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Hitting The Golf Ball
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Golf Tips & Tricks for the Aging Golfer

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A golf player is always golf player, no matter when or where he will be ready to play. Although the Boomer generation has now grown old but they are still up for a match whenever you say so. Needless to say, they may have to face a few challenges yet they enjoy their lives, and […]

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Fix Your Golf game: Tips for playing Golf in Wind or Rain

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Playing golf is fun, but there are some circumstances when it is no fun especially when the course is all wet due to rain. The worst part is, your gear can get wet, and it makes playing troublesome. Since golf is a game that has been played for centuries, people have devised ways to thrive […]

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Beginner Golf Guide

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I’m not sure for how long you’ve been looking for a comprehensive guide about how to play golf, but you’ve finally found it. I’ve combined lots of tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while playing golf; I hope you enjoy the read.Golf play started in the 1940s in Scotland, and that is […]

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Golfer’s Elbow: What it is, What it Does to Your Golf Game and How to treat it?


Golf has a lot of benefits, and Golfer’s elbow is probably not one of them. In medical terms, this horrible disease is lesser known by the name of medial epicondylitis. ​By mechanism, this condition is the tendinosis of medial epicondyle which is found on the inside of our elbows. This disease is more or less […]

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Golf survival guide: How to become a better golfer in 30 days


Golf is a very important game for a sports lover. Golf is a game which doesn’t need a lot of stamina and effort to be played, but it requires accuracy and precision. In golf you must have a specific technique and skill to play a good shot. It is a lengthy game and requires a […]

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