Longest Golf Balls 2018: The Best Golf Balls for Distance
Hitting The Golf Ball
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Longest Golf Balls 2018: The Best Golf Balls for Distance

One of the most important aspects of the game of golf is the distance you can get off the tee.

Good distance is important when trying to come up under par, and hence keep your game on the negative side and get you in the winners’ circle.

As with anything in golf, a lot of how much distance you will get off your shot depends on the golfers play style and skill.

longest golf balls

But if you need some extra help, there are a few extremely well-engineered golf balls on the market, which are designed specifically with distance in mind.​

If you find distance to be a hindrance to your game, then you are in luck. Today, we'll take a look at some of the longest golf balls on the market, all in the hopes of bettering your long range game.​

If you're in a hurry, here is top choice for the longest golf balls, made for distance:

Our Longest Golf Ball Pick: Titleist Velocity

longest golf ball

Designed as a ball for long distances, but able to be used for short distances, the Titleist Velocity Golf Ball is versatile and has great usability. Claimed to have "the fastest solid core" of any golf ball, it allows great speed which results in an increased distance. Like all Titleist products, the Velocity has a premium feel to it, but yet still extremely affordable.

NameEditor's CommentProduct 
Titleist Pro V1Best Overall Distance BallTitleist PRO V1View More
Bridgestone e6Best Beginner Distance Ballbridgestone-e6View More
Titleist VelocityLongest Golf BallTitleist-VelocityView More
Callaway HexBest Budget Distance Ballcallaway-hexView More
Nike RZN PlatinumBest for Intermediate Golferscallaway-hexView More

What's the Best Distance Golf Balls of 2018?

Titleist PRO V1

The Titleist PRO V1 is one of the most preferred balls currently in the market, and has been for a number of years. And with features that many golfers of all skill ranges will love, it's easy to see why.

It is leaned towards a soft feel, allowing the golfer to have increased control. Despite this, it can reach great distances due to the penetrating trajectory.

longest golf ball

Currently, there are two different versions of the PRO V1, the original PRO V1 and the PRO V1x. With the latest edition of the PRO V1x, rather than the traditional Surlyn cover, they use Thermoset Urethane.

best golf balls for distance

This is added into the mixture, and the reaction coats the ball within the mould. This allows for an even softer ball than before, which helps to increase the control and accuracy of the ball.

While soft may be great for some, this does hinder the balls durability. This means that you may be headed to the store more often than you like to buy new golf balls, which can be bad when saving up for green's fees.

Considering the amount of distance, and even spin, that the Titleist can give, this may be a mute point. If you want an all around ball for accuracy, distance, and performance, the Titleist PRO V1 series is the way to go.​

Bridgestone e6

Although Bridgestone is predominantly a tire company, the company has also been known to make great golf products.

With the Bridgestone E6, golfers from beginners to pros will get a ball with both accessibility and distance being the main focus.

best golf balls for distance

The E6 is a low-spin ball, which will allow beginners to get a much longer drive off the tee that will also land where they intend it to. And with a soft and light design, even golfers with lower swing speeds will get the most benefit from the E6.

best golf balls for distance

This three piece ball also uses the traditional Surlyn hard coat, with a soft core. This allows for a great feel, along with increased accuracy and distance, making this ball exceptionally good for beginners and veterans alike.

While softness may be good for some, it may not be for everyone. Such is the issue with these balls, as the E6 can come off as softer then the majority of long distance balls, and may take some getting used to for many golfers.

Another great feature of the E6 is the increased dimple count, it features smaller dimples, within the larger dimples. I know, it sounds crazy, and looks weird – however, it reduces drag when travelling through the air; this allows you to get much higher speeds, all resulting a much large drive distance.

Another great product from Bridgestone, showing that they can hang with the big boys in both auto and golf. Superior range and a forgiving, low-spin ball should make the E6 a mainstay in many golf bags.​

>> Check out the new and improved version - the Bridgestone E7 golf ball. <<

Titleist Velocity

Our next ball again comes from the number one brand in golf with the Titleist Velocity.

And with the velocity, this is debatably the longest flying golf ball Titleist has made yet.

The Titleist Velocity features patented technology called LSX, which is “the fastest solid core” of any other golf balls. 

longest golf ball

With this core, regardless of what club you use, you will notice around a 10% increase in distance, which is great for shaving the strokes off your game.

Not only that, you can also reach great speeds with this ball, which help to drive your ball even further. This is done with the help of the ball's 328 spherically-tiled dimples, which helps to reduce the balls drag while in the air​.

longest golf ball

Despite being designed as a long distance ball, the Titleist Velocity also performs extremely well when used for short distances; it provides fairly good feedback with various clubs, and isn’t too hard for putting.

However, it takes a little bit of practice to get used to this ball for low distances, as it tends to roll much more than any other ball, meaning you need less power for each shot.

This ball has a higher spin then most, which can make this ball a hard choice for beginners, especially around the greens. There are also a few choices of golf balls for distance out there that are cheaper than the Velocity, with this ball coming up to a price around $40 dollars new in some cases.

