Cut Golf Balls Review: The Ultimate Guide (Red vs Matte vs Grey vs Blue vs DC)

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Are you sick of how expensive golf balls can cost you? And after you spend a bunch of money, you lose them in the bush anyways. In this guide, I give you a full Cut Golf Balls review on some of the cheapest golf balls you can buy today.

I’ll give a full overview and review on all five models of Cut golf balls:

  1. Cut Red
  2. Cute Matte
  3. Cut Grey
  4. Cut Blue
  5. Cut DC

I’ll compare and contrast each, plus tell you which golf ball is best for each kind of golfer.

If you’ve tried these golf balls before and have an opinion, comment down at the bottom of this guide.

Cut Red Overview

Cut Red is a 2-piece construction ball featuring an Ionomer Cover in the outer shell. It’s the perfect golf ball for golfers looking for accuracy off the tee and those with lower club-head speed. Cut Red is also a golf ball that can help you maintain green-side performance while staying on top of your game. It has a softer feel and comes with a 320 dimple pattern for higher swing speed. 


Cut Red has a moderate compression of up to 60. This gives the balls extra beauty and is suitable for those with a lower swing speed of 80 MPH or less. These balls also have a firmer feel at contact and low-spin performance. The Cut Red will easily spring off your club when you hit it. 


Cut Red golf balls have an Ionomer Cover. While the shell is hard, it is perfect for those who desire more distance. The shell makes the balls more resistant to scratches and is durable for both professional and newbie golfers. Additionally, the Ionomer shell offers more drag around the greens.


Cut Red is a 2-piece construction ball. The construction makes it great for golfers looking to hit the ball long distances. They collapse easily when struck hard, have moderate compression and greater distance. The 2-piece construction also encourages increased stability, accuracy, and lower side spin. Plus, it guarantees increased feel and control. 


The Cut Red golf balls are sold at a price of $12.99 per dozen. It is a great beginner golf ball.

Key Features

  • The Cut red ball saves costs without losing performance. 
  • The balls give longer distances and maximum durability.
  • It has moderate compression so that amateur golfers will get maximum distance.

Cut Matte Overview

If you are looking for increased fee and optimal performance, you will enjoy playing the golf game with any of the Cut Matte (white) series. Cut Matte is a 3-piece ball and is designed with a vibrant Ionomer cover and a soft core. These balls deliver green-side control and accuracy. The soft core helps the balls to decrease side spin for short and straighter shots. 


Cut Matte has a soft core with a compression rating of 75. Even with lower swing speeds, these balls maximize distance off the tee and come with an active acceleration mantle. The soft core also supports higher ball velocity and better energy transfer. 


Like the Cut Red golf balls, Cut Matte has an Ionomer Surlyn cover, making it durable for all playing conditions. These series feature a dimple design that helps to improve spin and ball flight on the green side. The shell design lets the balls perform differently on long shots.

Cut Matte is available in white, yellow, orange, and pink colors.

cut golf balls review - matte colors


Cutt Matte is a 3-piece golf ball. Aside from distance, Cut Matte has the biggest advantage of durability. It contains softer covers composed of elastomer. They produce a much softer feel around the green. For golfers who struggle with slices or hooks, Cut Matte may help them keep more shots in the fairway. 


The retail price of the Cut Matte series is $19.95. This is way cheaper than the golf balls of other brands out there. 

Key Features

  • The dimple technology helps to offer speed off the tee and high launch. 
  • These balls promote less drag and a straighter flight. 
  • They behave differently depending on the force of the shot.

Cut Grey Overview

Cut Grey is a three-piece construction golf ball with a softer compression performance. They are designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds who desire total control of the ball and maximum performance. They deliver higher ball flight, optimal distance, as well as improved green-side control. 

Cut Grey comes with the formulated urethane cover, which gives it a softer feel. It’s equipped with a 314-dimple pattern. If you are looking to minimize drag and improved ball fight, look no further than Cut Grey.


Cut Grey has a moderate compression rating of 80. The balls contain a solid center core and an outer layer composed of a soft cover and a rubber. The solid center core offers incredible spin and soft feel. It also creates more rebound on long shots. 

An 80 compression rating is more for intermediate golfers who have a swing speed around 90 MPH.


The shell has around 314 dimples to produce superior aerodynamics. The shell prompts a higher launch to help you maximize carry distance. Cut Grey selling points include high launch, longer distance, and soft feel. 


Cut Grey is a 3-piece construction golf ball with a softer compression performance. Upon impact with a golf club, the outer layer provides a more resilient surface, producing greater distances.  


The retail price of Cut Grey currently stands at $19.99 per dozen. 

