Golf Shoes – Hitting The Golf Ball Helping You Hit the Golf Ball Perfectly Sun, 11 Feb 2018 07:03:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 113375062 Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 2018 Fri, 30 Sep 2016 17:32:12 +0000 For me, there is nothing worse than walking around outside after a particularly bad rain storm. Mud, puddles of water, and even wet grass manage to find a way into my sneakers, soaking everything from the inside of my shoes to my socks. This is an issue that can affect many golfers as well, who may be playing during or after a rainstorm. Wet conditions on the course can cause a golfer discomfort if the water soaks through their shoes, causing a break in concentration and just an unpleasant time. Luckily, there exist waterproof golf shoes. These cleat-like shoes are specifically designed with golfers in mind, providing protection from the elements while remaining comfortable to walk around in.

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For me, there is nothing worse than walking around outside after a particularly bad rain storm. Mud, puddles of water, and even wet grass manage to find a way into my sneakers, soaking everything from the inside of my shoes to my socks.

This is an issue that can affect many golfers as well, who may be playing during or after a rainstorm. Wet conditions on the course can cause a golfer discomfort if the water soaks through their shoes, causing a break in concentration and just an unpleasant time.

Luckily, there exist waterproof golf shoes. These cleat-like shoes are specifically designed with golfers in mind, providing protection from the elements while remaining comfortable to walk around in.

Our Best Waterproof Golf Shoes Pick: Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe

waterproof golf gears

A renowned brand, Adidas never fails to deliver amazing products. The Adizero Tour is a 100% waterproof golf shoes with spikes that provide amazing traction in wet condition. It is also ultra-light, which makes you feel like walking with nothing at all. All in all, one of the best waterproof golf shoe.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 2018

Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe

A trusted name in sports for several decades, Adidas has been known to make sports gear for every sport, including clothing and cleats. So it should come as no surprise that Adidas also tried their hand making golf shoes... and what shoes they are!

Made of leather, these shoes borrow a bit from the design of Adidas cleats using spikes on their sole. These spikes help with traction during wet weather, that helps a golfer keep his feet planted firmly while making shots.

waterproof golf gears

These shoes are also some of the lightest golf shoes around, weighing in at 10 ounces, making you feel as if you are walking with nothing on at all. And, it probably goes without saying, but the Adizero shoes are 100% waterproof, so your feet will always be dry no matter the conditions.

When buying the Adidas Adizero's, you may want to order a size larger than your actual shoe size. The shoes have a tendency to run a bit on the smaller side, which can create discomfort, so ordering a bit bigger is preferred.

An all-around great shoe from one of the biggest names in the sporting goods industry. Light, waterproof, and great performance make the Adidas Adizero's a must buy.

Things We Liked

  • Ultra-light
  • 100% waterproof
  • Spikes to provide great traction in wet conditions

Things We Didn't Like

  • Size tends to be a little smaller

Nike Golf Lunar Control II Golf Shoe

Another trusted name in sports, and in the golf industry, is Nike. And with the Nike Golf Lunar Control II Golf Shoe, you are sure to get a product that is out of this world.

If you are looking for a trendy golf shoe that will make you the envy of the clubhouse, then this is the shoe for you. Featuring a variety of colors and an aesthetically pleasing design, the Lunar Control II is one the most stylish golf shoes on the market today.

best waterproof golf shoes

And coming along with that amazing style is amazing comfort, as the Lunar Control II are contoured to feel comfortable on the foot, making walking around in the shoes easy. The comfort of this shoe goes hand in hand with how it performs, as the shoe provides great traction without sacrificing movement and comfort.

If you happen to have a larger foot, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for these shoes. At a max price of $200, if you have a big foot, you'll pay a big price.

The price may be a little hard to justify, but if you are willing to pay it, you will get one of the best shoes available for both performance and style. With the Lunar Control II, Nike proves once again why they are a major name in sports.

Things We Liked

  • Stylish with many color options
  • Contoured for amazing comfort

Things We Didn't Like

  • Relatively expensive

FootJoy Hydrolite Golf Shoes

Our next golf shoe is the FootJoy Hydrolite Golf Shoes, which is from a brand that is not as well-known as our previous two entries. Despite not having the name recognition of Nike or Adidas, the FootJoy shoes can more than compete with the big boys.

Made with soft, full grain leather, the Hydrolites are both comfortable and provide 100% protection from water. This means that even after the harshest of rainstorms, your feet are sure to stay as dry as a bone.

waterproof golf shoes review

Using a "P.I.N.S." cleat design, the Hydrolite are able to provide traction on wet courses, allowing you to not lose your footing on flat ground or slippery slopes. And you get all this at a price that is cheaper than the previous two shoes at below $80.

The all leather design does lend itself to some issues in terms of the shoe's breathability. On warm days, your foot can get a little hot because the leather design reduces the ventilation of the shoe, which can lead you to become a bit uncomfortable.

All around a great shoe, the Hydrolite is an affordable option when looking for a great waterproof golf shoe. FootJoy may not be major league name compared to the others, but it does provide a shoe that just may surpass them.

Things We Liked

  • 100% water protection
  • Generous cushioning and support
  • P.I.N.S cleat system for good traction

Things We Didn't Like

  • All-leather design hinders ventilation

PUMA Men's Biodrive Golf Shoe

Our next shoe is a return to a better known brand name with the PUMA Biodrive Golf Shoe. And as is the case with everything PUMA makes, you are certain to get a great product with this shoe.

Unlike the previous shoes, the Biodrive uses unique, octagon shaped pads on the sole of the shoe that help provide traction in wet weather. Traction isn't the only thing these pads provide as they also provide flexibility, which is great when on uneven terrain.

wet weather golf shoes

The Biodrive is also lightweight all around. From the sole of the shoe to the performance mesh that is also used to keep the shoe waterproof, everything about the shoes design is made to keep the shoe lightweight while giving you the performance you need.

A major setback with these shoes is the price, which is expensive even for a waterproof golf shoe. But for the price you pay, you get a shoe unlike any other. Lightweight, flexible, and waterproof, the PUMA Biodrive is everything you would want in a golf shoe.

Things We Liked

  • Octagon shaped pads to provide traction
  • Lightweight all around

Things We Didn't Like

  • Relatively expensive

Oregon Mudders CM300 Waterproof Golf Oxford

Our last shoe today comes from Oregon Mudder: the CM300 Golf Oxford. Despite being last, there is one big thing about this shoe that may make it number one for most people.