This price can be forgiven just for the sheer distance you can get with this ball. Before you know it, the Titleist Velocity will have you beating out the competition, allowing you to reach the green quicker than ever before.

Callaway Hex Warbird

If you want a reliable brand name at a lesser price point than our previous entry, then Callaway may have just the thing for you.

With the Hex Warbird, Callaway gives golfers a golf ball that is not only affordable, but flies further than most others.

This is due in part to the Callway's specialty "Warbird Core", which is surprising large compared to other balls, and much softer.

longest golf ball

This results in huge speeds, ultimately resulting in huge distances, meaning you get a golf ball that both hits easy and performs great.

Callaway’s dimple pattern on the Hex Warbird is also provides more distance off your shots, as it results in reduced drag, increasing speeds for larger distances. Average golfers can expect around a 15-20% increase in distance with the Callaway, making this ball one of the best performing balls for the price, at a price point of under $20.

Much like the Titleist Velocity, due to the balls spin, some golfers may have issues with their short game. Also, while the core of the ball is soft, the outside shell is hard, which may not provide the right feel for most golfers.

For my money, I always find Callaway to provide great benefit without me having to make a second mortgage to buy them. This is the case with the Hex Warbird, which will be a golf ball that will help improve your distance game and at a price that will make you smile.

Nike Golf RZN Golf Balls

Nike, a mainstay in the sports world, has shown its expertise once again as a leader in sports technology. Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods, as well as many other PGA tour golfers, use our next ball, the Nike RZN, and to great effect.

The Nike RZN golf balls feature "Speedlock" technology, which is used to deliver more energy off your shots for a faster, longer distance shot from the tee or the fairway. 

best golf ball for distance

This, coupled with the ball's lightweight core and perimeter weighting, provide a more stable and consistent flight path.

The new Speedlock technology gives a softer feel compared to previous generations of Nike balls, making the ball lighter and eliminating unnecessary spin for better consistency. The ball is also designed to reduce spin in order to give a penetrating trajectory, which will help to give your ball even more speed and distance, as well as accuracy.

Unfortunately, these balls tend to suffer in bad weather conditions. In harsh winds and rain, the balls accuracy and trajectory can be drastically effected, due to the ball's weight, making these a hard choice for beginners.

The Nike RZN balls may not be the best for everyone, but are a great choice for veteran golfers with moderate swing-speed looking for a bit more out of their ball. If you are a golfer looking for more distance and spin control, and want a ball that even the pro's use, then the Nike RZN are for you!

Buying Factors of Longest Golf Balls

Factor 1 - Type

There are three different types of golf balls that are designed with distance in mind: One, two, and three-piece golf balls.

One-piece golf balls are great choices for courses that may have a lot of hazards around. This is due to the cheap cost of the golf balls, which makes them great not only for golfing on a budget, but also good for the clumsy golfer that tends to lose balls frequently.

While generally not as good for distance as the two and three piece balls, you usually get more than what you pay for, allowing great distance without breaking the bank.

In contrast to the one-piece balls, two-piece golf balls have a more solid core, usually manufactured from resin, they are then coated in an extremely hard material, such as Surlyn. This design, in combination with a higher compression rating, make the ball slice through the air effortlessly, providing a longer range then other golf balls.

However, due to the high compression, they tend to be harder to control than one-piece balls, meaning that these balls are more suited to avid golfers over newbies. The two-piece's harder design does lend itself to the ball's durability, though, so you will be able to use these balls for much longer as a result.

A third type, which is not as popular, is three-piece balls.

While not as popular as the previous two types, the three-piece golf balls have a rubber core, coated with harder rubber, and are then coated in Surlyn. These ball are much softer than the others, and provide a huge amount of spin and control.

The extra control makes them great for rookies, but the added spin is something that is not only great for both rookies and veterans alike, but can give your ball much needed extra distance on the fairway.

Believe it or not, four and even five-piece golf balls also exist. Four-piece golf balls feature a rubber core, with a variety of different layers depending on the manufacturer, all coated in Surlyn as with the other golf balls.

Five-piece golf balls are similar to four-piece balls, with a rubber core, various layers coated in Surlyn.

Factor 2 - Spin

As mentioned above, spin can be an important factor when buying your long distance balls, especially as it pertains to accuracy and yardage.

Low spin balls glide through the air in a straight line, which gives you great distance off of good drives. The lack of added spin, however, will mean your ball will likely stop on the ground, without any additional distance gain.

In contrast to this, the balls are also more accurate, with the ball usually ending exactly where you want it to on the ground. This makes these balls great for approaches, as the ball will be less likely to roll away from the target.

Mid-spin balls fall in between high and low spin balls, and are a great choice for many golfers. Due to the balance between spin and accuracy, these balls are highly recommended for golfers who want extra length off their shots, but may not be used to some of the more advanced, high spin balls.