Key Features

  • The 314 dimple design helps keep true flight in the wind.
  • These balls offer low spin for extreme distance.
  • The solid center core offers maximum distance.

Cut Blue Overview

Cut Blue is a 4-piece construction golf ball that guarantees maximum distance without compromising control and green-side spin. The balls are suitable for both irons and woods. They offer improved green-side control and lower ball flight.

Designed with a 314 dimple pattern that combines perfectly with the high velocity muscle-fiber core, these 4-piece balls have medium trajectory on all clubs and minimal sidespin.


Cut Blue has a medium compression of 90 and a harder feel upon impact with a club or wedge, making them advantageous around the green side. 

Performance-wise, Cut Blue generates ludicrous distance off the driver with a fast swing speed.


Cut Blue has a tour quality urethane cover, featuring a layer of liquid rubber. The rubber sits in between the exteriors and the core. The outer dimple overshadows Cut Blue’s descent angle, which gives more rollout. 


Being 4-piece constructed golf balls, Cut Blue provides an excellent soft feel at impact and on the green. They are designed for players who want more spin and those with swing speeds above 105 MPH. Though a 4-piece ball, the forgiveness is impressive. 


Price is one of the things that attract golfers to this ball. Getting these balls in a dozen currently costs $19.95. If you tend to lose numerous balls while playing, you can order a couple of boxes to continue playing. 

Key Features

  • Cut Blue flies farther from the drag reducing effects of dimples. 
  • The core construction helps to create farther distances.
  • They are built for moderate swing speeds.

Cut DC Overview

Cut DC is the latest addition to the Cut Golf line-up. These balls were designed to meet quality demand of players and rigorous performance at all skill levels.

Like Cut Blue, this newest addition is also a 4-piece constructed golf ball. Available in Atomic Yellow, Cut DC uses a firmer outer core, softer inner core, and moderate compression to enhance velocity on full shots. 


Cut DC is engineered with a dual core to maximize initial velocity for high precision spin control and greater distance. The balls have a 105 compression rating. You will get the most distance from this ball if you have a high swing speed.


With 360 dimple pattern on Cut DC cover, these balls guarantee consistent and straighter shots on the green. The urethane cover helps the balls to produce more spin around the green and restricts side spin.


Cut DC is a 4-piece constructed golf ball. The outer layer helps to boost the balls’ aerodynamics to provide limit drag and a consistent ball flight. It also makes the balls perfect for golfers with faster club heads. 


Cut DC is one of the most expensive golf balls in the Cut Golf line-up. Currently, you can purchase a dozen for $29.95. 

Key Features

  • This 4-piece constructed golf ball encourages straighter shots.
  • These balls have increased forgiveness.
  • Delivers straight ball flight

What I Liked About Cut Golf Balls

During my complete Cut golf balls review, there were a few things I really liked. At face value, I could get as much distance with Cut golf balls as any other brand in the past. The compression rating of each ball fell in line with the appropriate swing speed tolerance you would expect to see out of any golf ball.

I could also see a noticeable difference in spin and control while hitting the simple Cut Red and advanced Cut DC balls. My landing was much softer on the DC ball and the urethane cover felt higher quality too.

Finally, the price of the Cut golf balls can’t be stated enough as a pro. If you are looking to lower your cost to golf and don’t care about big name brands, Cut should be worth the consideration. The Cut Red might be a little too cheap (see below), but the Matte, Blue, or DC options are still cheap for a higher quality.

What I Didn’t Like About Cut Golf Balls

As $12.95 for a dozen, the Cut Red golf balls are the most enticing price. Unfortunately, I found the quality of them to be a bit too cheap. The two-layer surlyn construction felt hollow in my hands and off of the club. This is most likely from a cheap compression process during manufacturing in order to cut costs.

This was enough to make me want to stick in the high end for Cut models only. The price is still cheaper, but not the crazy amount as advertised. There are still some TaylorMade and Callaway golf balls that can be bought for cheap that I would try instead.

Cut Golf Balls: A Detailed Comparison

Which Cut golf ball has the most spin?

Cut Grey balls are softer and offer a little more spin than the rest of the lineup.

The tour quality urethane cover on Cut Blue helps the balls deliver responsive feel and moderate swing speeds for green-side control. Cut Blue and Cut Matte both offer lower spin, while Cut DC and Cut Red offer moderate spin.

Which Cut golf ball has the most distance?

Both Cut Blue and Cut Grey balls were designed to deliver optimal distance with irons and woods than the rest. These balls deliver improved green-side control and higher ball flight. The 314-dimple design provides drag and less side spin, resulting in higher ball flight in all playing conditions. Handicap golfers won’t stress much to achieve great distances. Their urethane cover has a softer feel.