What we are talking about is the price of the shoe, which is more affordable than any other shoe on our list today. At a price range of under $50, every golfer should be able to get a good pair of shoes that they can afford.

golf shoes for rain

These waterproof shoes are also made with a design that can be worn on or off the course. Even if you plan to just walk down the street instead of playing a round of golf, you will look right at home wearing these shoes and all while keeping your feet dry.

While these shoes are cheaper than many other options, they also don't have all the features of some others. The grip on these shoes, and even the waterproof design, are done better in some of the other brands of shoes.

But if you are like me, the other brands of shoes are just out of your budget. And with the Oregon Mudder shoes, you will not just get an affordable shoe, but one that is great both on and off the course.

Things We Liked

  • Very affordable
  • Removable insole cushions the foot

Things We Didn't Like

  • Fewer features than the others

Buying Factors for Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

These shoes are not your everyday run of the mill shoes, as they also provide benefits with golfers in mind. Therefore, a few things have to be looked at when making your purchase.


For starters, you are going to want a shoe that performs well and is durable. You won't want to plop money down on a product that isn't going to last, so it is important to keep an eye out for if anyone has had issues with the shoes you are looking at.


That last factor goes hand in hand with the fact that reviews of products help tremendously when purchasing a product of this sort. Fellow golfers know best, so when buying a waterproof golf shoe, you will want to look for the shoes with the most, and best, reviews.


And finally, not all shoes are in the same price range, with some running a little cheaper while others run quite expensive. You'll want to find shoes that are in a good price range for yourself, so keep an eye on how much each pair of shoes cost and if the price is worth what you get.

Quick Summary of The Best Waterproof Golf Shoes

Adidas Adizero Tour Golf Shoe

Best Overall

  • Ultra-light
  • ​100% waterproof
  • Spikes to provide great traction in wet conditions
Nike Golf Lunar Control II Golf Shoe

2nd Best Overall

  • Stylish with many color options
  • Contoured for amazing comfort
FootJoy Hydrolite Golf Shoes

Best Affordable

  • 100% water protection
  • Generous cushioning and support
  • P.I.N.S cleat system for good traction
PUMA Biodrive Golf Shoe

Good alternative

  • Octagon shaped pads to provide traction
  • Lightweight all around
Oregon Mudders CM300 Oxford


  • Very affordable
  • Removable insole cushions the foot

This is barely scratching the surface for waterproof golf shoes. There are literally hundreds of options out there that come with different designs and features, making it hard to make a choice. Hopefully our list helped to make this choice a little easier for you. See here for some of the best spikeless golf shoes. Thanks for reading!

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Best Spikeless Golf Shoes – 2018 Reviews Thu, 14 Apr 2016 16:48:26 +0000 Are you fed up of the shoddy quality of many spikeless golf shoes? Many golf courses don’t allow spiked golf shoes to be worn anymore – but how do you get the ultimate golfing traction without spiked shoes? Luckily, the shoe industry has improved over recent years, meaning you can get the same amount of grip, without the need for spikes which simply tear up the golfing green.

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Many golf courses don’t allow spiked golf shoes to be worn anymore, as they can sometimes damage the course's turf. But how do you get the best possible traction while taking your shots, but without spiked shoes?

Luckily, the shoe industry has improved over recent years, meaning you can get the same amount of grip as you could with spiked shoes, but without damaging the course. These kind of shoes are, aptly enough, known as "spikeless shoes".

These alternatives to the more traditional spiked cleat do everything you would want from said cleats, but without the potential of getting kicked off the course because you are wearing them. They are also generally cheaper, which makes them an even better option over spiked golf shoes.

Sound like something you would like in your arsenal of golf equipment? Then keep reading, as we will be reviewing five of the best spikeless shoes for golf.

Our Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Pick: Footjoy Contour Casual

Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe

Not only does the Footjoy Contour Casual provide you with an exceptional amount of grip, it is made of leather and this gives it extra durability and a premium feel. Its cushioned fit-bed provides extreme underfoot and heel support and dampens shock, protecting your feet. Its premium casual feel makes it a pair of shoes that you can wear off the green.

NameEditor's CommentProduct 
Adidas CrossFlexBest Affordable
View More
Adidas adicross III2nd Best OverallView More
PUMA Faas LiteBest TractionView More
Footjoy Contour CasualBest OverallView More
Adidas Pure 360 GripmoreMost ComfortableView More

Best Spikeless Golf Shoes of 2018

Adidas Men’s Crossflex Sport Golf Shoe

To "kick" things off (sorry for the pun), we will take a look at one of the biggest brand names in sports clothing with the Adidas Crossflex Golf Shoe.

Adidas Crossflex Golf Shoes are made to be extremely lightweight, made from synthetic and fabric, along with a synthetic sole. This sole allows for a comfortable wearing experience, while also allowing a golfer to keep their feet firmly planted on the soil while taking their shot.

Adidas Men’s Crossflex Sport Golf Shoe

The Crossflex are extremely breathable, and are suitable for even the warmest of days thanks to the mesh exterior of the shoe. They are also designed to be extremely flexible, which will allow your feet to remain in comfort on any terrain.

They also will last many years thanks to the extremely hard and durable rubber outsole, which provides ultimate grip due to the pattern and protruding rubber on the sole.

best spikeless golf shoes

The only downside to the Crossflex pair of spikeless golf shoes is the mesh construction. While being perfect for summer and warm weather, the mesh makes it possible for water to get into your shoe, which makes them a bad choice for wet conditions.

Chances are you will try to avoid golfing in these conditions anyway, and in every other circumstance, these are a great shoe. Allowing flexibility and comfort, the Adidas Crossflex is, without question, one of the best spikeless shoes available.

What We Liked

  • Ultra light and comfortable
  • Durable and flexible
  • Very affordable

What We Didn't Like

  • Not waterproof

Adidas adicross III Golf Shoe

If you thought we were done with Adidas on this list, you were wrong, as the company just puts out too many great shoes. This is again the case with the Adicross III Golf Shoe.

Unlike the Crossflex shoe reviewed above, the Adicross shoes feature a water resistant upper, meaning you can wear these all year round. No matter what weather conditions you may face, your feet will be able to stay dry while remaining firmly planted on the ground.

