Best Golf Ball Retrievers 2021: Buying Guide and Reviews

Best Golf Ball Retrievers Reviews

It’s always frustrating when your favourite golf ball finds its way to the bottom of a shallow pond, or within a bush. You could roll your trousers up and get the ball, but you’d look like a bit of an idiot by doing so. A golf ball retriever is the answer to all your problems.

Best Golf Ball Holders in 2021 – Reviews & Tips

Golf Ball choosing his favorite golf ball holders

One thing that most normal golf bags will give you is plenty of pockets. These pockets can hold almost all of your essential gear, from beverages to tees and, of course, golf balls. But isn’t it a hassle to have to dig into your golf bag’s pockets to retrieve a ball if you happen to have shot it into a water hazard or through the woods? If only there was something more convenient…

The 5 Best Golf Club Groove Sharpeners in 2021 – Reviews & Insights

Golf Club Groove sharpener

We’ve all been there: you are out on the course, stuck in a sand trap, and need to make a desperate rescue to save your game. You take out your sand wedge, take your best swing... and fail to put the ball where you intended. So what exactly went wrong in this situation? You have made this kind of shot hundreds of times, and seemingly did nothing wrong this time, so why didn’t your ball escape the sand?