Travismathew vs 2Putt: Which Golf Clothing is Better?

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In this guide, we compare the Travismathew vs 2putt clothing brands to help you decide which brand has higher value, more stylish clothes, and better fit.

Travismathew has made it to the big leagues, with multiple PGA golfers repping the brand on tour. However, 2putt is a new golf clothing brand worth checking out for high-quality and modern clothing.

After you read this guide, check out some items from either brand today. Plus, comment below and let us know what you think!

What is Travismathew?

Travismathew is a golf apparel and lifestyle brand founded in 2007. It was established to create high-quality golf apparel and uproot a one-dimensional industry at the time.

The company’s designs are based on Southern California culture and lifestyle, based on where the company was founded. You will see a lot of palm trees in the plans, along with light blue tones and accents.

The original Travismathew designs put a practical twist on golf clothing with some critical changes to traditional clothing items:

  • pants with a back pocket sized perfectly for a notepad or golf scorecard

  • added velcro to hold a golf glove

  • an extra pocket to keep your phone

Today, the brand has grown in many ways, including all types of clothing, both men and women.

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What Does Travismathew Sell?

The Travismathew brand sells all sorts of practical golf gear, including:

The Cuater line, a sub-brand of Travismathew (more on that below), sells more golf-related items:

TM Polos is the company’s highest-selling item currently. They provide a lovely tailored fit and high-quality material that golfers love on the golf course.

What is 2Putt?

2Putt is a golf apparel brand founded by two brothers who love the game of golf. They wanted to create a fun, high-quality golf brand for everyone to enjoy.

The company’s designs are very eccentric. However, there are also standard options if patterns aren’t your thing. 2Putt also offers a great selection of streetwear, including t-shirts and hoodies.

The golf brand is growing in popularity daily, offering many different options on and off the golf course.

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What Does 2Putt Sell?

The 2Putt golf brand sells all sorts of practical golf gear, including:

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Travismathew vs 2Putt: Comparison


Travismathew has been around for more years than 2Putt and is also owned by Callaway, making it a household name in the golf world. That being said, I was inclined to believe that 2Putt’s clothing quality would not be able to touch TM.

travismathew review zinna polo

After wearing both companies’ clothing for some time, the quality of both TravisMathew and 2Putt is excellent. Everything holds together well, and both company’s clothing can be put through a washer and dryer without worry of damage. Both seemed wrinkle-resistant, and I didn’t notice any breaking seams.


All of the clothing that 2Putt makes is 88% polyester and 12% spandex. This makes the dress incredibly soft and stretchy. It also doesn’t restrict you while golfing, which is precisely what you want.

Travismathew also uses a majority of Polyester in their polos, with some Cotton mixed in.

Both companies use high-quality materials in all of their apparel, including streetwear. It is an incredibly modern and comfortable fabric and will make you want to buy more.


Travismathew and 2Putt have their own style of golf clothes, and it will come down to personal preference in what you enjoy more.

I enjoy the style of the Travismathew brand. It was created in Southern California and plays off the palm trees of that culture and lifestyle. The colors aren’t too crazy, and they have many different designs. If you don’t like the big logos across the front, you can also get more plain shirts. Every shirt has the signature TM logo, usually found on the neck.

With 2Putt, they are known for having very bright and eccentric designs and patterns for their golf polos. Some golfers will like this, but lots will hate it. 2Putt doesn’t have nearly as big of a selection as Travismathew’s, but there is enough to pick what you want.


TravisMathew and 2Putt golf clothing have an excellent, modern, slim fit to all of their clothes. We did notice that Travismathew fits a little bit tighter in the same size as 2Putt..

Both companies have a great fit on all their clothes. It’s a little tighter in the arms and chest but nothing that feels restricting during your golf swing. The Polyester and spandex help the fit significantly.


After reviewing both websites, the clothing prices for Travismathew and 2Putt are very similar. 2Putt has a smaller selection.

TravisMathew may be a bit more expensive, but they also have a larger selection if you want something cheaper. Both companies also hover around the same price for golf accessories like hats.

Sale Items

Sale items are the one place that makes Travismathew a significantly better option than 2Putt. Travismathew has an entire section on their website dedicated to sale items.

It isn’t just a few things either.

Travismathew offers sales on everything on the site. This is huge because it can add a lot of savings if you purchase only from the sale section.

We recommend checking this out as long as your size is on there.

Travismathew v 2Putt: Which Clothing is Better For?

Professional Golfers

Professional golfers will stick with Travismathew’s clothing, mainly because it is a larger company that Callaway owns. There is more selection, and you won’t see professional golfers wearing a smaller company’s clothing on the golf course.

2Putt may eventually gain popularity in the golf world, but as of right now, Travismathew is the superior choice.

Young Golfers

Travis Mathew and 2Putt are popular golf clothing brands that cater to different styles and preferences. 2Putt offers unique and modern designs, appealing to those who want to stand out with their golf attire.

Younger golfers are more open to wearing bright designs to stand out, so they may lean towards the 2Putt clothing compared to Travismathew. Ultimately, it will come down to personal preference.

Older Golfers

Older golfers generally stick with more neutral colors and do not stand out as much on the golf course, and that is why they would like the TravisMathew clothing better than 2Putt.

There is also more selection for them. Travismathew also has a few modern designs if they feel like going outside their comfort zone.

Cold Weather

Both companies offer warmer golf clothing, which is great for golfing in cold weather. After looking at both companies, we noticed that 2Putt offers high-quality cold-weather clothing significantly cheaper than Travismathew. 2Putt offers warm-course hoodies, and they are roughly $60-$80 cheaper than what Travismathew carries.

These course hoodies are very comfortable and warm, precisely what you need.

Those on a Budget

Regarding full-price items, golfers on a budget generally find things cheaper on the 2Putt website. However, as we went over above, we recommend checking out the sales section of the Travismathew website.

Many sale items will make everything much cheaper and help those shopping on a budget.


In the Travismathew vs 2Putt showdown, choosing the superior brand boils down to individual preference, style, fit preference, and budget.

Travismathew offers a broader selection with an established reputation in the golfing world, showcasing a balanced blend of style and functionality. On the other hand, 2Putt emerges with vibrant, modern designs aiming to captivate the hearts of contemporary golfers.

Whether you’re a professional golfer leaning towards Travismathew’s tried-and-true heritage or a young golfer drawn to 2Putt’s bright and eccentric patterns, both brands promise quality, comfort, and a fine tune to the modern demands of golf apparel.

Don’t overlook the substantial discounts in Travismathew’s sale section

Also, leverage 2Putt’s HTGB20 code to snag a good deal.

Both companies stand tall in delivering modern and functional golf attire, promising a winning choice for everyone.

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