The 8 Best Golf Subscription Boxes Still Active

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Want the latest golf gear sent straight to your door? Subscribe to one of my picks for best golf subscription box below and you’ll have a monthly subscription for new products by premium brands for golf lovers.

For each of the golf subscription boxes below, we’ll go over:

  • An overview of each service
  • Pricing details and subscription options
  • Some of the sample items you’ll receive in your box
  • Key features you should know about

If you end up signing up to a monthly subscription box below, comment down below and let us know.

The #1 Overall Golf Subscription Box

short par 4 sample items

Short Par 4

Best Overall

Short Par 4 is an excellent golf subscription box that is one of the longest running of all time. It is my top pick for golf subscription box for a few reasons:

  1. You always get a good amount of stuff relative to the value.
  2. The products are all high quality material.
  3. It has a long-running reputation for being a leader in this industry.

The Best Golf Subscription Boxes

Out list of top golf subscription boxes is as follows:

  1. Short Par 4
  2. Birdie Bundle
  3. Swinger Box
  4. Mully Box
  5. My Golf Locker
  6. Inside the Leather
  7. 59 Golf Box 
  8. Tee Up Box

Short Par 4

Short Par 4 is a popular golf subscription box for every type of golfer. It offers premium hand selected golf apparel packages from brands like Callaway, Under Armor, Puma, and more. Each box contains high-quality items at extremely affordable prices. It is suitable for those looking for exclusive discounts and consistent updates to their golf apparel.

Short Par 4 gives you the opportunity to choose your style preference. You can choose to receive apparel that is more traditional, athletic, or loud & wild. Short Par 4 comes in two different men’s boxes and one for female golfers. And best of all, this box lets you save 50% off the retail price.

Short Par 4 is an excellent golf subscription box that is one of the longest running of all time. It is my top pick for golf subscription box for a few reasons:

  1. You always get a good amount of stuff relative to the value.
  2. The products are all high quality material.
  3. It has a long-running reputation for being a leader in this industry.

If you want to get a better idea about the stuff you might receive, check out the unboxing video below.

Short Par 4 April 2022 Unboxing Golf Subscription Box


Short Par 4 comes at a price tag of between $55 and 100. The different options include:

  • The Fairway Membership ($54.95/month): You will receive up to 3 items per box with this membership. The items in the box also vary for each month.
  • The Executive Membership ($99.95/month): This membership offers quality over quantity. It’s for the avid golfer who wants to upgrade their closest with more golf apparel.
  • The Magnolia Membership ($99.95/month): This plan has boxes for women. The box contains different accessories, golf gears, and high quality fashionable apparel each month.

Sample Items

  • Hand selected golf apparel from top brands.
  • Golf gear and accessories
  • Club cleaner, scorecard holder, and other useful tools

Key Features

  • Great sense of style
  • Every tier has something special
  • Solid monthly plan
  • Every item is high-quality from popular brands

Get Short Par 4 here

short par 4 best golf subscription box

Birdie Bundle

Birdie Bundle is a service that sends you monthly golf boxes designed to fit your needs and style of play. When you subscribe, you have to take a pretty lengthy quiz to describe your tastes and preferences.. Then, personal stylists at Birdie Box will help you select items that match your preferences.

Birdie Bundle contains everyday golf accessories and necessities tailored specifically for both men and women golfers, delivered to your doorstep each month.

No two boxes contain the same items and the team is constantly sourcing new products. So, if you are looking for a fun monthly surprise, this subscription box is perfect for you. One of the features I really like is that Birdie Bundle sources exclusive merchandise from specific golf destinations and top resorts around the world. You get unique products that average golfers don’t have access to.

If you want a better idea on what to expect from Birdie Bundle, check out the video below.

Birdie Bundle Review


Birdie Bundle comes at a price range of $49 to $99 a month. The different options include:

Primary Birdie Bundle ($50/ month)

  • 1 or 2 apparel items, or wearables
  • A sleeve of golf balls
  • Bonus gift after 6 months of subscription
  • Various promotions and discounts
  • Innovative golf accessories

Combo Birdie Bundle ($71.95/month)

  • 2 or 3 gadgets/tools/accessories
  • Up to 2 sleeves of golf balls
  • 2 or 3 apparel items, or wearables.
  • Bonus gift after 6 months of subscription.

