Best Sun Sleeves For Golf [Ranked and Reviewed]

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Spending too much time on the golf course under the direct light of the sun is not good. That’s why it is advisable to wear the best sleeves for golf to protect your arms and your skin from the UV rays of the sun. 

Although sunlight is considered the main source of Vitamin D, you may also experience too much sweat on your skin, sunburn, and other forms of discomfort, resulting in skin cancer with too much exposure to direct sunlight. So, not wearing a proper compression and protective outfit or compression sun sleeves may lead to long-term and instant damage that is detrimental to your overall health.

Choosing the best, long, and cooling compression sun sleeves for golf would help you address your concern with this problem, and wearing the proper or cooling sun sleeves for golf can protect your skin from harmful rays of the sunlight. To give you the best long sun protection while saving your time and keeping you safe from UVA and UVB rays, ideal cooling compression arm sleeves that are good to wear must be your priority when playing golf on the course.

Our Best Sun Sleeves for Golf in 2021

Best Sun Sleeves for Golf 

If you’re planning to buy the best long sun sleeves for golf and get an ideal price in the market, it is essential to read more reviews first about these products being offered by the different suppliers. In this way, you can end up having a tremendous elastic feature and price of sun sleeves for golf, which can be utilized in playing the game while improving your golf performance. Below are some of the ideal arm sleeves which you may consider to get the best elastic material, feature, deal, or price in the market. consider to get the best elastic material, feature, deal, or price in the market.

Nike Golf Dri-Fit Solar Sleeve

Best Overall


  • This sweat sun protection arm sleeve feature can keep you well protected from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • This sweat sun sleeve feature or material is also moisture-wicking, keeping this best sun protection item cool and dry in order to have more focus and enhance performance level.
  • This sun protection sleeve feature is a snug fit because of its elastic cuffs, which feature some silicone strips perfect for women.
  • The price of this women’s sun protection item includes a mesh bag material and a pair of sleeves.
  • This type of the best sun protection arm sleeve feature is suitable for UVA and UVB protection since it features UPF 50 protection.
  • This Nike Dri-Fit product has limited sizes and color varieties such as white and black only. It is because this is generally for men’s model. Moreover, the available size for these women’s sun sleeves refers to the matching men’s arms. So, you don’t have any other choice in terms of its sleeves, color features, and sizes. This will also limit your selection in terms of color. Although it has only two colors - black and white only - for these sun sleeves, good quality material is something that would be given to you by the manufacturer.

One of the top quality and elastic types of sun sleeves for golf is the Nike Dri-Fit Solar Sleeve. This arm sleeve offers sun protection features that would be good enough for golfers. To save you time and provide you information about this sweat sun protection arm sleeve, it would be better to know the above advantages and disadvantages of using this sweat or sun protection moisture product.

With this sun protection sleeves product or material, it’s already time to keep yourself relaxed when playing golf. You don’t need to suffer from too much pain and skin irritation caused by the extreme heat of the sun since it features UV protection and UPF 50 protection. You can protect your arms using these sun sleeves features for golf.


Nike Dri-Fit Solar Sleeve is a perfect option if you want to be cool and calm during your outdoor games and sports. With this Nike Dri-Fit Solar Sleeve's excellent features, you will surely get the benefits that you are looking for.

The two features or varieties of the color of this sun protection sleeves product will be good enough for your outfit since it will also complement your stand. The price of the sun protection sleeves is commensurate enough to the performance level that it provides to all its users. You will surely be satisfied once you wear the top-quality sleeves and features for playing golf. It will be good if you will buy a specific type of sleeves features online and explore the advantages that you can have once you own the product.

Most importantly, these sleeves are not going to interfere with your golf game in any way.

