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Hitting The Golf Ball
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The Art of the Perfect Golf Stance


What do a batter in baseball, a defensive lineman in football, and a server in tennis all have in common? The answer is that all these positions require a certain “stance” which helps the person in question to perform a certain action. As much as the stance these players take in their chosen sport can […]

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Body in Motion: How to Pivot for the Perfect Golf Swing


Ever watched a PGA Tour pro play golf and wonder to yourself, “Man, I wish I knew how to play like them.”? If you are like many of us golfers out there, chances are the answer is “Yes”.While there are many nuances to perfect if you wish to attain the level of play that you […]

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6 Ways Golfers Can Prevent Back Pain

best sunday golf bags

What a day! I just got done a round of 18 holes and have edged out all my buddies by at least 3 strokes, which prompts them to owe me a nice steak dinner. I’m on top of the world… until I have to ask my wife if she has any aspirin in her purse.Yes, […]

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How to Properly Grip Your Golf Club

Today we are going to talk to you about how to properly grip your golf club. You may be asking “Why? I think I grip my club just fine, why do I need some internet writer to tell me otherwise?” The truth is that this may actually not be the case, and you may have […]

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Hitting a Golf Ball to an Elevated Surface

When a golf course is designed, it is created in a way that best challenges the golfers using the terrain available to them in addition to man made obstacles. One of these challenges is uphill lies.Portions of the course are designed to go uphill as you play, pushing the golfer to hit the ball in […]

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