Adidas Mensadicross III Golf Shoe

Speaking of keeping your feet firmly planted, the design of the sole of the Adicross III keeps the user from slipping while taking shots, no matter the terrain. The shoes are also available in a variety of colors, which allows you to best match your shoe to your individual style.

The Cloudfoam sockliner, also featured in the Crossflex above, is extremely comfortable, and allows you to almost forget you’re wearing shoes!

If you are like me and have a wide arch, you may not like the fit of these shoes. The arch of these shoes tend to run narrow, and if you have a wide arch, you may find these shoes a bit uncomfortable.

spikeless golf shoes reviews

Adicross golf shoes are designed to be a replacement to spiked golf shoes, while providing the ultimate grip and versatility you would expect from a spiked golf shoe. In this regard, they have more than exceeded expectations, living up to the Adidas reputation.

What We Liked

  • Water resistant
  • Promotes natural movement and reduces fatigue
  • Very affordable

What We Didn't Like

  • Might be a little too small, so order 1 size bigger

PUMA Men’s Faas Lite Golf Shoe

If there is one thing that Puma is known for, it is their shoes. So with the Faaslite Golf Shoe, Puma looks to set the bar high.

The Puma FaasLite provides 100% traction, even on steep hills, allowing your game not to be affected by a terrain or the weather. With a rubber protruding from the sole, the Faaslite digs into the ground similar to spiked golf shoes, giving you maximum traction without tearing up turf.

Puma Men’s FaasLite Golf Shoe

Puma has even included their pioneering technology on the Faaslite known as the Smart Quill. This traction technology helps with directional grip, which helps when your ball is stuck on an uphill lie.

best spikeless golf shoes

What can be considered a major downside, considering the price, is that the sole is not as durable as other brands. After a couple months of strain from golfing, the sole will start to tear away, making you have to drop down another $100 dollars for a new pair of shoes.

While this is bad, the amount of traction you get from these shoes makes up for it. Rain or shine, the Puma will be there to keep your feet on the ground.

What We Liked

  • Waterproof
  • Increased ground contact for improved traction and stablity
  • Lightweight, flexible, comfortable

What We Didn't Like

  • Some users have complained of an initial squeaky noise, which decreases over time

Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe

The Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless golf shoe may not come from one of the bigger names in the industry, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a great shoe. And with an attractive design, you can be sure you’ll look the part while on the green.

And, off the green.

Footjoy Contour Casual Spikeless Golf Shoe

Footjoy Contour Casual feature a waterproof leather design that makes them great for any weather condition. Even in the harshest of rain, you will be sure that your feet will stay dry.

Despite being made from leather, they are still extremely breathable, making them comfortable to wear for hours on end even in hot weather. The sole also provides a large amount of gripping performance, and also is extremely durable, allowing you to use these shoes for years to come.

The insole provides ultimate comfort and heel support, which is especially appreciated for prolonged periods - it also dampens shock while walking, making the Footjoy Contour’s extremely desirable.

spikeless golf shoes reviews

The one downside to the leather design is that the shoes need to be broken in. Seeing as leather is a tough material, it may take some time to get the shoe to fit perfect to the shape of your foot, but once it does the Footjoy becomes one of the most comfortable shoes around.

The Footjoy gives you all these features, and at a price that is lower than others today at just around $60. For this reason, the Footjoy may be some of the best shoes you can buy in the price range.

What We Liked

  • Leather gives a premium feel
  • Cushioned fit-bed for comfortable underfoot and heel support
  • Shock-dampening
  • Waterproof and good grip

What We Didn't Like

  • Needs to be broken into

Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Gripmore Sport Golf Shoe 

Yeah, I know what you are thinking, "another Adidas Product?", but hear me out. These shoes, the Adidas Pure 360 Gripmore, give more than enough reason for Adidas to take a third spot on this list.

With an extremely lightweight design due to the mesh construction, you can be sure that these shoes are not just comfortable, but will keep your feet cool on hot days. This means you won't have to worry about bad foot sweat even after hours of play.

Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Gripmore Sport Golf Shoe

Unfortunately, much like the Crossflex, this mesh design doesn't lend itself to wet conditions. As a result, when it is raining out or there is mud on the ground, your feet do tend to get wet.

These shoes feature Adidas’ pioneering technology, the Cloudfoam sock liner, which increases comfort over prolonged periods of play. They also come in a variety of colors, which makes them great for the style savvy golfer.

best spikeless golf shoes

All in all, this is yet another great shoe by Adidas. No matter if they are the Crossflex, the Adicross, or these Gripmore, if Adidas is the brand name you are certain to get a good shoe.

What We Liked

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Additional stability and protection
  • Extremely comfortable

What We Didn't Like

  • Not waterproof

Quick Summary of The Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

Adidas CrossFlex

Best Afforable

  • Afforable
  • Durable
Adidas adicross III

2nd Best Overall

  • Natural Movement
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Water resistant
PUMA Faas Lite

Best Traction

  • Great traction
  • High stability
  • Waterproof
Footjoy Contour Casual

Best Overall

  • Premium Feel
  • High stability
  • Waterproof
Adidas Pure 360 Gripmore

Most Comfortable

  • Extreme  Comfort
  • More stability and protection

Reviewed above are five great pairs of spikeless golf shoes that will be compliant with all golf course regulations, allowing you to improve your game without the need for spiked shoes!

There are many other great brands and models of golf shoes out there, and this is only an example of what there is on offer. Click here to see our recommendations for the best golf shoes for different conditions.

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The Best Winter Golf Shoes for Cold Weather Play Tue, 05 Apr 2016 05:17:01 +0000 As all experienced golfers know, playing golf while being attacked by the harsh elements of winter can be troublesome. Therefore it is imperative that you make sure you are fully prepared for whatever the weather may be, part of this is making sure you have a good pair of sturdy winter golf shoes.winter golf shoes. But how do you know which pair to buy, and which pairs to avoid?

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We all love the great sport of golf here, and many of us try to hit the links every weekend possible during the warmer months of the year. As such, many of us also wish that the months of the spring and summer can last year round.

Unfortunately, that just is not possible, and in time the winter months rear their ugly heads. However, just because there is a change in temperature and conditions does not mean that you are unable to play golf.

