The Absolute Best Golf Windbreakers You Can Buy Today

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A windbreaker is a critical piece of golf apparel. You never know when the weather will take a turn, so having something in your bag for that situation is always a good idea. It is essential to have a lightweight, breathable windbreaker that fits easily into your golf bag without taking up a lot of room.

In this article, we are going to go over a few of the best golf windbreakers for you, such as:

For each windbreaker below, I’ll go over key features and other details you’ll want to know. Have a question about which windbreaker is the best for your golf game? Keep reading below to find out!

What are the Best Golf Windbreakers?

  1. Under Armour Men’s Storm Rain Jacket (Best Overall)

  2. Sun Mountain Men’s Summit 1/4 Zip Windbreaker (Lightweight Option)

  3. Nike Men’s Repel Tour Jacket (Best Wind Resistant)

  4. Adidas Golf Men’s Competition Wind Jacket (Best in Cold Weather)

  5. Ping Norse S4 Zoned Jacket (Premium Option)

Under Armour Men’s Storm Rain Jacket (Best Overall)

under armour storm rain jacket review

Featuring Under Armour’s patented UA Storm technology that repels water while offering high breathability, the Storm Rain Jacket is an excellent piece of golf apparel to keep in the bag. It is made from a 2-layer bonded fabric that helps to disperse moisture quickly.

The Storm features two front pockets and a comfortable fit to keep your incredibly warm and dry.

Pros and Cons

The Under Armour Men’s Storm Rain Jacket is my favorite waterproof jacket available for the golf course today. Under Armour has done a great job refining its Storm Technology, one of many jacket features.

The jacket is entirely water-resistant with a full zipper closure. It is lightweight and does everything you need on the golf course.

There isn’t much to hate about the Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket. The biggest downside would be the price tag, as it may seem quite expensive for a lighter golf rain jacket.

What I Like About This Windbreaker

This Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket is hands down one of the best golf windbreakers available. The seams are welded and feature a 20k waterproof rating, making it completely waterproof.

There are zippered hand pockets, and the jacket also provides a looser fit, allowing more movement throughout your golf swing. The Under Armour Storm Rain Jacket should be at the top of your list regarding waterproof jackets.

Sun Mountain Men’s Summit 1/4 Zip Windbreaker (Lightweight Option)

sun mountain summit best golf windbreaker

The Sun Mountain Summit windbreaker is one of the best-quality golf windbreakers available. It is made with a new version of Zamza Light, a premium Japanese wind-resistant fabric. This fabric is the lightest, windproof knit fabric available.

This ultra-light fabric provides optimal freedom for your golf game, and its 4-way stretch fabric is incredibly durable.

Pros and Cons

This Sun Mountain Summit windbreaker is one of the lightest golf windbreakers you can purchase. The fabric is incredibly soft and fully wind resistant. The windbreaker is a quarter zipper closure allowing you to slip it on and off easily.

It also features a chin guard and a hidden chest pocket for storing more valuables. This is one of the better windbreakers to help against light rain as the water rolls off the fabric.

On the flip side, this windbreaker is so lightweight that it does not help keep the body warm. It is a very basic windbreaker, so if that is all you are looking for, you are in luck. If you want more design features, you won’t find them with this jacket.

What I Like About This Windbreaker

As stated above, I love the Sun Mountain Summit windbreaker fabric’s lightweight and softness. It is made from Zamza Light, which is a premium Japanese fabric. This pullover is the perfect golf gear to play and battle windy conditions.

The Summit offers excellent freedom of movement for your golf swing and is water-repellent when needed. You can’t go wrong with this windbreaker in your golf apparel pocket; this is currently the best golf windbreaker available.

Nike Men’s Repel Tour Jacket (Best Wind Resistant)

nike repel tour best golf windbreaker

The Nike Repel Tour Jacket is the perfect piece of golf apparel. This jacket is totally windproof and water-resistant, which will also help you stay warm when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

This jacket was made for the golf course, as the seams were placed in ideal spots so they do not interfere with your swing. This jacket offers excellent protection and a relaxed fit to help you feel comfortable.

Pros and Cons

The pros of the Nike Repel Tour Jacket are that while lightweight, the jacket will keep you incredibly warm on the course. It is a half-zip, which can be easily put on or removed during a round.

The Repel is entirely wind-resistant and also protects from rain. The seams are also all hidden.

The cons of the Nike Repel Tour Jacket are that it’s bland in terms of style. You can get something a little more stylish for the price.

This jacket only comes in all-black, and there is nothing else to it. Also, because it is all-black, it tends to bring in a lot more sun, which can increase your body’s heat.

What I Like About This Windbreaker

For an essential windbreaker, the Nike Repel Tour Jacket does precisely what you need it to do on the golf course. It provides excellent windproof protection while allowing freedom of movement.

I like the more basic-looking windbreakers, so the all-black option was acceptable. Plus, it has the iconic Nike swoosh on the heart and the back of the neck. This windbreaker is an excellent primary option for all sorts of golfers.

Adidas Golf Men’s Competition Wind Jacket (Best in Cold Weather)

adidas golf competition wind jacket review

The Adidas Competition Wind Jacket is one of the most stylish golf windbreakers on the market. It has a full zip closure and wind and water resistance body fabric. The patented Adidas striping is on the right shoulder and goes down the arm to the wrist.

Adjustable wrist closures make it comfortable, and there are also two zipped hand pockets to keep anything you put in your bag safe.

Pros and Cons

The Adidas Competition Wind Jacket’s pros are that its fabric will help keep you warm. This jacket was made for maximum warmth while having an adjustable wrist and waist toggle.

