How to Chip a Golf Ball

golf ball launch angle

While Golf is a sport that is easy for anybody to pick up, it is a sport that takes more time to master than many others. It takes precision, timing, and sometimes a bit of luck to come out on top of the pack in competitive golf games. Of the many nuances to perfect in Golf, …

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11 Types of Score Penalties In Golf: What You Need to Know

golf penalities

No matter how much you practice and how good you think you may be, every golfer will make some sort of follies out on the course. If a mistake happens during a casual game with friends, then you may have nothing to worry about (except for maybe a couple of lost balls). Should you make …

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How Process Focus Leads to Lower Score

process focus

“Focus on the process, and not the outcome”It’s a phrase you encounter as soon as you start to learn the mental game of golf; it’s something sports psychologists will often utter, regardless of the discipline in question.But what does it actually mean?And how can you use it to improve at golf?Process is the opposite of …

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Forged Golf Clubs: Should You Use Them?

forged golf clubs

In earlier years, the main method that was used in making iron golf clubs was the forging of metals. However, later technologies, particularly those that were introduced in the 1960s, resulted in the adoption of casting—a process which involves pouring molten metal into a mold to produce a golf club head—as a manufacturing method. Although casting became the most commonly used method in making golf irons, forging continued to be used to some extent in manufacture to cater to the preferences of more discerning players.

Are You Spending Too Much Time Thinking Over the Ball?

range game to course

Why do golfers spend so much time over the ball? Many golfers spend too much time over the ball going through the checklist of mechanical cues to focus on. The most likely reason would be you are going through a checklist of six things you need to do to make a good swing.


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