Golf is a game that is meant to be played in many conditions, including the more unpleasant cold and snow of the winter. Therefore, it is imperative that you make sure you are fully prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you, and part of this is making sure you have a good pair of sturdy winter golf shoes.

Our Top Winter Golf Shoes Pick: Oregon Mudders CM300
golf shoes for rain

With the release of the CM300, the folks at Oregon have really outdone themselves. The CM300 is a lightweight, all-weather golf shoe with a waterproof microfiber upper and a waterproof membrane bootie. Combined with a rubber spiked sole for great traction, you can rest assured the Oregon Mudders CM300 are prepared for anything the harsh winter weather can throw at it, being able to protect your feet better than most of the competition.

NameEditor's CommentProduct 
Oregon Mudders CM300Best Overalloregon-mudders-cm300View More
Oregon Mudders CM700Best Winter Golf Bootsoregon-mudders-cm700View More
Stuburt Golf Cyclone Golf Winter BootsBest Winter Hybrid Golf Shoes/Bootsstuburt-golfView More
VivoBarefoot LinxMost Stylishvivobarefoot-linx-golf-shoeView More
Adidas Climaheat Boa Golf Shoe2nd Best Overalladidas-climaheat-boa-golf-shoeView More

These shoes are specially designed to provide traction for you to keep your footing, as well as warmth to fight against the freezing temperatures.

With so many winter golf shoes available now, how do you know which pair to buy, and which pairs to avoid? That is where we come in, as we provide you with some essential buying advice for winter golf shoes, as well as list those that are the best of the best.

Benefits of Winter Golf Shoes

​When looking to buy a pair of winter golfing shoes, you will want to make sure that certain essentials are covered.

Does the shoe in question keep your feet from getting frost bitten? Do they provide strong footing, even on slippery and icy conditions? Will you be the envy of your friends thanks to your shoe's stylish design?​

These are a few of the questions you will want to ask yourself before making a purchase, as these factors (or at least the first two mentioned) are what make these types of shoes perfect for winter golfing.​

What’s actually different about Winter Golf Shoes?

Winter golf shoes tend to be much thicker than normal, run of the mill golf shoes. This is to help keep your feet warm, as well as dry, so that you will be able to play a round of winter golf in comfort.

Winter golf shoes also tend to have larger spikes on the soles than normal shoes. These spikes will help you to dig in to the ground, which will help to keep your footing in snowy conditions.

These spikes also help you to keep traction on wet and icy courses. This can prevent dangerous slipping, which can also lead to injuries and unwanted hospital visits.

There are also winter golf socks, which feature insulating technology to keep you warm, and to keep your feet dry – meaning no more changing out of soggy socks!

Buying Factors of Winter Golf Shoes

Material and Sole

The first thing you may want to look for when deciding on a winter golf shoe is the sole of the shoes. As with any type of shoe, the sole is what will take most of the wear and tear as you move, as well as being the part of shoe responsible for keeping you on the ground.

For example, many golfers prefer a shoe with a classic sole, which incorporates cleat-like spikes into the overall design. This is mainly because they allow for a much greater grip of the playing surface, creating steadier swings.

However, more modern golf shoes feature a rubber, “spike-less” sole, similar to AstroTurf boots used for football. These will help a golfer maintain their footing without the need for spikes, which may be cumbersome to a few golfers.

Aside from the sole, the material of which the shoe itself is made from also should be taken into consideration. From more traditional materials such as polyester, to thicker, and heavier, Gore-Tex material, these materials each have their own benefits to tackle the winter, and it falls to the individual golfer to decipher which material is better for their needs

  • Gore-Tex: Gore-Tex is much thicker than all of the other materials, which is why most winter golf shoes are manufactured from it. It allows for great insulation, along with a reasonable amount of sturdiness. Although it is thick, it allows for a good amount of airflow, meaning your feet won’t get too stuffy. It is also incredibly warm, which is why you should never use a pair of gore-tex shoes in summer. Another great positive is that gore-tex is fully waterproof.
  • Polyester: Polyester is mainly used for summer wear. However it is also a key material used for winter golf shoes, mainly for the lining – as it is extremely lightweight, and protects the shoes. The downside though, is that it isn't as durable as gore-tex.


Such as the case with any sort of footwear, winter golf shoes come in different shapes and sizes to suit these golfers needs.

  • Shoes: Styled as a normal shoe, this is the classic golf shoe design. However this doesn't provide anywhere near as much ankle support as a pair of golf boots. They are truly versatile, offering a good amount of traction, and are also breathable.
  • Boots: These are favoured by many golfers; however, many golfers also testify to hating them. It’s similar to Marmite, you either love them or hate them, there is no in between. They offer a great amount of ankle support, which is useful during the dreary winter months. They are also extremely warm to wear, and many are fully waterproof – making them the best designed pair for Winter Golfing.
  • Sandals: Definitely not recommended for Winter. They are extremely breezy and great for summer; you will get frostbite if you try to use them in Winter!

While it may be tempting to buy a more traditional golf shoe for winter, as they have better breathability and are lighter, they are not well suited to tackle the elements or keep your feet warm and dry.

For this, players who want to golf in winter may want to look for something more boot-like in design. While these shoes are heavier, they are also better insulated to withstand moisture and keep you warm in the winter. Not only that, but these boots also usually have thicker rubber treads on the sole, which will help to prevent slipping.


It may seem like a no brainier, but the price of the golf shoe you are trying to buy should be taken into consideration. In this economy, many people are on tight budgets, so you will want to buy a pair of shoes that won't break the bank.

That said, you also don't want to risk quality in construction for the sake of a great price, as you don't want to find yourself on the tenth hole only to find the sole of your shoe falling apart. For that reason, you will want to try to find a pair of shoes that is the perfect balance between cost and quality.

How Often You Play

Winter golfing is not for everyone, especially if braving the cold temperatures does not sound appealing to you. So it may not need to be said that if you hate the cold, you may not need to buy yourself a pair of these shoes.

With that in mind, you may want to consider how often you play during the winter as well. If you only find yourself playing one or two rounds of golf each winter, then you may not need to invest in a pair of these golf shoes, as sturdy winter boots may serve your needs for the short term.

Best Winter Golf Shoes 2018

Oregon Mudders CM300 Waterproof Golf Oxford

With the release of the CM300, the folks at Oregon have really outdone themselves.

