2Putt Golf Apparel Review: How Good Is This Golf Clothing?

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2putt is a unique and modern golf apparel brand that stands out from the competition. Check out some of their unique designs and selection of clothing below.

Created by two brothers, our detailed 2Putt review below goes into full detail about the brand, where you can buy it, how to get 20% off your order, and more.

2Putt Golf Apparel Overview

2putt golf apparel review

2Putt is a golf apparel brand founded by two brothers who love the game of golf. They wanted to create a fun, high-quality golf brand for everyone to enjoy.

The company’s designs are very eccentric. However, there are also standard options if patterns aren’t your thing. 2Putt also offers a great selection of streetwear, including t-shirts and hoodies.

The golf brand is growing in popularity daily, offering many different options on and off the golf course.

What Does 2putt Sell?

The 2Putt golf brand sells all sorts of practical golf gear, including:

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Who is 2Putt Owned By?

2Putt was started and is owned by two Michigan brothers, Peter and David Calcaterra. Both enjoy playing the game of golf. One day, they decided they wanted to create a golf apparel brand that stood out from the crowd. With their family’s help, 2putt was born.

Peter and David created the 2Putt golf brand for other average golfers who wanted professional quality out of their golf apparel.

2Putt Store: Where to Buy 2Putt Golf Apparel

Currently, you are only able to purchase directly from the 2Putt website. There are no physical stores that you can buy from.

2Putt Clothing Review

The Tips Polo

The Tips Polo by 2Putt is my favorite polo from the brand. This polo is very soft and fits perfectly. It is one of the few solid-color polos the brand offers and will be great for golfers who want something other than fancy colors or patterns to make them stand out.

The logo on the back of the polo up near the neck is also a nice touch.

2putt golf apparel polo

Transfusion Polo

If you prefer to stand out on the golf course, 2putt has a selection of unique patterns to check out. This blue polo, called ‘transfusion’ has a pattern of cocktail glasses patterned on the shirt.

These polos are also perfect for a Texas Scramble, where you want your team coordinated and standing out from the rest of the field.

2putt transfusion polo

Blacked Out Q-Zip

There are five different colors for the Q-Zip on 2Putt’s website. Q-Zip is short for quarter-zip, a popular type of pullover that golfers wear on the course.

For polos, I like to keep it basic, but when it comes to quarter-zips, I am okay with venturing out into different colors once in a while. That being said, I liked the all-black option. It is very lightweight and comfortable and doesn’t restrict you in your swing.

The Q-Zip also comes with a small pocket on the right side of the chest, which is convenient to hold small golf accessories. There is a large, different-colored accent border around this pocket.

2putt q-zip

Blacked Out Course Hoodie

This all-black hoodie is an excellent alternative to a quarter-zip pullover. It will also provide a little more warmth as the material is thicker. The fabric is also soft and stretchy, ensuring no restriction to your mobility on the golf course.

I like the look of this hoodie because it is basic but modern. The drawstring and the 2putt logo stand out on it. You can also wear this off the golf course casually and look good.

2putt pullover

Gimmie That Putt T-Shirt

Along with business-golf clothing, 2Putt has a great selection of streetwear, including t-shirts. All of their t-shirts have a pun relating to golf.

The fabric of these T-shirts is very soft, and the fit is excellent. These t-shirts are great to wear on and off the golf course.

2putt gimmie t-shirt

Sink It Black Hat

2Putt also has a great selection of hats and visors to choose from. My personal favorite is the Sink It Black golf hat. It is an essential black hat with its club/ball logo on the front. The emblem is manageable, but it is fun and will have everyone on the course asking you where you got it from.

It has a velcro back so that you can ensure it fits your head perfectly. An elastic is built into the band to ensure you get an excellent, snug fit when you put it on.

2putt golf hat

What I Like About 2Putt


When I pulled 2Putt clothing from the packaging, I noticed each shirt was made from 88% polyester. The other 12% is spandex. This clothing is incredibly soft and stretchy, ensuring you are not restricted when wearing it on the golf course.

Polyester is a much more breathable material on the golf course than cotton. Plus, it is more comfortable if you get caught in the rain.

This is precisely what you want from golf apparel. Something that looks good on the course, feels good on your body and doesn’t restrict your mobility or golf swing in any way.

I can confidently say that 2Putt has knocked it out of the park in this.


When I tried on the 2Putt golf clothing, everything fit perfectly out of the packaging in my normal size. Everything was tight enough, but it had an excellent, slim, modern fit.

Plus, the clothes were breathable and lightweight. All these clothes will be machine washable with the material, and you won’t have to worry about the dryer shrinking them or wrecking the fit.

Unique Designs

One last thing you will notice when looking through the 2Putt website is the unique designs for their polos. Many colors and patterns are going on, which some golfers will like and others will hate. The good thing is plain designs are also available, making it the best of both worlds.

If you like to stand out with colorful polos and designs, 2Putt will be up your alley.

What I Don’t Like About 2Putt

Number of Stores

One thing I don’t like about the 2Putt golf brand is that there are no physical stores to go to and try their products on before purchasing! Everything is done online through their online shop.

The good thing is that 2Putt has a 30-day return policy, so if you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it to the company. This causes a headache for some people, and although everything is moving online, I’m a little old-school and like to browse and try things on before making a purchase.


2Putt stands out as a new and unique golf apparel brand, infusing the market with a vibrant and versatile range of products. Crafted with a blend of polyester and spandex, their collection promises is comfortable to wear and trendy.

2putt is available online only today, which we hope will change in the future. They do offer a 30-day return policy, just in case.

If you do shop on their online store, make sure to use the code HTGB20 for an extra 20% off of your order today.

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