ForeSight GC2 Review: The Best Selling Launch Monitor of All Time

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The launch monitor market is a dreamland for golfers these days. There are lots of excellent options out there for just about every budget. You can find some that focus a little more on accuracy, some that focus a little more on golf simulation, and so on. 

But what if you want one that is known to be the best in every category? What if you want to skip the riff-raff and get the launch monitor found in the most indoor fitting shops, retail locations, entertainment venues, and used by the most PGA professionals?

Well my friend, in this case you’d be talking about the Foresight GC2 launch monitor. Or, as the makers at Foresight Sports refer to it - “the best-selling professional-grade launch monitor of all time.” 

Foresight GC2
Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

The accuracy, features, and portability of this launch monitor are just the tip of the iceberg as to why it continues to dominate the golf simulation industry. 

Accuracy of the Foresight GC2

There are two products in the Foresight launch monitor family that are by far the most popular for golfers - the GC2 and the GCQuad. The number one feature that makes a Foresight launch monitor like the GC2 so great is accuracy

Golfers looking to improve their game and fine tune their practice sessions need an accurate launch monitor. This goes back to the old famous saying - what gets measured, gets managed. If you have swing and ball data on every hit, and that data is accurate and trustworthy, then you’ll be able to quickly determine your numbers for each club. From there you can see how different tips and techniques tweak those numbers.

Golf Driving Range

Another important benefit of having an accurate launch monitor is for club fitting to be sure that the settings on your clubs are optimal for your specific form and frame. You can also try out different types of golf balls to see how they affect your stats. For example, you could check out our list of best golf balls for distance and see if any of these improve your driver distance. 

Both club fitting and game improvement with a launch monitor are heavily dependent on the accuracy of the data being produced. If you buy a cheap launch monitor and your numbers are all over the place, how can you possibly adjust your technique without accurate feedback?

This is what makes the Foresight GC2 launch monitor so popular. The GC2 truly never compromises on accuracy. The engineers on the Foresight team insist on all key components - circuit boards, cameras, other electronics etc - to all be made in-house to ensure the highest quality and therefore the highest accuracy. 

Case in point - if you have looked at reviews for other launch monitors, typically when testing the accuracy, the gold standard to hold any new product to is the GC2 launch monitor. For example, my review of the Mevo Plus compared the accuracy against the GC2, as the GC2 sets the bar that all other launch monitors should strive to hit. 

What does the Foresight GC2 Measure?

The GC2 launch monitor uses a stereoscopic camera system to capture and analyze ball characteristics. What this means is that the GC2 has two cameras that take a rapid sequence of pictures at the critical moment of club impact to obtain ball data. 

golf simulator

The two nifty cameras can take up to 10,000 pictures per second and in mere milliseconds analyze the tiny changes in the dimples of your ball as it is impacted. So pretty much instantaneously as you hit your ball, thousands of pictures are taken, thousands of calculations are performed, it's pretty darn impressive. The following data points are instantly displayed from every shot:

  • Ball speed
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Launch angle
  • Azimuth (The initial horizontal angle relative to the target line)
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance of the shot.

The GC2 has a larger hitting window than most other launch monitors. This means the “window” that those two camera eyes can see is wide enough to pick up on botched chips and other wild hits. This increases accuracy further.

Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor setup: Self-Calibration and LCD Display

Another fantastic feature of the Foresight GC2 is its incredible ease of use. While many golfers and coaches use their GC2 launch monitor as part of a permanent setup, the GC2 is actually very portable and designed to be used in a variety of outdoor as well as indoor settings. 

At a featherweight 3.8 lbs and about the size of a book, the GC2 launch monitor is a piece of cake to take out to the driving range or even out on the golf course. The die cast aluminum frame folds up into its own compact carry case for the ultimate portability and durability, there is no excuse not to carry this in your golf bag. And with an 8 hour rechargeable battery, you can rest assured the GC2 will always outlast you at the driving range and not the other way around. 

What’s even better is the GC2’s ability to self-calibrate. The GC2 uses a patented on-screen golf ball identification system and something called a “self-leveling accelerometer.” What this means in plain English is that all you have to do as the golfer is set the thing on the ground pointed at your ball and it will do the rest. Some launch monitors require you to calibrate the device or put stickers on your golf ball for accurate measurements, but not the GC2! All in all, straight out of your golf bag it will be ready to go in less than a minute. Skip the frustrations and putzing around and get to hitting balls!

The GC2 Launch Monitor has an outdoor-readable LCD display and audio feature to both show and tell your ball performance data in real-time. This is an important distinguishing factor from other launch monitors that require you to pair the device with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The GC2 eliminates this extra step, and therefore extra work, making it that much easier for you to get straight to practicing. 