You can rest assured the Oregon Mudders CM300 are prepared for anything the harsh winter weather can throw at it, being able to protect your feet better than most of the competition.

Oregon Mudders CM300 Waterproof Golf Shoe

The CM300 feature a rubber spiked sole for great traction. This allows you to keep your feet planted on the ground, and prevents you from slipping down an icy slope when tackling uphill lies.

In addition to the traction these shoes provide thanks to the spiked sole, the CM300 also keeps your feet nice and dry, thanks to being 100% waterproof. This makes the shoes a great option when playing in deep snow or otherwise wet conditions.

If anything can be considered a negative for the CM300, it is that they are kind of on the ugly side. Being kind of bulky, these may not be the best looking shoes available, but that does not take away in the least from the shoe's performance.

best winter golf shoes

While it may not be for the fashion savvy golfer, these shoes more than do the job they are intended for. If you want to keep your feet nice and comfortable without sacrificing your game, the CM300 are the perfect shoe for you.

Oregon Mudders CM700 Waterproof Golf Boot 

Our next product is another from Oregon named the CM700. While the CM700 does share a lot in common with the previous CM300, it does just enough to set it apart from its brother.

Thanks to the CM700 being a boot instead of a traditional shoe like the CM300, the CM700 comes equipped with additional ankle support. This, combined with rubber spikes on the soles, gives you traction while also making it easier to traverse uneven terrain.

winter golf boots

Just like the CM300, with the CM700 you can be sure that your feet will stay nice and dry while you are wearing them. The CM700 also feature "duel-density strike zones" in the insoles, which helps provide even more comfort, even during high impact activities.

One issue that does seem to come up from time to time is that the spikes on the shoes have an issue with coming loose. While all the spikes on the CM700 are replaceable, if you aren't careful when using the shoes, the spikes can come loose which may cause you to lose them in the mud or in snowbanks.

That one minor caveat aside, you can't take away from the support that the Oregon Mudders CM700 provide, making them a good choice for golfing on the toughest of winter terrains.

Stuburt Golf Cyclone Lightweight Golf Winter Boots

Instead of settling on a boot or shoe design, Stuburt have decided with the Cyclone to meet somewhere in the middle with this hybrid shoe. This offers all the positives of both designs, making the end product a pleasure to use.

The Cyclone features a waterproof membrane technology, which will keep your feet dry in the most extreme of conditions. No matter what the weather, you can be assured that you will be comfortable from tee to green.

winter golf shoes

The sole of the cyclone is designed for flexibility, with a 6mm tread, allowing you to “feel” the ground. This helps to give you a better read on any hidden ice and other pratfalls that may be under your feet, which not only helps you keep your grip, but keeps you safe as well.

The eyelets on the Cyclone's laces are made of metal, which helps to keep your shoes from coming untied while golfing. While the metal eyelets help in that regard, the eyelets can also be a bit sharp and can cause unwanted cuts, so caution should be taken.

Few shoes can compare to the kind of versatility that the Cyclone can provide. With comfort and flexibility, it's hard not to recommend the Stuburt Cyclone.

Vivobarefoot Linx Golf Shoe

Vivobarefoot has a tendency to design their shoes with very thin material, and the same is true for their Linx shoes.

Despite the thin design, however, there are few golf shoes that are better suited for winter.

best winter golf shoes

Despite the thin, lightweight design, the Linx still offer a huge amount of warmth and comfort, due to the thermal protections. Also, much like other shoes on the list, the Linx are 100% waterproof which, in combination being extremely light, make for a winter show with unrivaled comfort.

Something unique that the Linx has that others on this list do not, however, is the variety of the shoes. Coming in many different color choices, golfers will be able to find exactly the right shoe to match their style.

The lightweight design may be great to some, however this style of shoe is not one suited to every golfer. The style of "bare foot" shoe that the Linx falls under is one that can take getting used to, and not one that everyone will love.

Vivobarefoot Men's Linx Golf Shoe

If this style of shoe is something you like, then you can't go wrong with a shoe that provides the comfort and style that the Vivobarefoot Linx provides.

Adidas Climaheat Boa Golf Shoe

Our final shoe for today comes courtesy of the sports giants at Adidas with the Climaheat Boa. As with most of their products, Adidas proves once again with this shoe why they are a leading name in sports.

Using Adidas' "Climaheat multi-layered lining", the Boa is specifically designed for warmth in cold weather. From the collar of the shoe all the way down to the toe, the Boa will keep every part of your foot warm and dry.

Oregon Mudders CM600 Waterproof Golf Boot

The Boa also features small, low profile cleats around the sole of the shoe. This creates a shoe that is both low to the ground, providing a greater feel for the terrain, as well as traction to keep your footing.

If these shoes sound great to you, then you better be prepared to pay for them. The quality of the Boa comes with a hefty price tag, making them one of the most expensive shoes on this list, meaning they are not for everyone.

Should you be willing to pay a little extra cash, then you will not be disappointed. With the perfect combination of warmth and performance that a winter golf shoe needs, buying the Adidas Boa is money well spent.

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Best Golf Shoes for Walking…and more! Mon, 15 Feb 2016 04:04:20 +0000 Believe it or not, your golf shoes can make or break your game. Golf shoes provide additional comfort and support that normal shoes do not. They help to balance your body and give you a proper, stable stance especially when you pivot during a swing. Considering you spend an average of 4 to 6 hours on your feet while playing golf, shouldn’t you pay more attention to your shoes?

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Believe it or not, your golf shoes can make or break your game.

Golf shoes provide additional comfort and support that normal shoes do not.

They are designed with spikes or molded grip bottoms for additional traction when walking on grass or slippery terrain.

best golf shoes for walking and comfort

They help to balance your body and give you a proper, stable stance especially when you pivot during a swing.

Considering you spend an average of 4 to 6 hours on your feet while playing golf, shouldn’t you pay more attention to your shoes?

