Ping Blueprint S vs Blueprint T Irons: Comparison Guide

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Ping has two new flagship irons, but which one is perfect for your golf game? In this guide, I’ll compare the Ping Blueprint S vs Blueprint T in detail so that you know which set of irons is right for you.

I’ll compare everything, including key features and differences, which irons I like better, and which irons you need to buy.

If you tried out these irons and want to share your thoughts, comment below and let us know!

What are the Ping Blueprint S Irons?

The Ping Blueprint S Irons Ping’s flagships forged irons, designed to cater to a broader range of golfers who prefer tour-style forged irons.

Priced at $230 per iron in stock steel and $245 per club in stock graphite, the Blueprint S Irons offer a combination of forgiveness and precision.

The Blueprint S clubs feature a compact shape with a thin topline and minimal offset, making it suitable for accomplished golfers seeking control and precision. The 3-iron, 4-iron, and 5-iron incorporate a precision pocket forging design with an elastomer insert, redistributing weight to assist with launch and forgiveness.

At the same time, the shorter irons are single-piece forgings designed to encourage ball-flight control. This engineering approach ensures that the Blueprint S Irons deliver the performance expected in a Ping iron.

When I hit these irons for the first time, I loved the blend of forgiveness and workability.

How to Buy the Ping Blueprint S Irons

The Ping Blueprint S irons can be purchased from any official golf retailer, such as PGA Superstore:

ping blueprint s vs blueprint t irons comparison

What is the Ping Blueprint T Irons?

The Ping Blueprint T irons are designed to cater to highly skilled golfers who rely on performance and workability and like the looks and size of a traditional muscle-back shape.

You can purchase the Blueprint T iron in a six–, seven–, or eight-club set for between $1,400 and $1870.

The club is a refinement of the original Blueprint irons released in 2019, which many PGA tour pros still have in the bag. The club is unique in that it is a fully forged iron, except for a high-density toe screw that helps provide swing-weight control and higher MOI on every shot.

These irons have a premium feel and are clean and compact, making them an appealing choice for skilled golfers looking to improve their course performance.

How to Buy the Ping Blueprint T Irons

The Ping Blueprint T irons can be purchased from any official golf retailer, such as PGA Superstore:

ping blueprint t vs blueprint s irons

Key Similarities Between the Ping Blueprint S and Blueprint T Irons

While these Ping irons cater to different types of golfers, they have several key similarities between them.

Forged Irons

Both Blueprint irons belong to the forged iron category, catering to golfers who prefer tour-style forged irons. They are designed to deliver precise control and performance advantages over the previous generation.

The new Blueprint T and S cater to a more comprehensive range of golfers who seek control, precision, and feel from their irons.

Pocket Cavity Design

Both iron models feature a pocket cavity design, a groundbreaking feature in the industry. This design innovation includes a hidden pocket under an elastomer insert in the long irons to promote a soft feel at impact and increase stability on mishits.

This design innovation was developed by collaborating with Ping engineers and their suppliers.

HydroPearl 2.0 Finish

ping blueprint s vs blueprint t irons

The Blueprint S and T irons come with Ping’s proprietary moisture-wicking HydroPearl 2.0 finish, offering more consistent spin in wet conditions. This finish enhances the performance of both iron models, ensuring consistent playability in various conditions.

Shaft and Grip

Both Blueprint irons come with a True Temper Dynamic Gold 120 shaft, which helps offer low trajectory and low spin. The stock grip is a Golf Pride Tour Velvet, one of the most popular golf grips on tour. It provides a comfortable, non-slip material that helps give confidence in every shot.

Key Differences Between the Ping Blueprint S and Blueprint T Irons

Comparing the Ping Blueprint S vs Blueprint T irons, there are several key differences.

Target Audience

The Blueprint S irons are designed for a broader range of players, offering forgiveness and precision. In contrast, the Blueprint T irons are geared toward highly skilled golfers, prioritizing workability and trajectory control.

The S model caters to a broader audience, while the T model targets players with advanced skills.


The Blueprint S features a forged, cavity-back design with a compact shape, a thin topline, and minimal offset. It incorporates a combination of forged pocket long irons and single-piece forged shorter irons to encourage ball-flight control.

On the other hand, the Blueprint T boasts a traditional muscle-back design with a single-piece, 8620 carbon-steel clubhead, concentrating mass through the impact zone for trajectory control and feel. It also has a shorter heel-face height and narrow soles for consistent turf interaction.

ping blueprint s irons review


The Blueprint S utilizes toe screws ranging from 1 to 11 grams to assist with center of gravity (CG) placement and precise tolerances on the face and grooves. At the same time, the Blueprint T employs a unique forging process called Precision Pocket Forging, which includes a pocket in the back cavity filled with an elastomer insert.

The Blueprint T is topped with a stainless steel cover to lower the CG and elevate launch.

What I Like About the Blueprint S Irons Better

The one thing that I like about the Blueprint S irons better is the appeal to a broader range of golfers. They are not just focused on tour pros and low-handicap golfers.

I got more forgiveness for mishits, which is what many golfers are looking for. The difference in distance and feel was not enough to offset the higher MOI.

What I Like About the Blueprint T Irons Better

What I like about the new Blueprint T irons is the distraction-free appearance of each iron. It is one of the nicest forged irons to look at, and the tungsten screw is a nice touch. It has a narrow sole and a clean and compact look, precisely what golfers using this type of iron are looking for.

I also like a blade-style iron more, so I drift more toward the Blueprint T. It has a thin top line and allows me to be extremely precise on every single shot. The sound and feel of each pure hit were also incredible.

ping blueprint t irons review

Blueprint S vs Blueprint T Irons: The Winner (Conclusion)

You can’t go wrong with what these two Blueprint irons represent. Ping has come out with a great iron set, which will come down to personal preference, as the price for each is the same.

After testing both, the Blueprint S irons have a slight edge over the Blueprint T. Although the Blueprint T irons are better visually, that doesn’t offset the workability and forgiveness of the Blueprint S irons.

Ping Blueprint S irons appeal to a broader range of golfers, as high handicaps will also find great success using them. I highly recommend giving both of these irons a try!

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