The only exception to this is the new Cut DC, which gives the most distance as long as you have a fast enough swing speed to compress the ball efficiently.

cut golf balls review DC

Which Cut golf ball is the best off the tee box?

Cut Red, Cut Matte, and Cut Grey are all great balls off the tee box as they have higher trajectory, feel very soft on clubs, and have minimal sidespin. Their dimple pattern gives golfers the leverage to hit the balls off the tee. 

Which Cut golf ball is the best for approach shots?

Both Cut DC and Cut Matte are the perfect ball for approach shots (hitting into the green). These balls offer higher flight without sacrificing performance. They are designed for high precision spin control, too. 

Cut Blue, Grey, Cut Red cannot be compared to Cut DC and Matte because they offer moderate ball flight on all playing conditions. Plus, their spin control are not as good as that of Cut DC and Cut Matte.

Which Cut golf ball is the most durable?

You can expect medium durability from Cut Blue, Cut Grey, Cut DC, especially when you play them in a cold atmosphere. These golf balls use a softer inner core that works with the urethane cover for excellent spin around the green. For Cut Matte and Cut Red, they come with Ionomer Cover, which is not as durable compared to the urethane cover. 

Cut Golf Ball Alternatives

If you are considering Cut golf balls, then you probably want something that is cost efficient and won’t drain your bank account. Buying the cheapest golf balls is tricky, because you still want good quality.

Here are the best alternatives to Cut golf balls you should consider:

Found Golf Balls

Found Golf Balls is a used golf ball distributor that partners with golf courses who finds all of the missing balls and resells them. All golf balls go through a quality control process before they are resold.

Found Golf Balls is a great way to save money on balls. Amateur golfers will not be able to tell the difference at all in these golf balls and the quality is mint.

Click here to check out Found Golf Balls.

Callaway Supersoft

Callaway Supersoft is our pick for the best cheap golf balls for beginners and high handicappers. It has a low compression rating of 38, perfect for players with a slow swing speed. The low-compression core of this ball helps the player controls the ball spin.

You can buy the Supersoft for about $25 per dozen, which is the same price as the Cut Blue.

Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon is an underrated golf brand and the Soft Feel model is good quality for its price.

The ball is designed with a 344-speed dimple pattern and can reach far more carry distance. The dimple design reduces the drag, slows ball speed, and creates turbulence for more distance.

The Soft Feel has excellent feedback and control when putting, and the ball does really roll well. It is also easier to chip with this golf ball compared to something harder.

It costs $23 per dozen, which is a similar price to the Cut Blue golf ball.


If you are looking to buy golf balls for a little bit cheaper than normal, then the Cut golf balls have carved out a real nice niche for you to look into. Despite being as much as half the price, Cut golf balls still come in high quality and multiple layers.

Beginner golfers should look at the Cut Red and Cut Matte as a good low-swing ball.

Intermediate golfers will like the extra layer in the Cut Grey.

Advanced players should compare the Cut Blue and Cut DC against other top tier golf balls like the Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway Soft X.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cut Golf Balls (FAQs)

Who Owns Cut Golf?

Cut Golf is independently owned by Sam Uisprapassom, who created the company from his garage in California. He sought out to create a golf ball that was high quality and lower priced than some of the major brand alternatives.

Where can you buy Cut Golf Balls?

Cut Golf Balls can be purchased online directly from their online store. You can also find Cut balls in all major in stoor and online golf retailers including Golf Town, PGA Superstore, Global Golf, and Golf Galaxy.

How are Cut Golf Balls tested for quality?

Cut Golf Balls are run through vigorous testing both in a laboratory and in a live environment. Cut utilizes the ‘Iron-Byron’ robotic testing with a TrackMan launch monitor analyzer in order to ensure industry accepted results.

What are the key features and benefits of Cut Golf Balls?

Cut Golf Balls are known for their exceptional performance at a fair price. What sets Cut Golf Balls apart is their exceptional value without compromising on performance, making them a great choice for players of all skill levels.

What common problems do Cut Golf Balls have?

Some users have reported minimal scuffing on the ball after several rounds. However, this is a common issue with many urethane-covered balls, and it doesn’t drastically affect the performance. As a tip, ensuring you’re using clean and sharp golf clubs can reduce the chance of scuffing the balls.

Are Cut Golf Balls suitable for beginners or high handicappers?

Absolutely! Cut Golf offers models like the Cut Red and Cut Grey that are designed with high handicappers and beginners in mind. They offer a softer feel, lower spin, and great distance, making them an excellent choice for those looking to improve their game without overspending on golf balls.

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