Here's what you should know before buying your golf shoes:​

 Best Golf Shoes for...Brand 
adidas-tech-response-4-0-golf-shoeBest Golf Shoes for Walking and ComfortAdidasView More
FootJoy-HyperFlexBest Golf Shoes for Wide FeetFootJoyView More
footjoy-dnaBest Golf Shoes for Plantar FasciitisFootJoyView More
TRUE-MotionBest Golf Shoes for Flat FeetTrue MotionView More
Ecco-Street-PremierBest Golf Shoes for OrthoticsEccoView More
Ecco-Biom-Golf-HybridBest Golf Shoes with Arch SupportEccoView More
TRUE-MotionBest Golf Shoes for BunionsTrue MotionView More
Ecco-StreetBest Golf Shoes for a Bad BackEccoView More
Adidas-AdizeroBest Golf Shoes for Wet WeatherAdidasView More

Best Golf Shoes for Different Situations

Best Golf Shoes for Walking and Comfort

When you are looking for a golf shoe that can be used to walk both around town and the fairways, you are going to want something that is strong and comfortable.

This is one of the many reasons today that our pick for best golf shoes for walking is the Adidas Tech Response 4.0.

Best Golf Shoes for Walking and Comfort

(Ask the over 460+ satisfied customers and they'll agree.)

For when you are out playing golf with your buddies, the Tech Response comes equipped with a synthetic sole infused with Thintech cleats. The sole helps to create comfort for long days of play, while the cleats help to keep your footing on the grass, allowing you to always have your feet firmly planted while taking your shots without losing traction.

While walking, your feet will are sure not to get sweaty and sore, thanks to soft eva insole, as well as the enhanced breathability of the lightweight mesh. While this meshing is great to keep your feet from sweating on hot days, it does also allow rain water to soak in in wet conditions, which may turn some golfers off.

While these shoes are not great for wet weather, the cushioning and air flow of the shoe make them a great choice for walking off the course as well as on it. And if you want to wear these babies on the town, you will be pleased to know that you can choose from a variety of colors, so that your shoes will always match your style.

best golf shoes for walking and comfort

Adidas is no slouch when it comes to any kind of sports equipment, especially with their clothing lines. And with the Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe, Adidas more than lives up to their companies reputation.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, you know how it can be to find a pair of golf shoes that suits you.

I believe that the best golf shoes for wide feet are those that not only come in wide sizes, they should have a stable sole construction and great side to side support.

It helps to have shoes that are stretchable too.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

With the FlexGrid 2.0 exoskeleton, the FootJoy Hyperflex Golf Shoe has incredible retention properties that makes it able to conform and expand to movements of the foot during a golf swing.

In other words, the shoes are able to stretch for a better fit for your wide feet.

Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

The FlexGrid material also provides 2 year waterproof protection for an all-weather play.

The Optimized Performance Stabilizer technology secures your heel and ankle throughout the swing, providing unmatched support, comfort and fit.

The midsole is made from Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) which provides enhanced underfoot cushioning and comfort while retaining lateral support, flexibility and stability.

The Next Evolutionary Outsole (N.E.O) is made of a material which provides durable traction which can improve your game performance.

The FootJoy HyperFlex comes with Tornado Cleats which provides stability and support the moment you step onto the golf course.

Lastly, it has an extra-thick Fit-Bed with increased cushioning for enhanced comfort and a slip-resistant fit.

With its retention properties and focus on cushion and support, the FootJoy HyperFlex is the best golf shoe for wide feet golfers.

Best Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can make playing golf difficult.

If you have plantar fasciitis, you probably know how much it hurts when the bottom of your feet gets inflamed.

This is caused by the straining of the ligament that supports your feet arch, caused by being on your feet for a long time, an activity not uncommon for golfers walking 18 holes.

Best Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Having a pair of golf shoes that is designed to support your feet and minimize foot movement within the shoes is essential to reduce pain.

Here is where the FootJoy D.N.A Golf Shoes shines:

It uses a new type of material called the Fine-Tuned Foam (FTF) to make the midsole of the shoe stable, soft and comfortable, providing soft underfoot cushioning and firm heel support.

The SnugFit tongue is designed to conform, well, snugly, to the top of your foot and the 3D FoamCollar molds to your ankle and keeps it locked in place, preventing any unwanted movements.

Best Golf Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

This combination, together with the MicroVent technology, provides optimum fit, support and protection with enhanced breathability.

The outsole is thin and light, thanks to the NitroThin Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU), and this provides stability and performance without sacrificing flexibility and feel.

The shoes are made of a new ChromoSkin Leather that is supple, lightweight and waterproof, providing all-weather performance for your golf games.

The best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis are those that have a well-contoured insole with a high arch support and the FootJoy D.N.A Golf Shoe uses the newest technology to meet these needs.

Best Golf Shoes for Flat Feet

Golfers with flat feet should look out for golf shoes that provide support, stability and motion control.

Without a natural arch support, impact from long hours of walking can add to leg muscle fatigue, affecting your game and leading to injury.

best golf shoes for flat feet

With the TRUE Motion golf sneakers, TRUE Linkswear proves that it is a company that believes golfers should be able to walk the course comfortably, without any pain.

All TRUE products come with a True Comfort Guarantee.

best golf shoes for flat feet

TRUE believes that your feet cannot work properly when the toes are constricted or when the heel and arch are unnaturally raised, thus the TRUE Motion shoes are designed with a minimalist philosophy.

The TRUE Motion sneaker is built on a one-piece barefoot rubber tread system that mimics barefoot movement, and a zero-drop, ultra-flexible sole that eliminates the unnaturally raised heel found in most golf shoes, making you feel closer to the ground.

This allows for greater stability, enhanced posture and better balance.

The TRUE Motion’s rubber grip sole leads the field with maximum traction, which is vital for a strong swing.

best golf shoes for flat feet

All these features encourage natural motion of your feet and reduce strain on your joints and muscles, which helps improve your performance.

TURE Motion is designed so stylishly and comfortably it can be worn to the office or a date, without having to change shoes for a quick game afterwards.

As a deal sweetener, it comes with a 1-year waterproof guarantee and 4 color variations, allowing for an all-weather play.

With an emphasis on comfort and style, you probably will not feel the impact of your flat feet anymore!

Best Golf Shoes for Orthotics

If you’re a golfer plagued by some foot condition, you may be required to wear orthotics.

Orthotics can eliminate imbalance in your feet that causes overcompensation of certain body parts, which results in injuries.

best golf shoes for orthortics

Users of orthotics have reported an improvement in shot accuracy through better balance.

Finding an orthotic-friendly pair of golf shoes can be difficult due to the limited number of manufacturers.

