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Hitting The Golf Ball
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Playing Golf with a Caddie: The Do’s and Don’ts for an Enjoyable Golf Experience

A caddie is a person to some extent trained to assist golf players with whom they are caddying in attempts to enhance their experience. The most basic tasks of caddying involve handing over clubs to golfers for when they request for them, as well as carrying the golf bags for those that they are caddying.Other […]

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Burning Fat: How to Stop Hitting Fat Shots

golf confidence

One of the many things that new golfers have a tendency to do is to make what is known as “Fat Shots”. These shots are almost certain to get you noticed on the course when they happen, but not likely in the way that you may want.Some of you may be asking “What exactly is […]

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The Importance of the Backswing and How to Improve Your Own


Golf is in many ways a science in itself. Angles, velocity, force, all these elements come together when trying to perfect your golf game much in the same way that it would for a high school science project.Of the many individual parts of your game that come together to create the science that is golf, […]

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Slicing: What it Does to Your Golf Game and How to Avoid It

perfect shot

Slicing in golf can be one of the most dreaded things that can happen when taking your shots, sending your ball flying off at an odd angle from your club upon impact. This phenomenon has been known to have detrimental effects on your game of golf, but what exactly can it do to your performance […]

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What is the Best Position for Teeing Off?


Do you want to drive the ball further than you ever have before? Do you need to increase your accuracy to reach your target? Do you just feel like you suck at teeing off? Then it may be time to check your positioning inside the tee box!At first glance, the position that you take when […]

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