Solutions for Golfers Over 50: Top Ten Physical and Mental Exercises

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A true golfer is always seeking to enhance his/her gameplay. A good golf game depends a lot on good equipment, but at the same time, you need to sharpen your skills. You need to play more, practice more, but above all you need to exercise more often to increase your performance. There are certain solutions to increasing your golf skills, you can apply those solutions and have amazing results. There’s a list of exercises that I will be giving you, perform these exercises, and you should see the results in no time!

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Top 10 Physical and Mental Exercises

1. Circuit Training

First and foremost, let me tell you that it is the circuit training that helps you push your limits and get to the next level of golf better than any other exercises would. All the exercises that you will be told about ought to be done in a circuit so that you will be performing them back-to-back. Your basic aim for these exercises is to make sure that your endurance increases. Strength training is not the aim because the golf players don’t really require it.

2. Swiss Ball Russian Twist

The first workout that I want you to perform is the Swiss ball Russian Twist, this exercise strengthens your core and stabilizes you like anything. It also ensures that your hip and spine rotation remains unaffected. These two movements play a key role in a successful swing. You will need a medicine ball for this workout; this particular workout also ensures that you learn how to maintain your posture and balance both. For added benefits, you should carry a dumbbell while rotating to a side. Perform 10-20 reps each time you do the sets.

3. Single-Leg Single-Arm Deadlift

Deadlift is the mother of all exercises. Nothing is as helpful as a deadlift, and it prepares your body for all sorts of athletic activities. This exercise basically targets every muscle that you would be using in a golf game. You can use a kettle-bell to perform this exercise; a dumbbell would do too. The main muscles that are targeted by this particular workout are the hamstrings. Hamstring is prone to injuries and therefore, working them out can lessen the potential danger of muscle injuries.

4. Arm Bar with Screwdriver

Are you looking for a workout that increases your shoulder’s mobility and stability? You don’t have to look any further; this exercise does the job while strengthening the muscles at the same time. You would need a kettle-bell to perform this exercise. The weight limits depend upon whatever you’re comfortable with. In the beginning, you might feel like this exercise is a tad bit difficult to perform but with time you will realize it is not all that hard. And the benefits are countless.

5. Leg Swings

This is a yet another amazing exercise. It begins simply by stretching, and you will not need any other equipment but rest assured, you shouldn’t undermine the importance of this exercise. It is perfect to increase the mobility of your legs and hips; it also works out great for the lower back. Older people are prone to get muscle injuries caused by swinging; exercises of this nature prevent such injuries. You can use a pole to balance your body for this particular exercise. It can be performed by using a weighted golf club as well; it really depends on you.

6. Hip Flexors Stretch

Hip flexors are muscle structures which protect your lower back and the lumbar regions; they are located in the lower belly. The motion of a swing is explosive, and it activates the hip flexors. They serve as a power source for the swing speed to get stabilized. Training the hip flexors is; therefore, very important. This will help prevent not only the hip and lower back injuries, but it will ultimately enhance your performance.

7. Mini Band Walk Forward

Improving the glutes has never been easier than this, mini bands are generally available in the market, and they are super cheap. It also targets the leg muscles and the hamstrings. You should purchase the mini bands for various at-home exercises. Glutes also play an important role in a swing; in fact, swings use almost all the muscles. It helps one maintain a proper posture during a workout. And strong glutes do not only help with the golf; you will see the impact of this in your everyday life as well.

8. Hip Crossovers

The prime reason most of these workouts are focusing on the hips is that the motion of a swing is extremely reliant on the motion of hips and therefore it will help you a lot if you just perform these simple exercises. Keep the repetition numbers minimum at the beginning and increase as the time passes. This exercise helps generate more torque during your swing, and therefore you would be able to play better.

9. Lower Trunk Rotation

This is another workout that involves most of your lower region. It works for your lower back and obliques and the second muscle it works for are the shoulder muscles. It is a great stretching workout and it also increases flexibility of your scapula otherwise known as shoulder blades. These exercises might look very easy to perform, but they are not as easy as they might look. They are actually pretty hard. It provides with the balance that is required to prevent one’s self from getting injured.

10. Inverted Hamstring Stretch

Last but certainly not the least, this is yet another hamstring exercises. Basically, you can never get enough of these, and so I keep mentioning more and more of them. Hamstring muscles that are flexible allow your core muscles to get activated more easily. This in turn speeds up and makes your swing way more efficient than routine. This exercise like many other also helps prevent back injuries.

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But these are not all, the most effective mental exercises that you would need to perform to do better at golf in old age is being prepared. When you’re prepared, and you have all the right equipment, you will feel confident before hitting a shot which helps you get the right shot. Visualizing the shot helps more than a lot. Happy Golfing!

Denny Putsh
Denny Putsh

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