The key is to look for a pair of golf shoes with removable insoles, that has some depth and width so there is room for an orthotic.

Thankfully, we found the Ecco Street Premiere Golf Shoe.

best golf shoes for orthortics

The Ecco Street Premiere is fitted with a removable cambrelle-covered insole and could be replaced with an orthotic or any other 3rd party insole for additional support.

It is a spike-less golf shoe that comes with a rubber outsole with molded traction bars that provide additional traction so you do not have to worry about slipping.

The padding in the shoes provide enough support to feel firmly grounded, yet thin enough to allow you to feel the contours and essence of the golf course.

Made from distressed leather, the Street Premiere carries a street-inspired style, perfect for wearing both on and off course. Perhaps wear to the office or to the bar for some drinks after your game?

The slight downside is that the Street Premiere isn’t waterproof. However, from users have reported that the shoes hold up well in a constant drizzle and the stretchy microfiber lining keeps your feet cool and dry.

best golf shoes for orthortics

If you require orthotics and want to have a professional-looking pair of golf shoes, the Ecco Street Premiere is your best bet.

Best Golf Shoes with Good Arch Support

Have an unusually high arch?

Chronic soreness in your feet and require arch support?

One suggestion is to get a custom made orthotic and get an orthotic-friendly golf shoes. (Read the above section)

best golf shoes with arch support

If you prefer not to use an orthotic, another way is to get a pair of golf shoes with great arch support.

Ecco is a brand known for its comfortable shoes with exceptional arch support.

For its Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid 2 Shoes, Ecco has scanned over 2500 feet for the perfect anatomically-shaped insoles. As a result, you can be assured of the quality of support this shoe provides.

Best Golf Shoes with Arch Support

The insole has a technical silicon printing system that prevents unwanted movements during your golf swing. Better stability means a better swing.

The TPU outsole is engineered to provide over 150 molded traction bars and 800 traction angles, giving you unparalled grip in all terrains.

The Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 is made from extreme high performance, breathable Yak leather and infused with Hydromax technology, making it resistant to any weather conditions.

The Hybrid 2 looks stylish and comes in a variety of colors and you are sent additional colored laces for your own customized look.

Best Golf Shoes with Arch Support

High-performing, snug fit and comfortable, no matter what swing you adopt, the Ecco Biom Golf Hybrid 2 Shoes keeps you stable and supported all the way through to your finish.

Best Golf Shoes for Bunions

Having a bump on your toe or a bunion can be painful.

It gets worse when you have to pivot your foot during a golf swing.

It could ruin your great day out with friends.

Best Golf Shoes for Bunions

What you want to look for in a pair of golf shoes are wide toe box and made of leather.


The wide toe box allows more room for your big toe and the leather for your shoe to gradually mold to the bunion’s shape.

Additionally, shoes without the traditional cleats help to relieve pressure on the foot.

Here is a good fit:

The True Linkswear TRUE Motion Golf Sneakers.

Best Golf Shoes for Bunions

All TRUE products are constructed with a wide toe box as they believe in functioning ergonomically and promoting natural body motion for a stable swing.

You can read more about the True Linkswear technology here.

Best Golf Shoes for Bunions

The TRUE Motion is also made of leather, easy for it to stretch over the bunion.

It is also spikeless which helps in relieving pressure on the foot, but has a rubber grip sole for maximum traction.

More details about the TRUE Motion can be found above in the flat feet section.

Made for comfort and style, the TRUE Motion is the best golf shoes for bunions sufferers.

Best Golf Shoes for a Bad Back

Firstly, if you have a problematic back pain, you should see a doctor.

Or wear a custom orthotic.

No shoes can fix your bad back.

What a good pair of golf shoes can do is to provide you with additional support.

Best Golf Shoes for a Bad Back

For your bad back, we look to professional golfer Fred Couples.

Couples have had chronic back pain for years and definitely needed a pair of supportive shoes.

At the 2011 Masters, he stepped onto the course with a pair of Ecco Golf Street Shoe.

Best Golf Shoes for a Bad Back

The Ecco Street has an ergonomically designed foot bed that provides not only stability and comfort, but also supports your bad back.

On top of that, it has insoles that provide additional cushioning and shock-absorbing polyurethane midsoles to reduce muscle fatigue.

The insoles and linings are breathable, anti-bacterial and moisture absorbing, keeping your feet dry and fresh.

The Ecco Street is inspired by the sneaker design and is perfect for wearing off course, to your office or date perhaps?

The only downside is that the Ecco Street is not waterproof but they are reported to hold well in a constant drizzle.

Trusted by a professional golfer with chronic back pain, you can’t go wrong with the Ecco Street.

Best Golf Shoes for Wet Weather

If you live in a place where it rains often, or it is simply the rainy season, you might want to consider a pair of waterproof golf shoes.

Wet shoes and socks are uncomfortable, can affect your concentration and game.

Best Golf Shoes for Wet Weather

The Adizero Tour Golf Shoes are 100% waterproof with a 2-year guarantee.

They are made from a special microfiber leather to give form-fitting comfort, while the tongue is perforated for enhanced breathability to keep your feet dry.

The 10-spike cleat design gives you additional grip and traction, preventing you from slipping and is so light it reduces muscle fatigue and reduces your score.

The Adizero has 2 insoles, the FitFOAM sockliner for best comfort and the CLOUDFOAM insole for extra cushioning.

Furthermore, the outsole is made from an ultra-light, synthetic material to provide optimal performance and support.

It also has an internal TPU layer for more stability during lateral movements and an anatomical last to provide optimal foot roll and movement during your golf swing.

Best Golf Shoes for Wet Weather

With all these amazing technology, it’s hard to believe the Adizero Tour Golf is so light, and 100% waterproof, ideal for the wet weather.

Tip: Caring for Your Shoes

One of the most important ways to care for your golf shoes is to use shoe trees.

Shoe trees have two main functions:

1. Draw the moisture out of your shoes

2. Maintain the shape of the shoes

Maintaining the shape is especially important for leather shoes. The last thing you want to happen is for your premium quality golf shoes to curl up or shrink a size!

Click here to see the best shoe tree.​

The Ultimate Golf Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Type of Golf Shoes

Spiked/Cleated Golf Shoes

The classic golf shoe design that provides unparalled traction.

Spikes used to be manufactured with metal but are generally not allowed anymore as they tear up the greens.