Under Armour Performance HeatGear Sleeve

Best for UV Protection

Under Armour Performance HeatGear Sleeve


  • This type of sun protection golf arm sleeves is made up of premium material that comprises 20% elastane and 80% polyester. This blend of material composition is efficient to have a moisture-wicking. Because of this moisture-wicking feature, this kind of sun sleeves also dries very quickly. Moreover, it is thin and elastic enough to produce a second-skin effect.
  • Since it came from the collections of Under Arm proprietary HeatGear, this a perfect way to prevent UVA and UVB rays when you are exposed to the sun. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only have UV prevention; it will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the whole day.
  • One of the customers' complain about this sun protection, and its moisture-wicking product is the expensiveness of its price. According to them, this type of arm sleeves offers a higher price compared to the other types and brands out there. Although the price of this sun protection with the moisture-wicking product is relatively higher in comparison to the arm sleeves in the market, you can still have an assurance that premium or high-quality types of material are used to manufacture the product. Thus, these sun sleeves for golf would always provide you great comfort when you wear the sun sleeves.

This Under Armour type is another great sun sleeve for golf, which has been in the market for a couple of years now. The material used to manufacture this kind of sun sleeves for golf is of premium class. The above were some of the pros and cons of this sun sleeve for you to have enough information and save time researching the sleeves to wear for your outdoor game.

With a wide range of options of its sizes and colors, you can have an assurance that you can select the best price, size, and color, which would be apt for your outfit. You can also make sure that you will have UPF 50 protection that is good for your skin.


Using this type of sun protection arm sleeves will give you UV protection and compression at a reasonable price. So, you don’t need to worry anymore once you are under the sun for almost a couple of hours. You will also maintain your composure since wearing a top-quality type of arm sleeves will make you cool and would provide during your entire game sports.

Another good thing about Under Armour Performance sun sleeve is that it is breathable, quick-drying, and cheap price. Moreover, fret no more about its washing procedure since it is washable using a machine. By just placing it in your washing machine and dryer, you can make sure that this kind of arm sleeves is already clean and ready to wear again.

KMINN Arm Sleeves

Most Versatile

KMINN Arm Sleeves


  • These sun protection arm sleeves offer a seamless organic design that would be good for a golfer
  • These also provide a perfect pattern design of Checkerboard, which makes these arm sleeves products stand out from the rest.
  • These will provide great comfort when using these sun protection arm sleeves since it has both a heating and cooling effect.
  • These offer good compression since the fabric being used is soft and of a good type of class and price. With these premium arm sleeves, you will have solid UV protection when you are under direct exposure from the sunlight.
  • According to some customers, one of the drawbacks of these arm sleeves is that it may slide down to your arms if the size of the arm sleeves is not fit well on the user’s arms. The best thing you can do is purchase arm sleeves that are fit to your size by looking at the size chart.

The perfect combination of spandex and polyamide seems to be a good formula for these arm sleeves’ effectiveness and versatility. The types of material used for the products are breathable and lightweight, which are also good types of arm sleeves for UV protection.

One of the best things about sun protection KMINN arm sleeves is their high resistance from external impacts and scratches. So, you can make sure that wearing these kinds of arm sleeves will give you more comfort and cooling effect when you are just practicing golf game sports or even playing in the tournament game sports.


It provides several features and price sales that would help you to become safer in playing golf. Aside from this, these sun protection arm sleeves can only be purchased at an affordable rate. So, you don’t need to spend a high amount of money or spend more time just to buy the best sun arm sleeves that will be utilized in playing the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For you to be able to understand well the importance and uses of the best sun sleeves for golf, then it is advisable to explore more about the product and its price. Perhaps you might be wondering and have queries in your mind that make you skeptical about the arm sleeves.

Do Arm Sleeves For Golf Protect You From Sun?

During your game on a sunny day, the best types of fit arm sleeves for golf will provide you with UPF 50 protection even if you are under the sun for many hours. These will keep your arms cool and dry since most of the sun protection arm sleeves that you can find in the market have a cooling feature.

Do Cooling Sun Sleeves Work?

UV protection and cooling arm sleeves are great ways to protect your skin and your body from UV rays. These will also keep you cool during the entire game. As runners or golfers, it would be better to choose the best UPF 50 arm sleeves that can be used for playing since these are considered as perfect armor to protect your body under the extreme heat of the sun.

What Is The Best Color Of Arm Sleeves For Protection?