This wind jacket helps to keep the cold wind away, and zip pockets allow you to control almost anything in your bags without worrying about losing it. This golf jacket is perfect for colder days on the course.

The cons of this wind jacket are while warm, it can be a little heavy to wear on the golf course, which restricts your freedom of movement. You may be restricted while trying to swing, so removing the jacket during your shots may be better.

The jacket is not made with stretchy material, so little is given.

What I Like About This Windbreaker

The Adidas Competition Wind Jacket is a great golf jacket to keep you warm on the course while offering wind resistance and a water-repellent finish. Adidas provides more style as well, with many color options.

The Adidas striping down the arm is slick, and this jacket provides optimal comfort. If you are out on the course on a cold day, this is the perfect piece of golf apparel to keep in your bag.

You can also wear this jacket outside the golf course more casually, which helps protect you from the elements in more situations.

Ping Norse S4 Zoned Jacket (Premium Option)

ping norse s4 best golf windbreakers

If you are looking for the top golf jacket to keep you warm on the golf course, look no further than the Ping Norse S4 Zoned Jacket. This jacket features Primaloft Thermoplume insulation throughout the body and sleeves and Primaloft Silver Active Insulation to the underarm and back.

There are fleece-lined pockets, and it is also fully water-resistant throughout. All this protection will keep you warm on those cold golf days and have you golfing as late into the year as possible.

Pros and Cons

The insulated fabric on this golf jacket is top-notch and will have you golfing on the coldest days. I love this jacket’s warmth while offering wind and water resistance to all other elements.

The Ping Norse S4 is the comfiest golf jacket I’ve tried. It is a must-have for the golf bag if you live in a cooler climate.

The cons to this golf jacket are, first, the price. This jacket is expensive, retailing for nearly $200 USD. This is quite expensive to spend on golf apparel, and you can find other jackets that perform similarly for less.

Also, this jacket fit a bit snug compared to my regular sizing. Especially when you want movement on the golf course, you may have to size up at least one size from average to make it work.

What I Like About This Windbreaker

I like that this jacket can be worn on and off the golf course without anyone batting an eye. This jacket is exceptionally comfortable and warm and perfect for those fall days. Even in blustering winds, it offered excellent protection.

The zipper closure is very smooth; you can tell it is a premium golf jacket. If price isn’t your worry and you need a warmer piece of golf apparel, I highly recommend checking out the Ping Norse S4 Zoned Jacket.

Types of Golf Windbreakers

Full Zip

best golf full zip jackets

Full-zipper golf windbreakers are popular because they are easy to put on and take off. Much like a regular jacket, you can easily throw them out when needed and unzip them to take them off.

You will mostly find the full zipper closure in a golf jacket, ones that offer a little more heat retention for those cold days.


best golf half-zip pullovers

Half-zipper golf windbreakers work the same as a full-zip. However, the zipper only goes halfway from the top, meaning it must be worn over your head.

Half-zip windbreakers are usually made of a lighter fabric than the full zip, but it all depends. Some windbreakers come in quarter zips as well, which work very similarly.


best golf pullovers

A pullover is a windbreaker that has no zipper to tighten or loosen. It works more like a hoody where you pull it over your head, and that is it.

Freedom of movement is usually the best with a pullover because no zippers are weighing you down.

Criteria for Choosing Golf Windbreakers

Breathability and Windproof Protection

With the word wind in its name, one of the number one things to look for in a golf windbreaker is its windproof protection. In most cases, you aren’t wearing a windbreaker on sunny days. You are only bringing it out in windy conditions.

Windbreakers provide excellent air permeability because they are made of a single outer layer of tightly woven synthetic material that helps to block the wind.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way of knowing the windbreakers most resistant. The best way to distinguish is by name brand, as higher quality and more expensive windbreakers will likely offer better air permeability than lower quality ones.

One thing is for sure, most golf windbreakers are windproof, allowing you maximum protection from that element.


When it comes to windbreakers, most are very comfortable. Wind jackets provide a lot of stretch and, thus, greater freedom of movement.

The best way to determine how comfortable a windbreaker is to go into a store and try it on. That being said, even if you don’t have a chance to try it on beforehand, you can be confident that comfort will be the least of your worries.

Windbreakers are very light and not bulky at all. They are also usually made with very stretchy material.

One word of advice, though, is to go bigger regarding sizing. You don’t want your windbreaker to be a snug fit or feel restricted because that will only restrict your movements and hinder your golf swing. Having the correct sizing is crucial to your golf windbreaker.


Another criterion for choosing a golf windbreaker is the style, as there are many different types. You can get anywhere from a full-zip opening to a half-zip.

There are also many other color options to choose from. Style mainly comes down to personal preference and what you feel looks and feels the best.


Windbreakers are delicate and made with a thinner fabric than most jacket types. This means that it can be easier to rip the material if you accidentally catch it on something.

If you have a hole or small tear in your windbreaker, it will not be as wind resistant as before. But windbreakers can also be sewn fairly quickly without affecting the overall performance of it, which is also a plus.

The fact that they can be repaired so easily will help the durability and life span of the windbreaker itself and save you money in the long run.


We reviewed some of the best golf windbreakers available to purchase and which ones work better, depending on your preference.

If your number one priority for a golf windbreaker is warmth and you aren’t worried about the price tag, you should check out the Ping Norse S4 Zoned golf jacket.

If you want a lightweight, soft, water-resistant windbreaker, we recommend the Sun Mountain Summit or Under Armour Storm.

Having a windbreaker in your golf bag when you play golf is extremely important. You never know when the weather will take a turn, so it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

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