The Best Golf Sunglasses of 2021

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Today's blog post is going to explore the Best Golf Sunglasses on the market today, including our top pick, top six comparison table, detailed reviews, and our analysis of the most important buying factors for you. Thanks for reading!

We've all been there: you just made a crucial shot from the rough, you look up to track your ball... and get blinded by the sun.

While there certainly are methods to see where your ball landed, a golfer still likes to admire their handiwork, and the sun's rays can sometimes make it difficult.

That is why golfers should invest in a pair of golf sunglasses! Unlike normal sunglasses that you can buy at your local store, these glasses are specifically designed with golfers in mind, and can weather various conditions rain or shine.

As golfers tend to spend a lot of their time on the course, and likely wearing these sunglasses, there are many key things to consider which must be considered before buying a pair.

If you're in a hurry, here is our top choice:

Our pick
Oakley Half Jacket 2.0
Best Golf Sunglasses

Oakley has been known for its premium quality sunglasses and the Half Jacket 2.0 is no different. It features non-polarized lens with composite frames for durability, and scratch-resistant, UV-protecting coating lens for protection. It also gives much better viewing angle due to its half-lenses and this helps tremendously when looking down to take a shot. You just can't go wrong with Oakley.

Comparison Table

If you see a pair you’re interested in, click the link below. Otherwise, keep reading below for our reviews.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0Best OverallOakley Half Jacket 2.0
Hulislem PolarizedBest on a BudgetHulislem Polarized
Callaway Kite GolfRunner-UpCallaway Kite Golf
Under Armour IgniterGreat for Large HeadsUnder Armour Igniter
Tifosi JetSturdiest ChoiceTifosi Jet
JiMarti JM01Lightweight OptionJiMarti JM01

Best Sunglasses for Golfers - Detailed Reviews for 2021

1. Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

Best Overall

Our first pair of sunglasses are the Oakley’s Half Jacket 2.0. These glasses are a great place to start, as they are made with golfers in mind.

Featuring non-polarized lenses, for optimum vision quality, along with composite frames and lenses, you can be assured that these glasses will protect your eyes from even the brightest of light.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0

Add in a scratch resistant, UV protecting coating, and you have lenses that will not just protect your eyes, but can stand the test of time with their durability.

As suggested by the name, the Oakley features what are known as "Half Lenses". This allows for much a much better viewing angle, especially when looking down towards the ball when taking a shot.

On the downside, these are some expensive glasses. While this price may be a deterrent to many, for the price you pay you can get durable pair of glasses that can come in your choice of color, making them a stylish choice as well.

If you can afford the extra coin needed to buy these glasses, then you will not be disappointed. The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 offer users protection, and are strong enough to be the only glasses you may ever need to buy.

Things We Liked

  • Non-polarized lens with composite frames for max protection
  • Scratch-resistant
  • UV-protective coating
  • Half lenses give a better viewing angle

Things We Didn't Like

  • Relatively expensive

2. Hulislem Polarized

Best on a Budget

Our next set of sunglasses that we are presenting to you today is the Hulislem Polarized.

And while Hulislem may not be a well-known brand, they definitely know how to create a great pair of golfing sunglasses, at a very fair price.

With extremely lightweight frames, which helps to prevent the glasses from sliding and allows for optimum comfort and durability, you will almost forget you are even wearing them.

Hulislem Polarized

The lenses of these lightweight glasses are coated in a UV coating, which helps limit the amount of light getting to your eyes, protecting them and helping you see in bright weather.

To reduce cost and make the glasses more affordable, cheaper material was used to make the frames. This does unfortunately result in frames that can bend or break more easily, but it does allow the cost to go into where it matters most: the lenses.

Not only do these lenses reduce harmful rays, but they also block out blue light, improving the vividness of greens and whites, which is great when putting on the greens. Hulislem also uses patented "Acutint" technology during the coloring of their lenses, which allows for natural colors to remain un-distorted, enhancing your vision without warping the colors.

Overall, you will be hugely impressed with a pair of Hulislem Polarized sunglasses. They feature unbeatable lens technology, alongside comfortable frames, making for an unbeatable pair of golf sunglasses.