If you do find yourself indoors with your GC2 or wanting to pair it with a device at the driving range, this is also an option as we will discuss below. The important thing to note is that hauling your laptop to the golf course is not necessary to be able to use the GC2 launch monitor. 

Indoor GC2 Launch Monitor Use

As we mentioned above, the Foresight GC2 launch monitor is excellent for outdoor golf as it is portable, has an excellent battery life, and has an outdoor-readable data display so that you don’t have to take out your smartphone after every hit to look at your numbers. 

That being said, the GC2 is also absolutely fantastic for indoor use. In fact, that is where most golfers use their GC2.

Due to the photometric method of obtaining data as we discussed above, the GC2 launch monitor requires less indoor space than a radar-based launch monitor. As a rule of thumb, if you can safely swing a club in your indoor space, you have enough room to use a GC2 launch monitor. 

Man with Golf Simulator

The GC2 can hook up to a laptop or other portable device either via USB or Bluetooth connection. From there you can decide if you want to simply look at your data on the paired device, or connect to a projector or TV which is especially fun for playing simulation golf. 

If you want a full simulation setup including a hitting mat, golf net, and so on, I recommend this complete and budget-friendly setup from our friends that we work closely with at Rain or Shine Golf. 

Simulation Golf and the GC2 Launch Monitor

The GC2 launch monitor, with it’s incredible accuracy and computing power, forms the base to be able to play incredible simulation golf. 

When the weather turns rainy or a global pandemic hits, playing indoor golf is often the best refuge a golfer can find. It is truly every golfer’s dream to be able to play high quality & high resolution simulation golf in a climate-controlled room, where the elements are adjustable at the touch of a button, the world’s most famous courses are at your fingertips, and there are no cranky or snobby bystanders to ruin your day. 

On your laptop, or other portable device, you can download the free Foresight Sports App (either for iTunes or Android) which allows for some basic and cost-free simulation including a virtual driving range and 2D shot tracers. 

A very exciting and brand new option for golf simulation with the GC2 is the newly released FSX 2020 software. This software is entirely 4K resolution for the most realistic golf simulation ever. You can play the most exclusive courses, compete in skill-building competitions, hook up with players around the world, and practice your skills on a driving range. 

Golf Ball Simulation

If you want to let off some steam while you practice you can try “Glass Break” where you hit golf balls at a greenhouse without real-life consequences! There’s also a “foot golf” game which uses a soccer ball instead of a golf ball. 

The best part about golf simulation with a GC2 is that the high precision of the data obtained from the launch monitor allows you to really use the golf simulation to improve, not just to have fun. Within the FSX 2020 software you can dive into data analysis and visualization features at a level of accuracy usually used by professional club fitters and golf instructors alike. 

The FSX 2020 software can be purchased for an additional sum along with your GC2 as a license deal and comes in at about $3,000. 

Head Measurement Technology (HMT)

Another optional add-on with the Foresight GC2 golf simulator is the HMT which stands for “head measurement technology.” The HMT is an additional device that is set next to the GC2 and connects to the GC2 via a cable. 

The HMT is meant for golfers who want more data from their swing and club rather than from just their golf ball alone. In general, golf ball data is easier to come by than club and swing data. This is because each golf club is different in size, shape, angle, and so on whereas golf balls are all essentially the same to a launch monitor as you can imagine.

That means that in order to get truly accurate swing and club data, the engineers at Foresight had to develop an entirely separate piece of technology, and thus the HMT was born.  

With an HMT next to your GC2 launch monitor, you will pick up the following additional measurements:

  • Club head speed
  • Horizontal club path
  • Smash factor
  • Dynamic loft
  • Impact location

The HMT club head analysis device will set you back an additional $4,900. While this is no small sum, the serious golfer who is dedicated to improving their game will certainly want accurate swing and club data, and there is no better way to come by that than with the HMT attachment. If you’re going to put in the time to practice and improve, and you have the budget for it, you might as well get all data points with every swing. 

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) GC2 Launch Monitor

Due to the high quality of the Foresight GC2 launch monitor, there is a strong market for certified pre-owned (CPO) GC2 monitors. This is a great way to get an excellent piece of technology for a fraction of the price. 

What’s better, CPO GC2 launch monitors usually come with extended warranties as compared to their brand-new counterparts. Plus, in addition to the standard robotic quality control testing, each CPO launch monitor is human tested both indoors and outdoors to ensure the most trusted results. 

