Exputt RG Review: Is This High-Tech Golf Putting Aid Worth It?

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The Exputt RG is an innovative putting aid that helps you track your swing mechanics and improve your putting. When you set it up, you hit putts on a simulated green and the Exputt gives you feedback on a various of metrics.

But does it work?

Yes, the Exputt is worth the hype! It’s awesome to compete online in real-life greens that simulate actual locations.

Keep reading for ten other features that I think you will really enjoy and ways that the Exputt can improve your game today.

What is the Exputt RG?

The Exputt RG is a cutting-edge putting aid that gained significant attention among golfers at the 2024 PGA show. This portable device offers a convenient solution to improve putting for golfers at all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros.

exputt rg review putting aid

The Exputt uses an ultra high speed camera and advanced tracking software to capture and analyze your swing mechanics and ball movement on every putt. You can roll out the mat in your living and practice any day of the year, which is really convenient.

The only thing you need to connect is the high-speed camera, which allows you to practice on real life greens around the world.

To use the Exputt RG, you putt down the mat into the barrier at the end of it. The camera detects your motion and shot and then provides you with analytics and data. Your shot is virtually rendered on your TV to show you how well you did on the virtual green.

exputt rg review reverse view

Whether you aim to refine your putting skills or make long-term improvements to your short game, the Exputt RG is an invaluable tool for golfers seeking versatility and convenience in their training regimen.

But does it work? And what are the coolest features?

Keep reading to find out!

How Do You Buy the Exputt RG?

You can purchase the Exputt RG off the official website here. If more retailers, such as Amazon, start to carry the device, I will update this guide with more information!

Cool Exputt RG Features

Here are some great features of the Exputt RG that I really like.

Practice On Real-Life Greens

The Exputt RG lets you simulate putting on a real green and offers a customizable experience that mirrors the conditions of different courses.

This feature lets you practice in situations that mimic your favorite course, providing a versatile and dynamic training environment. I really like hitting puts on Pebble Beach!

exputt rg review green simulation

Upgraded Camera System

Equipped with an upgraded high-speed camera system, the Exputt RG ensures precise tracking of swing mechanics and ball movement.

This enhanced camera technology delivers accurate tempo, path, and other data points to provide detailed insights into your putting performance.

exputt rg camera

Innovative Tracking Mat

The Exputt RG comes with an innovative tracking mat that enhances the accuracy of the simulation.

This mat, combined with the high-speed camera, allows for seamless tracking of the ball’s movement and ensures that you receive reliable and immediate feedback on your putting technique.

exputt rg review mat

Wi-Fi enabled

With built-in Wi-Fi, the Exputt RG introduces a social and competitive element to putting practice. You can engage in online gaming, challenge friends, and participate in virtual competitions.

This adds a fun dimension to the training experience and a sense of community with other Exputt users.

Easy and Compact Set up

I loved how user-friendly the Exputt setup was, making it effortlessly accessible for golfers of all skill levels. By simply rolling out the putting mat and plugging in the high-speed camera, you can be ready to refine your putting skills within minutes.

Its compact design ensures that you can practice virtually anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or even in a hotel room, providing unparalleled convenience.

exputt rg putting ball

Various Distance Change Modes

You can easily diversity your putting practice with the Exputt RG’s various distance change modes. This feature allows you to customize your practice sessions by altering the distances on the putting mat, catering to different putting scenarios.

I enjoy simulating various green conditions and practicing in real-game situations from my living room.

Forward Slope Options

The Exputt RG offers forward slope options, adding a layer of realism to your practice. This feature allows you to practice putting on slopes, simulating the challenges of uneven greens.

Mastering the art of putting on slopes can significantly improve overall putting proficiency, making this an invaluable feature if you’re looking to excel in any course.

Real-Time Online Challenges

The Exputt RG takes practice to the next level with its real-time online challenges. You can connect with up to four players online, fostering a competitive and engaging environment.

This feature lets you measure your skills against others, which can motivate your improvement in a social and interactive setting.

Rain or Shine

Thanks to its innovative tracking mat, the Exputt RG is designed to be weather-resistant. Whether rain or shine, this putting aid provides consistent and reliable analysis of crucial metrics.

You will enjoy uninterrupted practice sessions regardless of the weather conditions, ensuring continuous improvement in your short game.

What Statistics Does the Exputt Measure?

The Exputt RG has a sophisticated tracking system that measures a range of crucial statistics, including:

  • Clubface Impact Angle

  • Putter Launch Direction

  • Ball Speed

  • Putter path

  • Face Angle at Impact

  • Putting Tempo

The system gives you instant feedback on your putt and provides with you actionable suggestions so that you get real improvement in your putting.

exputt rg metrics stats ball speed launch direction distance

What I Like About the Exputt

I really love how the Exputt RG goes beyond its impressive technological features.

First, the ease of setup is a game-changer – within minutes, I can transform any space into a personalized putting green. The various distance change modes and forward slope options bring versatility to my practice, allowing me to simulate different course conditions right at home.

exputt rg stats

The real-time online challenges turn putting practice into a competitive experience. If you don’t want to play online, I think the practice mode also does fine.

As a golfer who values convenience without compromising quality, the Exputt has genuinely become an awesome practice tool for me in the off-season. It is the closest putting aid that mimics real course greens.

exputt rg green speed

What I Don’t Like About the Exputt

The Exputt is already a very advanced golf training solution, but I am interested in seeing more. Some virtual reality integration with the Meta Quest 3 would make the whole experience even more immersive!

Another suggestion would be to improve the graphical representation of the greens. Though it doesn’t significantly impact the overall experience, more realism in the visuals let you recognize each course better.

exputt rg putting green simulation

As a golfer and blogger constantly seeking innovation, these small things would make the Exputt really fantastic.

Who is the Exputt Made For?

The Exputt is designed for:

  • Golfers of All Levels: Whether you’re a beginner looking to establish a solid putting foundation or an experienced player aiming for continuous improvement, the Exputt is tailored for golfers at every skill level.

  • Golfers with Limited Space: The Exputt offers a compact and convenient solution if you have space constraints. Its design eliminates the need for a sprawling 10+ foot putting mat, making it accessible to those who may not have the luxury of dedicated putting spaces.

  • Low Handicap and Elite Players: The Exputt is an invaluable tool for low handicap and elite players seeking detailed feedback on their putting mechanics.

  • Casual and Non-Golfers: Aside from professional golfers, the Exputt appeals to casual players and non-golfers seeking a delightful putting simulator experience.


The Exputt RG is a clear standout putting practice aid, and I really think that it revolutionizes how golfers refine their putting skills. Its blend of high-tech features, including tracking software and customizable practice modes, makes it a versatile and invaluable tool for serious improvement.

The ease of setup and compact design allow seamless integration into any space. Simply putt, this is the best tool to help you hit a straight putt and refine your distance control.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the Exputt RG is tailored to provide a comprehensive and engaging putting practice. I think this is a must-have for anyone serious about upping their game.

What are your thoughts on incorporating the Exputt RG into your golf training regimen?

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