Things We Liked

  • Extremely lightweight frames
  • Acutint technology enhances vision without warping colors

Things We Didn't Like

  • Frame is not very strong

3. Callaway Kite Golf


One of the most ringing brand names in golf, Callaway's Kite Golf is another great addition to their well-rounded portfolio of golf equipment.

Callaway understands better than anyone else trying their luck at golf sunglasses that dept distortion can be a huge problem for golfers wearing glasses. This issue is minimized with the Callaway Kite Golf.

Callaway Kite Golf

Things We Liked

  • Let's in more light than others

Things We Didn't Like

  • Nothing really

4. Under Armour Igniter

Great for Large Heads

The Under Armour Igniter convinced us to be featured on this list, because many people with large heads complain about most glasses. Well, here we found a pair that has big heads jumping for joy.

Worth a shot, as these are a decent pair.

Under Armour Igniter

Things We Liked

  • Fits well even on large heads

Things We Didn't Like

  • Feels cheap

5. Tifosi Jet

Sturdiest Choice

While our next sunglasses are a bit more expensive than our previous two entries, they may well be some of the best glasses available.

With the Tifosi Jet sunglasses, you get a pair of sunglasses that both golfers and the fashion conscious alike can enjoy.

Tifosi Jet

With an overall lens width of 122mm, the Jet gives golfers a greater field of view than with most other sunglasses, and does so without distorting any colors. The polycarbonate material used to make these lenses also ensures protection from scratches, and allows rain to effortlessly slide off the lens, making these glasses great for any weather.

The Jet also features a very stylish, and functional Grilamid nylon frame, which allows them to fit snug around the users’ head, ensuring maximum stability. Unfortunately, if your head is a bit smaller, the fit of these glasses may be a little off, as they don't fit as well to the form of a small head.

Adding to the style factor of these glasses is the multiple frame and lens colors that are available for the Tifosi Jet. This isn't only great for those that want glasses to match their clothing style, but for golfers the different colored lenses can provide different benefits on the course.

Overall, these glasses by Tifosi are wonderful for nearly everyone, even if they don't play golf. These may be some of the best glasses available in the price range.

Things We Liked

  • Wider field of view than most glasses
  • Scratch-free, rain-free lenses
  • Stylish with multiple lens and frame colors

Things We Didn't Like

  • Does not fit a smaller head

6. JiMarti JM01

Lightweight Option

JiMarti JM01 sunglasses are specially designed for the sport of golf.

And while they may not be the best performing pair of sunglasses on the market, they do offer great value at an unbeatable price.

JiMarti JM01

With shatterproof technology used to make the frames and lenses, the JiMarti may be some of the most durable glasses around. This unbeatable durability is provided at a relatively modest price, meaning you will get more bang for your buck then you will with some other, less durable brands.

With a lens width of 2.5 inches, the JiMarti ensures a wide viewing angle, which gives you better visibility of your ball and surroundings while playing. The soft bridge of the glasses help to make sure the glasses stay snug on your head, so they won't fall off while looking down at your ball, thus breaking your concentration.

Unfortunately, the snug nose bridge can also cause said bridge to be a tad on the small side. While this does help to keep your glasses in place, it can be rather uncomfortable for those whose noses may be a bit wide.

If this isn't the case for yourself, then you will be delighted with the JiMarti. With durability and a good price, the JiMarti JM01 may be the only glasses you'll ever need to buy.

Things We Liked

  • Made with shatterproof lenses
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Snug bridge

Things We Didn't Like

  • Small bridge may be uncomfortable for wider noses

Buying Factors


Protection is incredibly important when you are looking for a brand new pair of golfing sunglasses.

As you will be out on the green for hours at a time, it is imperative that your eyes are protected from the harmful UV rays, just as you would when purchasing standard sunglasses.


Comfort is also a key factor when purchasing golfing sunglasses, as you will be wearing them for a long time, hour after hour on the course.

You need to make sure they fit snug around the nose, as this helps “grip” the glasses, preventing them from slipping and falling off.

Many popular brands feature lightweight, rubber arms that wrap around your ears. This allows them to adjust automatically according to the shape of the users’ head.


We highly recommend going with shatterproof lenses, as these protect the eye in case of accidents. You never know.

