Brooks Koepka Golf Clubs: What Golf Clubs Does Brooks Koepka Use Today?

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Brooks Koepka has found plenty of success on the PGA Tour with his clubs and accessories. Below, I’ve summarized the exact Brooks Koepka golf clubs that he uses on tour today.

I’ll show you:

  • The exact driver that Brooks Koepka hits
  • Brooks Koepka’s favourite fairway wood he’s used since 2017
  • The one Nike iron he won’t get rid of
  • Brooks’ top Scotty Cameron putter
  • The golf balls that Brooks Koepka uses on the golf course

In addition to golf clubs, we also go over some of Brooks Koepka’s favorite golf accessories, including:

Complete List of Brooks Koepka Golf Clubs and Accessories

What Golf Clubs Does Brooks Koepka Use?

Brooks Koepka is currently using a Srixon ZX5 driver and ZX7 irons. He uses a TaylorMade M2 fairway wood, a Nike Vapor 3 iron and his trusty Scotty Cameron putter. 

Brooks Koepka used Nike golf clubs up until 2016, when the brand announced they were no longer making golf clubs. For the next 5 years, Brooks chose not to have a club sponsor and instead used clubs from a variety of companies. Brooks Koepka was an equipment free agent until near the end of 2021, when he announced he was signing a club sponsorship with Srixon and Cleveland Golf. 

srixon golf for brooks koepka golf clubs

Brooks Koepka is arguably the biggest-name golfer that Srixon has on their roster, so it was a big deal for the company to land him. Other golfers that are sponsored by Srixon include:

  • Hideki Matsuyama
  • Keegan Bradley
  • Shane Lowry
  • Graeme McDowell

Below, we go into more detail on all of the Brooks Koepka golf clubs that he carries in his bag. Underneath that, we break down the golf balls, bag, and clothing that Brooks wears on tour.

Driver: Srixon ZX5


Brooks Koepka is currently using the Srixon ZX5 Driver and said it is as good or better then every other driver he has used in the past. The Srixon ZX5 was released back on January 15th, 2021. The ZX5 has a 15% larger carbon crown, which pushes the moment of inertia (MOI) up and increases forgiveness off the tee. 

Srixon also spent a lot of time creating the “Rebound Frame”. The unique structure of this on the driver head is said to increases ball speed and distance on every shot.

Koepka uses the 9.5 degree loft version of the Srixon driver, with a custom Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 70 TX Shaft that is 44.5 inches in length and tipped 1 inch. Tipping a golf club means trimming the shaft from the clubhead end instead of the grip end. What this does is alter how the shaft performs by making it slightly stiffer and increasing torque on the club throughout the swing.

Lastly, Brooks Koepka uses the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize grips on his driver.

You can buy the Srixon ZX5 yourself:

Fairway Wood: TaylorMade M2 Tour HL


Brooks Koepka has had the TaylorMade M2 Tour HL fairway wood in his bag for a couple of years now. It is one of his favorite clubs, so it is safe to assume it is staying there. He has not indicated if he will be switching over to a Srixon fairway wood or not. 

The TaylorMade M2 Tour HL fairway wood was released way back in 2017, so it is impressive that new technology has not made Brooks want to remove it from his bag. Brooks Koepka has 7 PGA Tour wins with the M2 fairway wood in his bag including 4 Major Championships, so clearly it is working for him.

Brooks uses the 16.5 degree loft with a custom Mitsubishi Diamana D+ 80 TX Shaft. He also uses a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize grip on the fairway wood.

TaylorMade Fairway-M2 2017 #3 R Golf Fairway, Left Hand
  • MULTI-MATERIAL construction for low CG with 6-layer carbon crown, 450 stainless steel body, and 455 stainless face
  • Inverted cone technology in a fairway wood for the first time protects ball speed across the entire clubface to produce a bigger sweet spot for more forgiveness
  • Geocoustic technology that has advanced shaping with a two-tiered sole design provides added playability from all lies and sound ribs that have been externalized for exceptional sound and feel
  • Longer, more flexible, open-channel speed pocket with increased flexion delivers more ball speed on low-face shots and generates distance by decreasing backspin
  • Fluted hosel design that provides superior sound and feel without compromising CG or distance

Irons: Srixon ZX7 Irons with Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3 Iron


At the time of Brooks Koepka signing with Srixon, he came out and said that the ZX7 irons are the best irons he has used on tour. He previously used Mizuno JPX900 and JPX 919 Tour Irons. The Srixon ZX7 irons were also released alongside the ZX5 driver on January 15th, 2021. 