Colors like black, blue, and other types of dark color combinations are excellent options for your outdoor arm sleeves. It is because these have sun-blocking power resistance and UPF 50 features. This also means that UV rays can barely reach your skin. You may also use some light colors if these would be good enough for your outfit. At some point, light colors may also reflect all visible light’s wavelengths.

What’s The Best Type Of Arm Sleeves’ Fabric Used For Sun Protection?

There are several types of fabric that are good enough for UPF 50 or sun protection. Some of these types are white wool, silk, nylon, and polyester. These UPF 50 or sun protection fabrics are excellent in blocking the sun. Thus, you can have a guarantee that you can protect your arms from sunburn and skin irritation, which may eventually result in some serious problems like skin cancer and other possible related skin conditions.

Why Do Both Men And Women Golfers Wear Compression Arm Sleeves?

Compression arm sleeves for golf provide firmness, whereas most of the long-sleeved body fitting types of shirts. Moreover, the compression in most of the outdoor golf arm sleeves keeps your muscles refreshed and relaxed when playing the game. This may also help you to avoid tension in a golf swing, and these promote a connected feeling between your arms and the golf club.

How To Pick The Best Arm Sleeves For Golfing?

Playing golf is part of your outdoor recreation, which provides great fun and excitement. If you are still persistent in playing this kind of outdoor sport under the heat of the sun, then it’s advisable to use the best arm sleeves that will protect you from too much heat of the sun. It is also a nice idea to choose the ideal outdoor white type of arm sleeves that will give you proper benefits and numerous advantages. But how can you pick the best arm sleeves for golfing to protect yourself from the sunlight?

Testing Criteria used for evaluation

Below are some of the tips, suggestions, and considerations that you need to take for you to select the best type of arm sleeves for playing this game:

Read online reviews

Reading some reviews online is one of the ways on how you can find the ideal type of sun protection arms sleeves for you. If you are aware of the comments and feedback of the customers to the reviewed products that you would like to buy, then these could also affect your decision-making process pertaining to the selection of customers’ comments and feedbacktop-class arm sleeves in the market.


Choose a high-quality type that provides compression and cooling performance. Of course, it is imperative to always choose the types of arm sleeves of a high-class type. A high-quality product is the main factor that you need to consider when picking the right stuff for you. In addition to that, get a specific type of best sun sleeves that could give you triple functions like compression, heating, and cooling. Thus, you can have one size fits all or more sleeves that are comfortable to wear when playing golf on the course.

Type of Sleeves

Consider the types of arm sleeves with soft and elastic fabric that would make you comfortable when playing, especially when exposed to the sun. As much as possible, consider a fabric that has a composition of 80% polyester since it can withstand strong and continuous movements while playing golf.


Select a durable type of material used in manufacturing these arm sleeves and consider the best price for these products. The durability of the specific kinds of material used for the best sun sleeves must be one of the top-priority factors that you must consider when picking an ideal sleeve for you.

Aside from this factor, you also need to consider its price. It would be better to buy a type of sun sleeves that only offers affordable price or cost. At least, in this way, you don't need to spend a lot of money by just purchasing the items you want. Thus, you can have an ultimate armor that will protect you from the sun's UV rays.


Choose color combinations of arm sleeves that would somehow compliment your whole outfit. Specific color for best sun sleeves is another thing that would somehow give you an advantage. It would be advisable to choose dark colors over light colors since those dark colors are perfect for sun blocking.


Nike Golf Dri-Fit Solar SleeveBest OverallNike Golf Dri-Fit Solar Sleeve
Under Armour Performance HeatGear SleeveBest for UV ProtectionUnder Armour Performance HeatGear Sleeve
KMINN Arm SleevesMost VersatileKMINN Arm Sleeves

These are some of the pieces of information that you need to know when choosing the best golf sleeves or sun sleeves for golfing. To make sure that you'll get the ideal golf sleeves or arm sleeves that would be apt for you, which also depend on your tastes and preferences, then always do your own research.

So, what are you waiting for?

Purchase the best sun sleeves for golf now! Pick any specific type of one size that fits your arms sleeves to be well-protected from the ultraviolet rays. Stop wasting your time and make yourself comfortable when playing golf throughout the day.

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