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Best Portable Golf Launch Monitors 2018

It used to be that the two worlds of technology and sports couldn't be further apart. One of them was a trial of athleticism and endurance, the other an experiment of science and wires, both as different as could be from the other.

This is not the case anymore, as technology has helped to make advancements through unique equipment in the sports world. Of all the sports that have benefited from technological advancements, the equipment and devices made for the game of golf are probably the most innovative.

For golf, we have everything from GPS to simulations that have helped us improve our game in several ways. Today we will be looking at one of those devices with the Golf Launch Monitor.

Our Best Golf Launch Monitor Pick: Voice Caddie SC 200

best portable golf launch monitors

Like all Voice Caddie products, the SC 200 is easy to set up with just only a few buttons to press. It comes with practice, target and even a random mode to keep you on your toes, plus many more features not previously on the SC 100. It is one of the, if not, most technologically advanced portable golf monitors in the market in this price range. 

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Voice Caddie SC 200Best Overallbest portable golf launch monitorsView More
Voice Caddie SC 100Best for Valuegolf launch monitor reviewsView More
Ernest Sports ES14Premiumbest golf launch monitorsView More
Ernest Sports ES12Cheapestportable golf launch monitor reviewsView More

These monitors are unique devices that uses Doppler radar, the same kind of radar used to predict weather, to help with your golf shots. It does this by reading your swings and provides you with an accurate representation of your swing speed, distance, power, etc. all based on what the radar picks up.

While there are not very many of these items on the market, some things should still be taken into consideration before buying these golf launch monitors.

Buying Factors for Best Portable Golf Launch Monitors


For starters, one should look at the price of these items when buying them. These monitors are not cheap, ranging in price anywhere from $200 to $1000 dollars, with more expensive "professional" monitors being available as well, so you will want to buy a monitor in a price range you are comfortable with.

Seeing as these monitors are generally expensive, they may not be for everyone. If you don't see these items as something you need, or if you don't head out to the course enough to use one, you may well want to save your cash and pass on a golf launch monitor.

Ease of Use

Should you find that one of these monitors are right up your alley, then you will want to find one that is easy enough to set up and use. Some of these monitors have many functions that can become overwhelming and confusing, so you will want a monitor that makes use simple enough for you.


And finally, as with any electronic device these days, you will want something that has a good battery life. Seeing as a lot of these monitors run on 9-Volt batteries, they can become quite pricey if they quickly suck the life out of said batteries, so you will want a monitor that can last awhile.

Best Portable Golf Launch Monitors

As stated before, there really are not too many of these monitors available on the market today, so instead of the usual item review, we will be looking at two of the best brand names in particular, the Voice Caddie and Earnest Sports. We will take a look at a few of each's best models, as well as what makes each of these models great in their own right, all in the effort of helping you make your golf monitor purchase.

The Voice Caddy SC 100 and SC 200

Our first set of monitors today, the SC 100 and SC 200, come to us courtesy of the fine folks at Voice Caddie. And with both the SC 100 and SC 200, you will be sure to get a quality golf launch monitor.

No matter which monitor you choose, the SC 100 or the SC 200, you will get many features that are essential to helping your golf game. This includes both the ability to tell how hard you hit the ball, or "Smash Factor", as well as the speed in which your ball travels.

golf launch monitor reviews

Both devices are also really easy to set up and use, with player being able to use the devices simply by setting them up where they need them and hitting a few buttons. The SC 100 and 200 are also both easy to adjust on the fly as well, as both monitors come with a remote control for easy operation that doesn't require you to constantly bend over whenever you need to change something on the monitor.

Click here to see more about the SC 200.

Unique to the newer SC 200 model of Voice Caddie monitor are several features that the 100 lacks. This includes things such as carry distance for your shot, loft angle selection, barometric pressure calibration, and many others that make the 200 one of the most technologically advanced launch monitors on the market.

That isn't to say that the SC 100 does not have its own appeal, including its more affordable price point, which is over $150 dollars cheaper than the SC 200. And for the price that you are paying, you get several unique modes, such as practice, target mode, and even a random mode that will always keep golfers on their toes, all without the need for any additional devices such as smart phones.

Click here to see more about the SC 100.

What it all boils down to at the end of the day is what kind of golfer you may be. If you have the cash and want a monitor that can break down several aspects of your game, then the SC 200 is the way to go. Should you want modes that allow you to improve single aspects of your game, and without the need for a phone or blu-tooth connection, then you will certainly want to pick up the SC 100.

Either way you go, you are sure to get a premium golf launch monitor that gives you everything a golfer could want and then some. The moral of the story is this: if you buy a Voice Caddie product, you are going to be satisfied.

Ernest Sports ES 12 and ES 14

Ernest Sports brings us our final launch monitor for today with the ES 12 and the newer ES 14. And just like the Voice Caddie products, both the ES 12 and the 14 are so similar, and yet so different.

Both of these products are very easy to set up and use, with either of them being ready for use in a matter of minutes. Adding to the speed of these monitors is how quickly you see results, as the ES 12 and ES 14 are able to give you instant feedback on your swings, letting you analyze your shots faster.

portable golf launch monitor reviews

Both the ES 12 and 14 can also be paired with a smart device, such as an iPhone, to provide even more feedback on your game and to even save records from your golf session. And these monitors do this while looking great, as both monitors are beautifully designed with a cool, stylish look.

If you are a golfer on a budget, the ES 12 is the perfect choice for you, as the monitor come up to around $180 dollars, making the ES 12 one of the most affordable launch monitors available today. When linked to a smart device, the ES 12 also provides an interesting way to improve your golf game, featuring a variety of golf challenges to increase your skill while having fun.​

Click here to see more about the ES 12.

In contrast, the ES 14 is one of the more expensive monitors available at almost $500 dollars, but with that price you get a wide array of features such as launch angle projection, ball speed, spin, and much more. And if you are golfer that may have some issues seeing the ES 14's digital display, the monitor also includes audio feedback, which is great for golfer whose eyesight may be starting to fail.​

While the ES 14 is obviously the more expensive monitor of the two, it is also the best choice for golfers who need more game feedback or need something other than visual feedback on their shots. But if price is an issue, then you can get great speed and distance feedback and some fun challenges at a better price with the ES 12.​

best golf launch monitors

Click here to see more about the ES 14.

Ernest Sports proves with these two products that they can provide golfers with amazing technology. Whether you choose to go with the ES 12 or the ES 14, you know that you will be getting some of the best golf launch monitors that money can buy.​

And with that we conclude today's reviews. Much like the world of golf, the world of technology is constantly changing, and with these best golf launch monitors at your side, you can make sure that you are at the forefront of both. We will see you next time!

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