Cadet vs Regular Golf Gloves: Which Glove is Perfect For You?

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This is the ultimate guide to cadet vs regular golf gloves. I’ll teach you about the size and style differences in a cadet glove, plus the best type of each glove. Below is a size chart that explains the exact size differences between each.

Simply put, a cadet glove has a wider palm area and shorter fingers to help out those golfers who don’t fit a standard size.

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What is a Cadet Golf Glove?

Cadet golf gloves differ from regular golf glove’s in that they feature shorter finger lengths and a wider palm back. The issue with regular golf gloves is that they come in standard sizes, with the glove getting marginally bigger. They do not conform well to different hand types, which can cause an issue for some golfers.

A cadet golf glove will help provide comfort for different hand sizes and hopefully prevent you from purchasing a new golf glove every few months.

Cadet vs Regular Golf Gloves

Size Difference

The size difference is the most significant difference between a cadet golf glove and a regular golf glove. Regular golf gloves come in sizes small to triple extra large. Cadet golf gloves are available from small to extra large, but the sizing between the two is different.

The finger length in cadet-size golf gloves is usually about one to two inches shorter than in a regular golf glove. They are also a few inches wider in the palm.

Regular glove sizes are based on the most common, proportionate hand sizes. This is great if you have a proportionate-sized hand, but studies have shown that at least 20% of golfers should use a cadet glove instead of a regular one. Using a cadet golf glove will benefit you if you have short fingers.

cadet vs regular golf gloves side by side

Fitting and Comfort

The easiest way to determine what type of golf glove you should use is to measure the length of your middle finger and the width of your palm. Once you have these numbers, you can look at multiple golf glove brands to see their sizing and determine what would work best.

Alternatively, you could go into a golf retailer or pro shop and try on different gloves to see what fits and feels the best. The only person that will know what is comfortable is you. If your fingers do not reach the end of the leather on a regular golf glove and there is spare room, you will likely need a cadet golf glove.

Properly fitting a golf glove will enhance your golf game more than you think it would. You know how much a properly fitted glove helps if you have played golf.


A cadet golf glove costs roughly the same as a regular one, so that shouldn’t deter you from purchasing one. Many golfers may think it is a money grab because it has a different name, but that isn’t the case.

A comfortable glove that fits your hand shape will provide more confidence in your golf swing.

Men’s and Ladies’ Gloves

Regular golf gloves come in men’s and ladies sizing, but cadet gloves differ. Cadet glove sizes only come in men’s. But that doesn’t mean ladies with slightly larger hands can’t use them if they are more comfortable!

I recommend heading into a golf store and trying multiple brands to see what feels best.

Cadet Golf Glove Sizing Chart

Below is a chart comparing cadet vs regular golf gloves to help you determine what size will fit you the best. You can use a ruler to measure your finger length and palm width.

SizeCadet Middle Finger LengthCadet Palm WidthRegular Middle Finger LengthRegular Palm Width
Small1-4 inches3-5 inches3-5 inches3-5 inches
Medium3-5 inches4-6 inches4-6 inches4-8 inches
Medium-Large4-6 inches5-7 inches5-7 inches5-8 inches
Large5-7 inches6-9 inches6-8 inches6-10 inches

Best Regular Golf Gloves

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove

The TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove is one of the most commonly worn gloves on the PGA Tour. It features sizes from small all the way to XXL, meaning there should be a size for every type of hand.

The Tour Preferred is made from AAA Cabretta Soft Tech Leather for ultimate comfort and features a moisture-wicking wristband to help keep your hands dry for every swing.

FootJoy StaSof 2023 Golf Glove

FootJoy has always been near the top regarding golf gloves, and the brand-new StaSoft golf glove is no different. The glove features a 3-Directional ComforTab, providing a comfortable, secure fit on your hand.

The glove can be worn in all different climates, and plenty of strategically-placed air holes allow for breathability.

Nike Tour Classic IV Golf Glove

Nike isn’t typically known for their golf gloves, but the one on the market is quite popular. The Tour Classic golf glove features premium leather for an incredibly soft feel. The angled tab allows for some adjustability and the most comfort when playing.

The Tour Classic is a basic-looking golf glove, but the iconic Nike swoosh puts the icing on the cake.

Best Cadet Golf Gloves

FootJoy HyperFlx Golf Glove

The FootJoy HyperFlx golf glove comes in cadet sizing, which is great for those looking for a cadet-style golf glove. The glove features MicroVent FibreSof material on the back of the hand, which helps with breathability and comfort. It also features PowerNet mesh along the knuckles for even more flexibility.

The FootJoy HyperFlx is one of the most popular golf gloves on the PGA Tour for good reason.

Callaway Tour Authentic Golf Glove

The Callaway Tour Authentic golf glove is a basic-looking glove but has many great features. It is made from ultra-soft Cabretta leather with Griptac on the palm for a secure grip during your swing. There are perforations throughout the glove allowing for breathability and moisture control. I think the velcro flap is the most durable on Callaway gloves.

The Tour Authentic comes in regular or cadet sizes for even more options.

Titleist Players Golf Glove

Titleist is not typically known for its golf gloves, but the Players Golf Glove is a great option for golfers looking at a cadet-sized glove. It is made from Cabretta leather and features a very thin feel, so you can still feel the grip on your club. The glove resists moisture and has satin reinforcements at the cuff and the thumb to prevent tearing.

This is a very durable golf glove.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a cadet-style golf glove?

Cadet-style gloves are a type of glove made for golfers with shorter fingers and wider palms. Golfers require a properly fitting golf glove that will hold up throughout the season, so by measuring your fingers and palm width; you can determine which golf will be the best for you.

How do I know if I need a cadet golf glove?

If you have relatively short fingers and wide palms, a cadet-style golf glove will better fit you than a regular golf glove. If you have excess room at the tops of your fingers, then a cadet glove will fit you better.

Do cadet gloves cost more than regular golf gloves?

Cadet-style gloves cost roughly the same as regular gloves, so you can choose between the two without having to worry about spending more money on the cadet glove.

Do golf gloves make a difference?

Yes, a golf glove can ensure your grip doesn’t slip during your golf swing. As well it prevents you from getting sweat on your golf clubs. A new glove will give you maximum grip and control.

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