High spin balls are designed to release backspin once they are hit into the air, making them great for both distance and when close to the green. They are fairly easy to control on the greens, and can travel a huge distance with the perfect swing. However, for those not used to these kinds of balls, accuracy can become an issue.

Factor 3 - Compression

The compression of a golf balls varies hugely, and can be a major factor where distance is concerned. It is a measure of deflection that occurs when a golf ball is hit, and usually has a value ranging 0 and 200.

Balls rated at 200 do not deflect at all, whereas balls rated at 0 will deflect around 7mm. The lower the compression of the ball, the lower the pressure, which not only makes the ball softer, but can help it to fly through the air.

However, lower compression also tends to make the ball lighter. This means that these balls can sometimes suffer in performance during high winds and rain.

For distance, lower compression is generally better. When buying a ball, try to find balls that have a compression of around 50, even though lower compression balls are available.

Factor 4 - Feel

The feel of the ball is incredibly important to how well you will play. Hard feel balls will hit hard with the driver but will travel a much larger distance than soft feel balls.

Soft feel balls are usually used by professionals, as they have much more control than hard balls; it is much easier to add backspin to your swing with a soft feel ball, however – the distance will be greatly decreased compared to a hard feel ball.

Factor 5 - Cost

The price of your golf ball is also hugely important, especially if you tend to lose balls. If you are new to golf, losing your golf balls is incredibly frustrating, and will soon burn a hole in your pocket.

However, all is not lost – you can buy “lake” balls that are fairly cheap. They are not as good as a brand new ball, but are much cheaper. Lake balls are golf balls that have been recovered from golf clubs, from lakes and ponds.

You will be very unlikely to find a set of lake balls that are exactly the same; you will usually get a box full of various balls, all with different specifications and manufacturers. On the plus side, this is also a cheap way to find the right type of ball for you.

Once you know what it is you may want out of a golf ball, you should start comparing prices. With various brands of golf balls out there, chances are you will find long distance balls at different price points that provide the same benefits.

To this effect, you will want to get the ball that fits best in your price range. While well-known brand names may seem tempting to the uninitiated, you can likely find balls that are just as good at a cheaper price, so keep an eye out.

Factor 5 - Durability

Durability of your golf balls is extremely important, as you will want balls that are able to last a long time.

While a softer ball is generally better for beginners, a harder golf ball is usually more durable. For this reason, you may want to buy harder golf balls. The only issue with this is chances are these balls can run more expensive, making them hard to suggest if you are on a budget

However, for distance – a hard ball is recommended. These are much more durable and less likely to be damaged.

Hard balls are also a worthwhile investment, due to the longer lifespan. This means you can use them for much longer, decreasing the overall cost you spend on golf balls.

Which Golf Ball is Best for You?​

Beginners: The best golf ball for beginners is highly debated, with many veteran golfers suggesting to start with soft feel balls, due to the increased control. However, I believe budget/lake balls are a smarter option. If you prefer to buy brand new golf balls, hard balls are recommended as these will last a much longer time compared to soft balls. In terms of spin, a low spin ball is best for beginners – this allows you to practise your accuracy, and hit straight. However, in my opinion, many beginner golfers have lower swing speeds that will benefit if the ball travels more distance. Thus, for beginners, I again suggest the hard/distance golf balls, which may provide more spin, but also fly further.

Sunday Golfer: Are you a Sunday golfer? Not exactly a professional, but much better than a beginner? If so, you should be losing a lot less balls than when you started, this means you can start purchasing mid-range balls, from brands such as Dunlop. In terms of spin, mid-spin balls are recommended, these are as easy to control as a low spin ball, except they allow you to add backspin to the ball with much more ease.

Veteran Golfer: For veteran golfers, you should already be able to control balls quite well, and are likely making accurate shots quite frequently. For you, high spin golf balls are the way to go. This is because not only will it give you the most distance, but it will also give you the most benefit with the additional spin it provides, making them great on the fairway or the green.

Quick Summary of the Longest Golf Balls 2018

Titleist Pro V1

Best Overall Distance Ball

  • Premium quality
  • Improvedspin

Bridgestone E6

Best Beginner Distance Ball

  • Lower spin
  • More control
  • Great for beginners

Titleist Velocity

Longest Golf Ball

  • Increased distance
  • Premium quality
  • Great speed

Callaway Hex Warbird

Best Budget Distance Ball

  • Wallet friendly
  • Maximum feel

Nike RZN Golf Balls

Best for Intermediate Golfers

  • Better consistency
  • Great speed

So, what's the longest golf ball? The five choices for the longest golf ball on the market reviewed above are all great balls, and will all provide a satisfying feel, along with huge distances. However, they aren’t without their weaknesses. Each of these long distance golf balls are designed for a specific purpose, and will lack in other areas.

But that is why we made this list, to help you decide which ball best suits your needs. For professionals, go for a Titleist ball – there is a reason they are the #1 golf ball manufacturer in the industry. For beginners, try out a few cheap golf balls before deciding on the perfect ball for you.

We hope that we were able to help you on your journey for more distance on the course. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!​

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