Most golfers are understandably weary of purchasing used equipment, but if you’re looking to save some money, I think this is the number one way to do so. In my experience I have never heard of a golfer having a negative experience purchasing a CPO GC2 (and if you have please email me!). Rather than compromise on accuracy by purchasing a cheaper launch monitor brand new, I would highly recommend getting the most for your money by purchasing a CPO GC2 launch monitor instead. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a GC2 Launch Monitor

I hope I’ve been able to show you with this article that the GC2 launch monitor is truly able to live up to its reputation. However, there are a few things to consider before investing in this amazing piece of technology. 

  1. Left/right handed switch: If you will be using your GC2 indoors with many different golfers, keep in mind that the GC2 needs to be moved depending on if the golfer is right or left handed. If you and your spouse have different handedness and want to play simulation golf together, it will probably get old to have to move the launch monitor from one side of your hitting mat to the other after every shot. In this case, I would recommend you consider the Mevo Plus instead. 
  2. The Foresight GC2 does not include barometric/altitude sensors, a removable battery, or WiFi (although it is Bluetooth enabled for a wireless connection). If you want these features, you should consider an upgrade to the Foresight GCQuad
  3. Price: The GC2 launch monitor costs about $9,500 new and $5,000 CPO. With the optional FSX 2020 software and HMT as discussed above, the total setup can easily cost you over $10,000. While I truly believe that the accuracy and performance is well worth every penny, I also understand that this simply isn’t in every golfer’s budget. In this case I recommend you check out our golf simulator review to see what your other options are. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does Foresight GC2 cost?

The Foresight GC2 was brought together by a team of passionate engineers that wanted to create the most accurate and user-friendly launch monitor in the world, and they nailed it! The GC2 is found in more pro shops, retail locations, fitting shops, etc than any other launch monitor in the world. Due to the performance and accuracy of this device, it is by no means a cheap piece of hardware. If you purchase a GC2 new you can expect to pay $9,500 while certified pre-owned start at about $5,400.

How Much Does A Pre-Owned GC2 Launch Monitor Cost?

A Pre-owned GC2 Launch Monitor by Foresight cost around $8,400. But if you think it's still a little bit expensive, they offer a monthly installment plan. If you're worried about its quality and performance, you can extend the warranty too. 

What's The Foresight GC2 Golf Simulator Price?

The price of the Foresight GC2 golf simulator range from $11,339 - $16,399. You can also have an option for HMT add-on. You can extend your warranty up to 3-years but with an additional price. 

Is A Foresight GC2 Golf Simulator Worth It?

Yes. In fact, it is one on our list for the best indoor golf simulators on the market today. It continues to dominate the industry because of its accuracy, features, and portability.

How does Foresight GC2 work?

The Foresight GC2 is a Foresight launch monitor about the size of a small Kleenex box when folded up. It unfolds similar to a lawn chair and is set on the ground facing the golfer. If the golfer were to spit right before swinging his club, the spit should land on the GC2 although this is NOT recommended. 

Once turned on, the GC2 will self-calibrate, locate the ball, and do all the work in under a minute. A green light will indicate it is ready for you to swing. As you hit the ball, two cameras on the device will take a mind-blowing 10,000 images for instantaneous analysis which is displayed on the LCD display. It will also read aloud your numbers and display them on a laptop or other portable device if you so chose. Aside from insane accuracy, the ease of use of the GC2 is what makes it so popular as the “best-selling professional-grade launch monitor of all time.”

What Does GC2 Measure?

The GC2 launch monitor measures the following:

  • Ball speed
  • Back spin
  • Side spin
  • Launch angle
  • Azimuth (The initial horizontal angle relative to the target line)
  • Carry distance
  • Total distance of the shot.

If you want to learn more about why this launch monitor is so wildly popular, read above for more!

How Do You Use Foresight?

A Foresight launch monitor, such as either the GC2 or GCQuad, is a portable piece of technology that uses cameras to gather 10,000+ images of every shot to then instantaneously analyze and display as ball and club data. If you want to learn more about how to set up a GC2 please click here.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to golf launch monitor technology - what you pay for is what you get. The Foresight GC2 Golf Simulator is the golf launch monitor that sets the bar for all other launch monitors to strive to achieve. It’s accuracy is the gold standard across the industry and its ease of use is the best on the market. If you’ve worked with other cheaper launch monitors, you know how frustrating it can be to putz around with faulty equipment that misses shots, devices that don’t pair, and ball data that just doesn’t seem right or trustworthy.

Foresight GC2

For serious golfers ready to make a serious investment into game improvement and golf simulation entertainment, look no further than the GC2 Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator. 

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