A personal preference is how much of your eye do you want covered? There are glasses that wrap around towards the temples, which can be very nice on a windy day.

Some other crucial questions when it comes to lenses are whether they are polarized or not, as well as what color. More about that in our FAQ.


While there are certainly cheaper brands of golfing sunglasses available, cheaper models tend to break more easily than their more pricey counterparts. Seeing as you will want these sunglasses to last you for many golfing sessions, it is sometimes better to spend a few extra dollars and buy yourself a more durable brand of sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need sunglasses specifically for golfing?

In all honesty, very few people (other than golfers) are aware that sunglasses designed for golf are actually any different than their standard counterparts. However, golfing sunglasses allow for optimal vision, which is key when on the green – as standard sunglasses can block out too much light, or dim the quality – resulting in missed shots.

That is why it is important to know what kind of sunglasses you need, and know how to tell the difference between normal and golfing sunglasses.

Golfing sunglasses are optimized to allow golfers to play their absolute best on the green, regardless of weather conditions.

In order to achieve this, blue light is often blocked out; this allows the green of the grass and the white of the golf ball to be much more vivid and visible rather than absorbing all light, which in turn helps to improve your game.

Thanks to this, even in the brightest of sunlight, you should be able to see perfectly without any sun glare or really dark shades.

They are also designed to be as lightweight as humanly possible. This is to help fight back against gravity, which pulls the glasses off the user’s head when they are taking a shot, and I don't think I need to tell you how much of a distraction that can be.

Lightweight, well-fitting sunglasses are much more preferred for golf, as this allows the user to not have to fuss around trying to get the sunglasses to stay on their head, and instead – keep their head in the game. They are often manufactured from lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, and titanium.

How are frames designed in golf glasses?

Frames are also designed very differently, allowing for a much greater viewing angle. Many frames are as thin as humanly possible, and some don’t even have frames around the base of the glasses.

This allows the user to have a great viewing angle, and helps them see the ball when taking a shot.

What makes the lenses in sunglasses for golfers different?

Nearly everything about golfing sunglasses is different, even the lenses. Standard sunglasses offer the greatest clarity in the center of the lens, while tending to be a bit more distorted around the edges. Golfing sunglasses, on the other hand, offer the greatest clarity at the base of the lens, which allows for maximum focus when looking down to take a shot.

What lens color is best for golf?

While this factor mostly comes down to user preference, different colored lenses can have different effects on your game.

Amber lenses tend to be the overall favorite, as they are perfect for all weather conditions, helping to block out blue light, improving the quality of the green grass and white ball, and improving your overall performance.

Yellow lenses are similar, but are best on dark, cloudy days. They can reduce glare, and can improve the contrast a lot and this increases the sharpness, providing greater visibility in multiple weather conditions.

Grey lenses are best for sunny days, allowing for great visibility regardless of bright light. Grey lenses also keep colors much more “true,” which is recommended if you have a hard time distinguishing colors with other sunglasses.

Do professional golfers wear sunglasses?

Most professional golfers don't wear sunglasses. Their rationale is that wearing sunglasses can distort depth perception and contrast, which are crucial to accurate assessment of the upcoming stroke. Also, they might need to practice with them on for an extended time, before getting comfortable using them.

Are Polarized lenses good for golf?

While you can choose between polarized and un-polarized lenses with golf sunglasses, polarized lenses tend to reduce the glare from the sun, which can definitely improve your game, and are likely the way to go.

What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses filter out , which results in reduced glare. This can be very helpful on particularly sunny days, as well as in an environment with a lot of shiny objects like water, metal, and so on.

Polarized Lens vs Non-Polarized Lens

Quick Summary

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0Best OverallOakley Half Jacket 2.0
Hulislem PolarizedBest on a BudgetHulislem Polarized
Callaway Kite GolfRunner-UpCallaway Kite Golf
Under Armour IgniterGreat for Large HeadsUnder Armour Igniter
Tifosi JetSturdiest ChoiceTifosi Jet
JiMarti JM01Lightweight OptionJiMarti JM01
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As is the case with many of these lists that we make, while these choices are some of the best, there are many more brands out there that we did not tackle. What's important is that you got some sort of idea of what to look for, and can find the golfing sunglasses that are the perfect fit.

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