Hitting The Golf Ball
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8 Things to Consider When Buying New Golf Clubs

Wilson Staff D100 ES Irons

Looking to get into the sport of golf? Maybe you are looking to upgrade your old, rusted set of clubs for brand new and shiny ones? No matter what the reason is, when it is time to buy new golf clubs, you can find yourself presented with a daunting task.  Sets, brands, special club types, […]

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How to Chip a Golf Ball

golf ball launch angle

While Golf is a sport that is easy for anybody to pick up, it is a sport that takes more time to master than many others. It takes precision, timing, and sometimes a bit of luck to come out on top of the pack in competitive golf games.  Of the many nuances to perfect in […]

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11 Types of Score Penalties In Golf: What You Need to Know

golf penalities

No matter how much you practice and how good you think you may be, every golfer will make some sort of follies out on the course. If a mistake happens during a casual game with friends, then you may have nothing to worry about (except for maybe a couple of lost balls). Should you make […]

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Advantages of Using Golf Laser Rangefinders

Golf is arguably one of the most sophisticated and most highly competitive precision sports in the world today. Whether you’re a professional golfer aspiring to be on the same level with the likes of Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, or an amateur working to lower your handicap, it always helps to have the advantage against the competition. In today’s modern age, golfers are slowly starting to see the advantages of using golf GPS and laser rangefinder technology in order to further improve their game.

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How Process Focus Leads to Lower Score

process focus

“Focus on the process, and not the outcome”It’s a phrase you encounter as soon as you start to learn the mental game of golf; it’s something sports psychologists will often utter, regardless of the discipline in question.But what does it actually mean?And how can you use it to improve at golf?Process is the opposite of […]

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