Groovy Guy Gifts Review -Personalized Golf Towel

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My brother-in-law and I often spend our Sunday afternoon playing golf together. Last Sunday, I noticed the attached black towel on his golf bag. It has a bold capital letter of his name on it. The golf towel looked cool with the bag.

I asked him if having a towel with his name on it made him feel special. He just laughed. He told me that it was a groomsmen’s gift. He was the best man at his friend's wedding, and all the groomsmen got a personalized gift. I love personalized stuff, so I asked him if he had any idea where it came from.

Groovy Guy Gifts

My brother-in-law thought I was kidding when I told him I also want one. I have a few golf towels at home. But they are not personalized. As soon as I got home, I checked the groovy guy gifts website right away. It was an online shop that personalized gifts for men. It seems like they have almost everything that men are looking forward to receive as a gift. I went ahead and looked for the towel.

Aside from the black towel of my brother-in-law, another white towel caught my eye. It was a personalized towel with an initial instead of the full name. I prefer having my initials for personalized items. I do not want to flash my name while playing or carrying my golf bag.

Personalized Golf Towel

The personalized golf towel was available in red, navy blue, and white. I ordered the white one. It looks beautiful, and besides, you will never go wrong with white. It will surely be a match with my new carry golf bag. Upon placing the order, you will be asked for the initials that you wish to be embroidered on your towel. For this one, you will only need to provide two letters.

The shipping was quite fast. Less than a week. I was thrilled when I received my golf towel. It is a 16" x 26" long trifold towel made from 100% cotton. My initials were embroidered on the cloth together with a picture of two crossed golf clubs. It comes with a golden hook so it can be attached to the bag.

groovy guy gifts review


The Groovy Guy Gifts website truly carries a whole selection of gift ideas for men. It provides you with a lot of options on what items you want to have and personalize. You can order one for yourself or as a gift to your friends and loved ones. The following reasons make the Groovy Guy Gifts worth a try.

Personalized gifts for Him

No matter if it is for you or a gift, having it personalized felt priceless and unique. And this is why Groovy Guy Gifts stands out. It understands that sometimes wrapping a gift is not enough. It should be taken to the next level - a personalized gift. Personalized gifts strengthen relationships and bonding. From groomsmen's gift to any other occasion, having it personalized adds a personal touch.

Variety of gifts options

Having a hard time what to buy for him? Your worries are over! They got you covered. They have wallets, drinkware, travel bags, knives, decanters, cigars, and my favorite gifts: golfing accessories.

Shopping made easier

Shopping at Groovy Guy Gifts was made more comfortable. Their website has a good layout and will guide you on what specific product you have in mind. You can shop based on the occasion, collection, and interest. The narrowed categorization will help you save a lot of time browsing while providing you with many options.

Fantastic product for sports enthusiasts

The store also has a sports section with a lot of options for gifts for him, from baseball, football, and my favorite: golfing. They have 13 items that were related to golf and ready to be personalized. They have a golf towel, golf desk set, golf marker set, divot tool, etc.

Reasonable price

Some items offer different options in which you can customize your gift. In this way, you can have a product that meets your budget. They are offering free personalization on all orders. It is more practical than buying a product and having it personalized separately. They even offer free shipping for orders that are over $75. With the services provided, the price is reasonable


Going back with the towel, I brought it to the game the next Sunday. I got a comment from my friend that the towel looked cool as it hung on my bag. But as any good friend would do, he also gave me a hard time for being “too full of myself”. I am happy with how my initials look on the towel. The embroidering of the letters looks well done. The picture of the clubs makes it more unique and more appealing. This will set apart from other towels at home. The golden hook is also easy to attach to my golf bag.

Since it is 100% cotton, it is absorbent and even useful to wash a few muddy balls. This new towel will be my new go-to towel when playing golf. At $19.99, this golf towel completes my bag for the summer.

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