Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls? And How Good are they Actually? Review and More!

Kirkland Signature Golf Ball next to hole

Even though golf has gone a long way from being a rich man only sport, it can still be an expensive hobby. Between golf club sets worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the price rates of golf club memberships, and rentals of golf courses there’s still the heart of the game which we can’t …

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Vice Golf Balls Review – Why they won 4 Golf Digest gold medals & more!

vice golf balls review golf digest

As tough and well-standardized the world of golf balls is, there always seems to be some room for experiments and interesting new designs. Whether it’s alternating the number of their dimples, or printing pictures on top of them, golf balls tend to bear the full creative brunt of some of its international manufacturers and it goes without saying that when these finished products actually hit the market, they sell like hot cakes.

In this article, we’ll talk about a special breed of golf balls that come from one of the youngest, and yet already wildly successful manufacturers in the world – the small German company going by the name of VICE Golf.

Read on and learn more about what makes their golf balls so special, how you can get your hands on some of them, as well as how their products fare when faced with the tough criteria of some of the biggest authorities in the field!

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Special ‘Glow in the Dark’ Golf Balls Walmart: The Art of Night Golf!

glow in the dark golf balls walmart

n the rough, competitive, and exciting world of sports, noble disciplines such as mud wrestling, underwater chess, and wife carrying attract massive audiences and bring people together in celebration of the unbreakable human spirit and the breakable, but still at times impressive, human physique. (Sports like basketball and football also seem to be somewhat popular elsewhere in the world. Maybe South America, who knows.)

Anyway, in this article, we’ll talk about one of the noblest and most exquisite sports on this green Earth of ours – a genteel activity of leisure (And a fair amount of mosquitos, if we’re honest.) – Night Golf!

Quite right and indeed! Invented in what must have been a bout of sheer genius, this cheeky sport now has a growing fandom, as well as player base around the world. Read on and learn how to set up a game, as well as how to obtain a set of glow in the dark golf balls – Walmart edition.

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Best Golf Ball Holders Reviews 2019

best golf ball holders

One thing that most normal golf bags will give you is plenty of pockets. These pockets can hold almost all of your essential gear, from beverages to tees and, of course, golf balls. But isn’t it a hassle to have to dig into your golf bag’s pockets to retrieve a ball if you happen to have shot it into a water hazard or through the woods? If only there was something more convenient…