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Hitting The Golf Ball
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How to Escape From the Sand Trap and Save Your Game!

There I was with my buddy on the golf course, playing a par 4, when my friend ends up in the sand trap. The friend in question here is quite new to the game of golf, so finding himself in this predicament was not a place he wanted to be.As I sat there, watching my […]

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How to Improve Your Golf Swing: Essential Tips and Tricks


Having trouble getting your golf ball where it needs to go? Finding yourself coming up a bit short when it comes to your approach? Then the problem may indeed be your swing.Despite seeming like one of the most basic things for a golfer to have down, there are a lot of golfers who do not […]

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How to Hit the Perfect Golf Shot Every Time

perfect shot

You line up your shot, target in sight, take a deep breath and take your swing. Your ball flies through the air with ease and lands softly on the green exactly where you wanted it to be. This type of perfect shot is what golfers will strive for, but if you are new to the game, […]

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How to Prevent Hitting Too High on Your Clubface

Have you ever noticed your ball rolling too much after you hit it? Do you more often than not hit your ball into the mud instead of into the air? The problem is that you may be striking too high on the face of your club.When you don’t hit the ball dead center on your […]

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10 Tips for the Perfect Golf Ball Placement

ball placement

While it may not seem like much, placement of your golf ball is an important part of your golf game. Even though it isn’t as important as how you hold the club or the stance you take when addressing the ball, the position of your golf ball in relation to your club and stance can […]

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