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Think and Play Golf Like A Pro: 7 Critical Steps You Must Take To Make It

throwing golf clubs

Are you one of those golfers who sit at home watching the pros play epic shots, or draining long curling putts and think to yourself: ‘man, wish I could play like that?’ Golf demands both, skill and practice and there’s no contesting this fact. But being an average golf player doesn’t mean you have to […]

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Top Ten Golf Swing Tips of All-time

Golf is something very tricky; it is a game that involves lots of tricks and tips. There are a number of golf tips that you can master in order to become a better golfer. So here we have top ten golf swing tips of all-time. They will help you to play at a higher level […]

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The Top 10 Golf Destinations to Visit in 2018

Club Champ Golf Bag Travel Cover

There is so much more to play than those few old holes. If you haven’t yet figured out the best golf destinations to visit for 2017, here we have a rundown to help you out. Following are the finest golf destinations around the world that are must visit for every golf lover. Have a look […]

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The Golf Fix: Accuracy Tips & Drill

best golf swing speed trainer

Every golfer dreams about hitting every shot accurately and perfectly, but only pros get to do that. You must have observed the pattern that often, even an amateur ends up hitting a shot like a pro. But to turn that occurrence into a routine from a mere possibility, one needs not just experience and practice […]

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Solutions for Golfers Over 50: Top Ten Physical and Mental Exercises

A true golfer is always seeking to enhance his/her gameplay. A good golf game depends a lot on good equipment, but at the same time, you need to sharpen your skills. You need to play more, practice more, but above all you need to exercise more often to increase your performance. There are certain solutions […]

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