Premium Birdie Bundle( $99.95/month)

  • Website club access: golf tips, articles, exclusive discounts.
  • Up to 2 gadgets/tools/accessories
  • 2 or 3 apparel items, or wearables.
  • Up to two sleeves of golf balls
  • Bonus gifts after 6 months of subscription

Sample Items

  • Exclusive golf logo merchandise
  • Wearables
  • Golf balls
  • Golf accessories and gear


  • Birdie Bundle has great options for women
  • Loads of little personalized touches
  • The combo subscription is a cool idea
  • Includes some fantastic brands

Get Birdie Bundle here

birdie bundle best golf subscription box

Swinger Box

Swinger Box is a subscription box for golfers who want to continually upgrade their style. The box offers mostly essential golf equipment, including golf balls, tees, and sunscreens. Compared to other golf subscription box companies on our list, Swinger Box is very reasonably priced.

To start, you have to choose your preferred brand name, create a profile, and enjoy discounted merchandise. Swinger Box will send you items that match your brand so that can build your own consistent look.

Alongside your purchase, you can even order swinger box designs to receive fresh monthly gloves. Overall, this subscription box comes with premium quality apparel, training aids, balls, gloves, and tees. It is an all-around golf lifestyle box for golfers who want to stock up on essentials without doing the hard work.

If you’d like a better idea on what to expect from Swinger Box, check out the video below.


Swinger Box comes at a price tag of $69 a month.

Sample Items

  • 1-2 items of apparel
  • A golf accessory or training aid
  • Golf balls
  • Gloves
  • Tees


  • This subscription box comes with minimally branded apparel.
  • Style guaranteed delivered to your door.
  • You can select accessories based on your style quiz results

Get Swinger Box here

swinger box best golf subscription box

Mully Box

Mully Box is a golf improvement box that is designed to enhance your golf game. As a member, you will receive a themed box containing a pack of eco-friendly tees, 6 high quality golf balls, and 3 brand new golf accessories each month.

Each month, Mully Box curates a planned and thematic box for you. They feature both well known and direct-to-consumer golf brands such as Cut or Vice golf balls.

In addition to the monthly subscription plans, Mully Box also sells exclusive gear bundles. They sell exclusive Master gear from Augusta.


Membership at Mully Box costs between $20 and $50 per month. Some plans you receive gear monthly, and others are quarterly.

The options include:

Mully Box Basic ($20/month)

In this most basic plan, you will receive two sleeves of golf balls and between 1 and 2 accessories every month.

Mully Box Essentials ($40/month) 

This option is shipped every month. The box comes with two sleeves of golf balls and between 3 and 4 additional accessories, including magnetic rangefinder straps, tees, socks, hats, other golf aids.

Mully Box Premium ($100/quarter)

The Premium option you a refresh on golf gear every quarter, with 4 sleeves of golf balls, tees, a glove, and between 5 and 8 golf aids.

Mully Box Luxury ($200/quarter)

The Luxury box comes with everything in Premium, plus some high quality luxury apparel items each quarter. This is a chance to stock up on new golf shorts and pants at a nice discount.

Sample Items

Sample items included in Mully Box include:

  • Golf balls
  • Tees
  • Gloves
  • Balls
  • Interesting utility items


  • A few deep discounts
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Good customer service

Get Mullybox here

mullybox best golf subscription box

My Golf Locker

My Golf Locker is a monthly golf subscription box for golfers who want to dress well without spending too much. Every box is different based on your selected preferences and you can choose to pay adhoc or monthly.

When you go to the site, you have to fill out a style survey where you choose your style, preferred items, and favorite brands. This allows My Golf Locker’s expert personal stylists to match your style with what’s in stock. You then enter an amount you’re willing to spend on each box and how often you wish to receive your locker.

With My Golf Locker, you’ll receive a curated box of apparel and golf items based on your profile questionnaire. These golf gifts can be worn both on and off the course.


My Golf Locker doesn’t have a fixed price. You are meant to name the price you want to spend each month and My Golf Locker’s stylists will find premium products and gift ideas that you’ll love.

Sample Items

  • Gloves
  • Premium clothing
  • High-end golf balls,


  • My Golf Locker lets you shop a wide variety of solid-color golf polos and pullovers.
  • You get a personally curated box of golf items.
  • There’s a survey to fill your style and favorite brands.

Get My Golf Locker here

my golf locker best golf subscription box

Inside the Leather

Inside the Leather is for those who want to be on top of their game. It contains a curated collection of accessories and a collection of apparel from top brands, including PGA, Under Armor, TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist, and others. The box contains accessories and gear like scorecard holders, watches, club cleaners, shorts, shirts, hats, and more.

Once you place an order, you will have the opportunity to customize your box by providing your hat, pants, and shirt sizes. From my experience, the quality of Inside the Leather is high even if you do get less items than other golf subscription box companies on our list.

Inside The Leather also curates custom boxes for special events such as the Masters or PGA Championship. These boxes are limited availability and in addition to a monthly subscription.


