional.

This way, they can be with you in person and critique right away instead of you having to follow along with short videos. The downside to this is that golf lessons in real life will cost quite a bit more than a membership to Me and My Golf.

It all comes down to what you are looking for and how serious you are in getting better at the game of golf.

Me and My Golf Alternatives

Me and My Golf is one of our favorite online golf lesson websites ever. If you want to compare against some other alternatives, here are the other ones I recommend:


Me and My Golf offers huge value and I can’t see a way where you wouldn’t find value out of a membership. Piers and Andy do a great job teaching you how to play more enjoyable golf. They offer quick and practical ways to fix your stance, choose proper shot selection, correct your slice, and other common swing faults.

Even low-handicap golfers will find value in some of the advanced coaching plans and mental exercise videos.

Click here to sign up for Me and My Golf.

If you check out the site and have some feedback, comment down below and let other golfers know what you thought!

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