Now, most spikes are made of plastic which are gentler with golf greens and are much lighter.

New plastic spikes can provide the same amount of traction as a metal spike and they are replaceable and cheaper.

A major advantage of the spiked or cleated golf shoes is the stability they provide during your swing because of the better grip and a stable upper.

Modern technology has enabled the traditional spiked golf shoes to be lightweight, stable, comfortable and water-resistant.

Consider changing your spikes every 3 months if you play once a week and walk frequently. This will maintain good traction in your shoes which will give you better stability during your golf swing.

Spikeless/Street Golf Shoes

The spikeless golf shoes - inspired by the street-style sneakers – are lightweight and flat-soled.

Designed for comfort and style, they use rubber studs instead of spikes, making them perfect for the office before a game or for the 19th hole right after one.

The lack of spikes also aid back and foot pain as they relieve the pressure on the foot.

The trade-off of the spikeless golf shoe is lesser grip and lack of waterproofing, not ideal for wet weather play.

However, modern technology has provided the rubber soles with additional traction and durability to compensate for the lack of spikes.

Golf Boots

Golf boots are designed to withstand the toughest of weather conditions.

They are 100% waterproof and keep your feet warm during winter time.

The thick waterproofing material also keeps mud out and provide great traction.

Because they are designed to look like hiking boots, they can be heavier than golf shoes and more restrictive around the ankles during a golf swing.

Golf boots are more expensive than golf shoes, but they are ideal for winter golf games.

Golf Sandals

If golf boots are designed for winter play, golf sandals are meant for summer play.

The open, toeless design make them light and super breathable, keeping your feet cool and dry under the hot summer sun.

They also offer more freedom than a pair of golf shoes.

The down sides of golf sandals are the limited water-resistance and lack of lateral support during a golf swing, but at least your feet will remain cool.

Golf Shoe Material


Leather shoes are the most popular options out there as leather is a breathable material, making them comfortable during summer play.

Once broken into, leather shoes will mold to fit snugly around a golfer’s feet.

Top manufacturers also provide a one or two year waterproof guarantee.

The type of material coupled with the craftsmanship make leather golf shoes the highest quality, so prepare to pay a premium price for them.

best golf shoes for walking

(in the picture...Adidas Pure Motion)

A cheaper alternative to the leather shoes leads us to…


Synthetic shoes use man-made material like polyester as a lining to protect the outer-shell of the shoes.

They are not as breathable and durable as leather shoes, but they are much thinner and lighter.

As a result, they are cheaper than leather shoes.

Modern technologies have helped enhance the features of synthetic shoes and they are pretty good choices too.


Gore-Tex is the top material when it comes to waterproof golf shoes.

It is extremely thick, sturdy and waterproof but even so, it is very breathable.

Gore-Tex is considerably warmer than synthetic; therefore is the ideal material for winter play.

best golf shoes for walking and comfort

Things to Consider when Buying Golf Shoes


Your normal shoe size may be different from your golf shoe size.

Hence, you should measure your feet for both length and width.

If possible, try on the brand you are interested in, to gain an understanding of the brand’s fit.

Try with the same pair of socks you’ll be wearing on the golf course.

The shoes should bend at the same place where your foot bends and should be tighter in the middle of the foot for more support during the swing.

When buying online, review the sizing guides for each manufacturer on the product pages.

Online size abbreviations D(M) = Medium, E = Extra Wide, 2E = Extra-Extra Wide.

Just remember, the more letters, the bigger the size i.e. EEE is bigger than EE.

You can always exchange shoes if they don’t fit correctly.


Interior comfort is a must.

It’s no good having style without comfort.

Having blisters or overly-squeezed feet can affect your concentration and gameplay.

Make sure your shoes are initially a tight fit - which means that if you pull the laces tight, the space between the parallel eye holes doesn’t quite come together.

If it does, your shoes are too big or too wide.

Comfort differs from player to player.

If you walk much, you might want to have a lightweight, flexible shoe that is waterproof like a pair of spikeless golf shoes.

If you ride on the course, you might prefer a stable and heavily-padded shoe which is softer and more comfortable.

A heavier shoe can be perfect for a rider, but takes up too much energy for a walker.

Therefore, only you know your playing style and what is the most comfortable for you.

Quality and Frequency of Play

How often you play can be a determining factor of the quality of shoes you buy.

We know from the materials section that leather shoes are the best quality golf shoes you can buy.

If you play golf regularly, you might want to fork out more for a pair of high quality, durable leather shoes that is comfortable and gives your great support.

If you only play twice of year, are you willing to pay $300 for a pair of shoes you hardly wear?

Of course, the quality of shoes can affect the quality of play, so never sacrifice quality.

It is a good idea to get multiple pairs of shoes if you play regularly because rotating shoes will extend the life of each pair and in case it rains, you have another pair ready.

Which brings us to…


There are shoes that are “water-resistant” (no warranty) and there are shoes that have two-year waterproof warranty.

Leather shoes usually provide better waterproofing as compared to synthetic shoes.

Raining season? Morning player? Random downpours?

Depending on when and where you play, you might want to opt for a longer waterproof warranty.

The longer the warranty is, the pricier it gets.


Shoes or sandals? Sneakers or athletic? Colored or plain?

Choose a pair that suits your personality and lifestyle.

If you play golf after work and do not want to bring an extra pair of shoes, go for a classy black or brown like Tiger Woods.

Sneaker-inspired style can be good for going out after games.

There is a wide spectrum of styles available from a wide spectrum of brands, you are bound to find a pair you love.

Lacing System

As street-inspired shoes are becoming more popular, some models are changing designs for easy secure and removal of shoes.

For example, Velcro for a more casual fastening approach.

Or mechanical lacing systems (think ski-boots) for consistent stability.

Or slip-on golf shoes, that - while comfortable - can sacrifice stability and support.

Traditional laces are cheaper and hard to beat, while still keeping your feet secure.


How much should you pay?

Golf shoes can range from $30 to $300 depending on the material, features, benefits and style.

You get what you pay for and believe it or not, a good pair of golf shoes can improve your game.

Pay for quality but stay within your budget.

And there you have it, our Ultimate Golf Shoes Buying Guide and best golf shoes for different situations. Which is your favorite shoe?

Let us know by commenting below!

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