He first put the ZX7 irons into play right after announcing his deal with Srixon.  

However, there is one club that has stuck in his bag for the past 8 years and that is the Nike Vapor Fly Pro 3 iron or “driving iron”. This is one club he has played with from the star. Although he has tried out other 3 irons, he keeps coming back to the Nike. 

The Srixon ZX7’s have an extremely soft feel and offer more speed and total control of every shot. Srixon made sure to reposition mass to the sweet spot and ensure a smooth hit every single time. The grooves on the 8 iron through pitching wedge are sharper and narrower for more spin and control near the greens.

On the Nike Vapor Fly Pro, Brooks uses a Fujikura Pro Tour Spec 95 X Shaft. It is also equipped with a Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize grip.

On the Srixon ZX7’s, he plays 4 iron through pitching wedge. They are equipped with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 shafts and there is a ¼ cut on the 4 iron. These are equipped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize grips.

Srixon SRX ZX7 Irn 4-P ST S RH, Silver (11203315)
  • TOUR CAVIT Y Mass repositioned to ZX7’s perimeter and sweet spot provides assistance on off-center strikes along with remarkably soft feel
  • PROGRESSIVE GROOVES Grooves in the 8i through PW are sharper, narrower, and deeper for more spin and stopping power on approach shots into the green.
  • TOUR V.T. SOLE V-shaped soles glide smoothly through turf, even if you strike slightly behind the ball. ZX7 Irons also feature the resurgence of our popular sole notches.
  • MULTI-PIECE CONSTRUCTION Tungsten in the toe of ZX7’s long and mid irons (3i-7i) increases MOI for more stability while the forged 1020 Carbon Steel body absorbs vibrations for extremely soft feel.
  • Sport type: Golf

Wedges: Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack


Brooks Koepka used the Titleist Vokey SM8’s for quite a long time before signing with Srixon and Cleveland Golf. Since signing, he is now using the Cleveland RTX ZipCore Tour Rack wedges. Koepka carries three wedges in his bag: a 52, 56 and 60 degree. 

The RTX ZipCore wedges were released back in September 2020. The ZipCore gets its name thanks to Cleveland’s new low-density core. It shifts the center of gravity and raises the MOI, which adds stability to each shot. They feature sharper grooves, which helps generate more spin in any course conditions. The sound of the ball off the face of the wedge is crisp and they are very appealing to look at. 

On the 52 and 56 degree Cleveland wedges, Brooks Koepka uses the Mid Bounce and on the 60 degree wedge he uses the Low Bounce. The wedges all have True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts that are all standard length and lie. He also has them equipped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord Midsize grips.

Cleveland Golf RTX Zipcore TS 56 Mid RH, Silver
  • ZipCore - It shifts the CG while raising MOI, adding spin, enhancing control, and boosting consistency on all your shots.
  • UltiZip Grooves - These grooves are sharper, deeper, and narrower. They bite harder, channel more debris, and they’re closer together for more groove contact per shot.
  • Heat Treatment - A blast of heat can do wonders for a wedge’s durability. Ultimately, it means you’ll love your RTX ZipCore, round after round.
  • Sole Grinds - With 3 versatile sole grinds—developed on tour by the game’s best—RTX ZipCore delivers all the finesse you’ll need to execute your greatest greenside feats.
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner Tour Issue - gives you everything you love in a Tour Issue wedge shaft—stability, control, and consistency—with a similar profile to Dynamic Gold S200 but specifically designed for wedge play..Sport type: Golf

Putter: Scotty Cameron Teryllium Tour Newport 2


Brooks Koepka has been using the Scotty Cameron Teryllium model since the start of 2020 and previously he used the Scotty Cameron T10 model. Seeing the success that he has had on tour, it doesn’t look like he will be changing from the Scotty Cameron putter anytime soon.

