Zepp Golf 2 Review – Curious Training Aid with potential?

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As smart technology becomes more a part of everyday life, it's no surprise that golfers are beginning to embrace it. Golf is a precision game. Smart technology has the capability to give precise feedback and help golfers reach new levels of skill.

The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer is a smart device that is designed to help golfers improve their golf swing. It's one of many golf swing analyzers available on the market. With so many options, it can be confusing for golfers who want to play better golf without spending hours trying to figure out which smart device will help them. The Zepp 2 has some unique features that help it stand out from the pack. PGA Pro Michelle Wie has endorsed this product so what is behind it?

Zepp Golf 2
Simple Swing Analyzer with Potential

Zepp Golf 2 Review: What Comes In the Package

The actual Zepp Golf 2 is a small, round device about the same size and slightly thicker than a milk jug lid. It contains dual accelerometers and 3-axis gyroscopes to measure the speed and rotation of your golf swing. The device attaches to the velcro flap at the back of your golf glove with the help of an alloy mount. At only 6.25 grams, it is light enough you don't really notice it's on your golf glove.

Most other swing analyzers in this price range attach to your golf clubs. While there are pros and cons to both systems, the fact that you don't have to remove and reattach the Zepp Golf 2 every time you switch clubs is a definite positive.

The Zepp Golf 2 has a Lithium Ion battery that's rechargeable using the included charger cord. It takes about 90 minutes to put a full charge on the device. Once charged, it lasts around eight hours before needing to be charged again, which should be enough battery life for even the longest round of golf.

The device is even "smart" enough that it will power off if you haven't used it in the last 15 minutes. There's a power button on the device itself, making it easy to power back up when you're ready to use it again.

The Zepp Golf 2 App

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

Although it doesn't come in the box, an important component of the Zepp Golf 2 system is the Zepp Golf app. You can download it for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store. It works on Android smartphones, Android tablets and iOS systems, including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Apple Watches.

The Zepp Golf 2 connects to the Zepp app using Bluetooth LE, so it's easy to sync the device with the app. Some set-up is required when you first use the app to give it the information it needs about the clubs you're using.

You'll also need to set goals related to what part of your golf swing you're trying to improve. There are different preset programs designed for amateurs, professionals, and seniors. You also have the option of setting your goals manually, so you can customize the app to fit your needs.

How the Zepp Golf 2 App Can Improve Your Game

Any time you're trying to improve a skill, you have to break the process down into two steps. First, you analyze what you're currently doing to see where you're on track and where you're not. Second, you learn how to fix the parts you're messing up.

One of the Zepp Golf 2 app's strengths is that it addresses both parts of the skill improvement process. With the help of the golf glove attachment, it is able to analyze every swing to identify problem areas. Once you know where you need to focus your attention, the app has video lessons from experts to show you what you should be doing.

There is an option to do an "Instant Evaluation" that seems particularly useful for beginners. If you don't really know how to judge your swing, you can hit 10 balls while running the evaluation. The Zepp app will analyze how well you did and give suggestions for areas where you can improve.

How the Zepp Golf 2 Analyzes Your Swing

Each time you swing your golf club while wearing the Zepp 2, the app will analyze your swing. It uses the goals you set to give you a score. 100 is a perfect score, so you can see whether your swing was good, bad, or somewhere in the middle.

The app rates the different components of your golf swing using a "red/yellow/green" system that most users should be able to interpret easily. Red is a problem area, yellow is not terrible but has room for improvement, and green is good. It analyzes your

  • club speed
  • club plane
  • hand plane
  • tempo
  • backswing 
  • and more.

How well does it analyze these things? Well, it's not perfect. Sometimes you'll be watching the ball go off in the wrong direction at the same time that the app is giving you a high score. It's definitely not as high-tech as a system with multiple laser sensors mapping your every move. That said, the Zepp Golf 2 has an accurate  swing analysis more often than not.

It also has a strong benefit to your golf game in its color-coding system. When you're trying to improve your swing, it's sometimes hard to know what you should focus on. The color system helps you to prioritize what skills you need to practice most. It can help cut down on some of the frustration many inexperienced golfers feel when they know they're not playing as well as they want to but don't know how to fix the problem.

How the Zepp Golf 2 Helps Fix Your Game

The Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer comes with built-in tutorial videos featuring pro golfers. These videos are a great tool for fixing problems, especially if you don't have a personal coach to show you what you're doing wrong. The video library covers a wide variety of lessons that break things down into terms even beginners can understand. They can be rewatched as many times as necessary to master the skill being taught.

Another feature of the Zepp Golf 2 swing analyzer is the ability to get a video analysis of your swing. Using the camera on your smartphone or tablet, the app will record your swing as you make it. You have the option of doing a side or front recording. The app will analyze the video so you can see exactly what you're doing in every part of the swing.

To Buy or Not To Buy: Final Thoughts on the Zepp Golf 2

Is the Zepp 2 worth the price? Can it really improve someone's golf game?

Overall, it is a good device for what it promises to do. While it's not as fancy as some of the technology pros use, it also doesn't have a fancy price tag. It works on your schedule rather than making you find a time when you can meet with a professional golf coach.

The Zepp Golf 2 does a good job of pinpointing areas where you can improve your swing and then teaching you how to make the improvements you need. It uses a color-coded labeling system that helps beginners and more experienced golfers see where they need to focus. The video lets you see exactly what you're doing right and wrong. The tutorial videos let you review different skills as often as you need to.

For the price, the Zepp Golf 2 swing analyzer is a good purchase for anyone looking to improve their golf swing at their own pace with the help of a smart coach.

Denny Putsh
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