4 SkyTrak Plus Features Worth Upgrading For

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The SkyTrak Plus is the newest launch monitor from SkyTrak, but is it worth the upgrade? In this guide, I’ll showcase 4 SkyTrak Plus features that you get in the new software that are awesome.

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What are the Best New SkyTrak Plus Features to Try Out?

  1. Bag Mapping

  2. Skills Assessment

  3. Wedge Optimizer

  4. Challenges

SkyTrak Plus Overview

The SkyTrak Plus is a new golf launch monitor that is an upgrade over the original SkyTrak.

SkyTrak+ has added a new dual Doppler Radar System that helps deliver club data to your screen. They have also completely revamped their camera system to provide accurate and reliable ball-tracking and useful club data and points. The doppler radar provides real-time club data measurement and feedback as soon as you swing your golf club.

The type of feedback it gives includes:

  • club head speed

  • ball speed

  • club path

  • face angle

  • smash factor

The new SkyTrak+ launch monitor has an improved photometric camera system and a 40% larger hitting area. Photometric launch monitors, like the SkyTrak+, use the front camera to track the area in front of the golf ball to provide even more accurate full ball flight data, including launch angle, spin, and tilt axes.

Generating spin numbers on launch monitors is incredibly difficult and can usually only be done with a costly camera. I love the fact that SkyTrak was able to include this in such an affordable launch monitor is excellent.

The camera was also updated for improved outdoor performance use, meaning you can take it to the driving range to hone your skills there.

Overall, the new SkyTrak performs as well as the highest end launch monitors and is perfect for any garage, home golf simulator or outdoor golf simulator.

skytrak plus vs flightscope mevo plus

How to Buy the SkyTrak Plus

You can purchase the SkyTrak+ online from any golf retailer or below on Amazon.

Simulation Software

SkyTrak offers packages for some of the best golf simulator software on the market, including:

  • WGT World Golf Tour

  • E6 Connect

  • The Golf Club 2019


The SkyTrak+ launch monitor costs $2,995. It became available to the public in late May 2023.

There are multiple subscription plans depending on what features you want to see.


  • Included with the launch monitor at no additional cost

  • Basic Driving Range


  • Virtual Driving Range

  • Game Improvement Features

  • Skill Building Challenges

  • Golf Simulator Integration


  • Virtual Driving Range

  • Game Improvement Features

  • Skill Building Challenges

  • Golf Simulator Integration

  • WGT by TopGolf (iOS version)

If you are on the fence or you have upgraded to the Skytrak Plus, there are some new features you need to take advantage of.

Bag Mapping

Bag Mapping is a standout SkyTrak Plus feature that offers detailed insights into your club performance. By conducting a range session where you hit each club in your bag, the software gathers data on average distances, dispersions, and how the clubs relate to each other in terms of performance. This information is invaluable for understanding your game and improving your overall performance.

One of the advantages of Bag Mapping is that it helps you identify gaps in your yardages. By knowing how far you hit each club, you can better plan your strategy on the golf course and make more informed club selections.

Additionally, Bag Mapping can reveal whether you’re overestimating or underestimating your yardages, allowing you to fine-tune your distances for more accurate shots.

A cool thing to try with Bag Mapping is experimenting with different club configurations. You can rearrange your golf clubs or add or remove certain clubs to optimize your bag setup.

For example, if you notice significant gaps between yardages, consider adding a club to bridge the distance. The data from Bag Mapping empowers you to make data-driven decisions to improve your game.

skytrak+ bag mapping

Skills Assessment

The Skills Assessment feature in SkyTrak Plus is another powerful tool if you are looking to pinpoint weaknesses in your game. Like Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment involves target practice sessions, but this time, the focus is on specific distances and clubs.

You can assess your performance for each club at different distances by going through a series of target sessions. For instance, you can set up sessions for a 9-iron at 125 yards, a 6-iron at 165 yards, or a 3-wood at 225 yards.

skytrak plus features skills assessment

Throughout the Skills Assessment, you receive detailed data on your shots, allowing you to analyze your performance precisely. One of the key advantages of Skills Assessment is the ability to view detailed information about your shots, including green accuracy and dynamic handicap for each club.

The dynamic handicap is especially useful, as it provides a real-time measure of your performance, allowing you to track your progress over time.

By identifying your strengths and weaknesses during the Skills Assessment, you can target specific areas for improvement. This feature is indispensable for honing your skills and fine-tuning your game, ultimately leading to better on-course performance.

Whether you’re a beginner seeking to enhance your abilities or an experienced golfer aiming for greater consistency, the Skills Assessment is a fantastic way to elevate your game to the next level.

skytrak plus skills assessment 2

Wedge Optimizer

The Wedge Optimizer feature (or Wedge Matrix) is tailored to help you fine-tune your wedge game. By swinging each of the four wedges (pitching wedge, gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge) at different lengths (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and full swing), you can gather data on typical yardages for each swing length.

skytrak plus features wedge optimizer

The matrix format displaying the yardages allows you to quickly identify the ideal club and swing length for various situations on the golf course. This feature is handy for mastering distance control with wedges, an essential skill for scoring well.

Additionally, Wedge Optimizer reveals each wedge’s shot dispersions and offline tendencies, helping you identify flaws or inconsistencies in your wedge game.

Armed with this information, you can focus on specific areas for improvement during your practice sessions.

skytrak plus features wedge matrix


The Challenges mode adds a fun and competitive element to your SkyTrak Plus experience. With games like Closest To The Pin, Target Practice, and Long Drive, you can challenge yourself or compete with friends to test your skills.

Closest To The Pin and Target Practice require accuracy and precision, as you aim to get your shots as close to the target or bullseye as possible. Long Drive, on the other hand, lets you unleash your power and see how far you can hit the ball.

skytrak plus features challenges

These minigames provide a refreshing change from standard practice sessions and offer an enjoyable way to work on specific aspects of your game.

While Challenges can be entertaining and engaging, it’s worth noting that multiplayer options are limited to local play rather than online play with golfers worldwide. Nonetheless, this mode offers a lighthearted and entertaining way to practice your golf skills and add an element of friendly competition to your training routine.

skytrak plus features challenges 2

How to Buy the SkyTrak Plus

Buy your SkyTrak+ online from a golf retailer using the button below or on Amazon.


The SkyTrak Plus offers a complete package of features that brings an unparalleled blend of accuracy, versatility, and fun to your golf training sessions. Four features are compelling reasons to consider this upgrade: Bag Mapping, Skills Assessment, Wedge Optimizer, and Challenges.

The Bag Mapping feature gives golfers insights into their club performance, enabling optimized strategies for on-course play. In contrast, Skills Assessment is a robust tool to identify your game’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing for targeted improvement.

The Wedge Optimizer provides valuable data on the performance of your wedges at various swing lengths, contributing to mastery in distance control. Last but not least, the Challenges mode introduces an enjoyable competitive edge to practice sessions, enhancing your engagement while training.

The SkyTrak Plus is priced at $2,995 and provides three subscription plans tailored to cater to different user needs. Based on the wealth of features and performance enhancements, upgrading to the SkyTrak Plus offers tremendous value. Buy yours today and see for yourself.

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