Inside the Leather comes with the following pricing options:

  • Par Golf Box ($59/box) – 3 items included
  • Birdie Golf Box ($99/box) – 4 items included
  • Eagle Golf Box ($159.99/box) – 5 items included

One time purchase boxes are also available.

Sample Items

  • Scorecard holders
  • Watches
  • Club cleaners
  • Shorts
  • Shirts
  • Hats


  • This box comes with high quality apparel and accessories.
  • The box provides a comfortable fit and feel.
  • It also offers accessories and gears from top golf brands at massive discounts.

Get Inside the Leather here

inside the leather best golf subscription box

59 Golf Box

The 59 Golf Box is a highly customized package for golfers looking for high-quality golf accessories and necessities without compromising performance. This box delivers new outfits at a decent price. Here is how it works: you will choose the items you want to receive and your personal stylist will do the selection for you.

As a paid member, every month, you will receive premium quality apparel, training aid, balls, gloves, and tees. So, if you are looking to improve your wardrobe, look no further than this golf subscription box.


The 59 Golf Box comes at a price range of $59 to $149 per month. It has the following options:

Fairway Plan ($59/month)

  •   You will receive 2-3 items per box
  • Retail value over $120

Eagle Plan ($99/month)

  • You will receive 2-5 items per box
  • Higher end styles
  • Retail value over $200

Master Plan ($149/month)

  • You will receive 2-7 items per box
  • Best quality and value
  • Retail value over $300

Sample Items

  • Premium quality apparel
  • Training aid
  • Golf balls
  • Gloves
  • Tees


  • Every option has something special
  • Every item in the box is high-quality
  • Great value for the money.

Get 59 Golf Box here

59 golf box best golf subscription box

Tee Up Box

Tee Up Box is a golf subscription box specifically designed for women golfers. This box is made with style and fashion at the forefront. It provides quality women’s golf accessories and clothing at reasonable prices. You can surprise your girlfriend or wife with this fantastic subscription box.

When you subscribe, you will receive curated bundles for women that contain top brand golf apparel and accessories such as gloves, hats, skirts, tees, sunscreens, and high-end golf balls.

To get started, you have to choose your subscription level and then take a quick style survey. With two box options to choose from, there’s certainly something for every woman golfer out there.


Tee Up Box comes at the following price option:

The Tee Up Starter Box ($29.99/month) 

This option contains tees, golf balls, and accessories.

The Original Tee Up Box ($59.99/month)

At this price tag, you will get 2-3 items, including golfing accessories, clothing items, and golf balls.  

Sample Gifts

  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Skirts
  • Tees
  • Sunscreens
  • High-end golf balls.


  • Every item in the box is high-quality
  • Tee Up Box offers accessories and gears from top golf brands at great discounts.
  • The package is delivered to your doorstep

Get Tee Up Box here

tee up box best golf subscription box

Who Will Benefit From a Golf Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are a trending item in all different niches and areas. Above are a range of boxes in the golf space, which allow you to receive clothing and accessories delivered straight to your door.

These boxes are perfect if you want to expand your golf bag but you don’t have anything specific that you need. These are also the perfect gift for the golfer in your life who has everything already.

Pay attention to each company’s sample items and prices for the box that makes sense for you.

What Features Should You Look For?

If you are still undecided on which one to get, here are some key features in the average golf subscription box you should consider.


It doesn’t matter what type of golfer you are, a lot of these boxes offer a variety of clothes. Some of the top clothing items you’ll find in a golf subscription box are polos, shirts, shorts, pants, and dresses.

These items help you look like a professional golfer out on the course. A lot of the apparel can be worn to work and other business-casual events.


There are also plenty of apparel accessories available in these boxes, so it’s important to look closely at them before signing up. The most common items include gloves, sunglasses, and headwear.

Golf balls are also very common in these boxes and you can never have enough of those.

Unique Items

Some golf subscription boxes offer some unique items for you. They may even give you a chance to try new things.

For example, Tee Up Box gives you an opportunity to try out their exclusive tee collection. Birdie Bundle offers exclusive discounts on golf resorts and destinations.

If you like the idea of golf experiences, go with one of these boxes.

Shipping Time

Most modern subscription boxes now offer free shipping and timely delivery with each order. If you live outside of mainland United States, pick a box that includes fast shipping to wherever you live.

Average Price

Most of the boxes on our list cover a wide variety of price points. Choose one that is the right price for you. Some boxes will offer higher quality items so you get less each month. If you subscribe for a longer period, your monthly subscription price overall will come down.


As you can see above, there are a nunmber of high quality golf subscription boxes to subscribe to today. Our list contains all of the ones that are still valid today and not options that are now obsolete like most other guides.

if you want to play the part and expand your closet with premium golf brands, these boxes are for you. They offer you everyday golf necessities along with new premium gear.

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