The putter has a 360g head weight combined with the soft and responsive Teryllium insert. It has weights on each end which gives an even-weight and feel and the sound of the ball off the insert is next to none. 

Brooks also switched over to a new SuperStroke Traxion PistolGT 2.0 grip on the putter.

What Golf Balls Does Brooks Koepka Use?

Srixon Z Star Diamond


Brooks Koepka currently uses the Srixon Z Star Diamond golf ball and he has said that this ball was a big reason into why he signed with Srixon in the first place. Brooks said that this Srixon ball is what he has used on the range since 2016. He used to play the Titleist ProV1 in tournaments but that changed when he signed to Srixon in 2021.

The Z-Star Diamond has a new Fastlayer Core, which is soft in the middle and becomes firmer around the edge. It has a 338 Speed dimple pattern, which gives less drag and more lift off the tee. This feature boosts overall distance and ball flight. There is also a new thermoplastic cover with Spin Skin that will 

Srixon Ball Z-Star Diamond, White
  • FastLayer Core - Starts soft in the center and gradually becomes firm around its edge, giving high-speed players exceptional feel and plenty of ball speed for maximum distance.
  • Spin Skin with SeRM - A new, thicker thermoplastic urethane cover features Spin Skin with SeRM, a durable coating with flexible molecular bonds. It digs deep into wedge and iron grooves, maximizing spin for more control and more stopping power.
  • 338 Speed Dimple Pattern - Less drag and more lift boosts overall distance and flies straight, even in the toughest wind conditions.
  • Item Package Weight: 2.0 pounds

Brooks Koepka Clothing Sponsorships

Brooks Koepka is one of the biggest PGA Tour stars who wears Nike Golf clothing. He has been with Nike since 2016, wearing the famous swoosh on his hats, shirts and shoes.

Clothing: Nike

On the golf course, you will always find Brooks Koepka wearing Nike Golf clothing. He has made popular the Nike golf shirts with no traditional collar. He wears all sorts of colors and designs and is not shy about trying something new.

Click here to browse through Nike’s golf clothing.

Golf Bag: Srixon Staff

Brooks Koepka signed with Srixon in November 2021 and ever since then he has been using a Srixon Staff bag. It is a black bag with red lining and the big white Srixon logo on the side.

New Srixon Golf- 2015 Tour Staff Bag
  • Tour Staff
  • UsedLikeNew
  • Black/White/Red

Shoes: Nike Air Zoom Infinity

Brooks Koepka wears the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour shoes. He will switch up the colors every so often, but he is always wearing the Nike Air Zoom. These shoes are very comfortable and find themselves near the top of almost every best golf shoes guide.

And that is the complete Brooks Koepka golf clubs set, along with golf balls, bag, and clothing. Brooks like to keep a few surprises in his bag to mix things up.

Who is Brooks Koepka?

brooks koepka golf clubs whats in the bag

Brooks Koepka is an American-born golfer on the PGA Tour. He was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and currently resides in Jupiter, Florida. Brooks Koepka currently has 8 wins on the PGA Tour, with 4 of those being Major Championships. He also was the World Number 1 golfer back in 2018 and held that title for 47 consecutive weeks.

Koepka won the US Open in both 2017 and 2018 and the PGA Championship in 2018 and 2019. This made him the very first golfer in PGA Tour history to hold back-to-back titles in 2 Majors simultaneously. 

Brooks Koepka likes to keep it light on the course and is always talking with his grouping partners. He also had a light-hearted “rivalry” with PGA Tour golfer Bryson DeChambeau that ended with the two playing against each other in fifth edition of The Match in Las Vegas. Koepka ended up beating DeChambeau 5-and-3.

Do you have any other questions about any of the Brooks Koepka golf clubs listed above? Or do you want to learn about what’s in the bag for other PGA Tour golfers? Get in touch with us and let us know today.

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