Hitting The Golf Ball
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35 Best Golf Gifts for Golfers (Who Have Everything)

If you're looking for the best gifts for a golfer (who may or may not already have everything), you've come to the right place. Our list includes quirky and funny golf gifts, great looking golf-themed home decor, and useful golf training aids and cool golf gadgets. You'll bound to find one that fits the golfer in your life!

Mini Golf Games to Eliminate the Wait for Tee Times

Do you have a golfer in your life that, for one reason or another, can't make it to the course as often as they like? Do you happen to have multiple family members and friends who are golfers, and would like a way to join in with their fun, even if you yourself don't play?

If any of the above apply to you, then these Mini Golf Games are for you! Not to be confused with windmill-filled putting game, these Mini Golf Games are table-top games that simulate golf in one fashion or another, and are fun for the whole family, even the non-golfers amongst us.

Play Nine - The Card Game of Golf!
  • Strategy game to score the lowest points, like real golf
  • Fast paced and easy to play
  • No golf experience required
  • Great for family gathering, picnics, and killing time
  • Good for learning golf lingo
GOLO! the Golf Dice Game
  • Golf strategy game to score the lowest points
  • 9 dice represents 9 holes
  • Created by a PGA professional
  • Portable and perfect to play anywhere
Flip Chip Golf Game
  • On-course complement to your golf game
  • Collect positive chips, avoid negative chips based on golf actions
  • Adds an interesting and fun change to your golf course game
Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game
  • Get the best of both world – golfing and drinking
  • Line up your best shots, make up your own rules
  • Great for parties and get-togethers

Golf-Themed Home Decor to Inspire Conversations

When people move into a new house or apartment, one of the first things they think about, outside of how to pay rent and bills, is how they should decorate their living space. Most people will want to set up their house in way that best reflect who they are, making the place feel more like home.

If you have a golfer in your life who so happens to be looking for home decor, then these following products would make the perfect house warming gift. From mugs to display cases and everything in between, these home decor items will be the perfect gifts for golf lovers.

Framed Golf Art
golf gifts
  • 4 prints in a set
  • Painted by USA artists
  • 14 X 17 inch
  • Framed under glass
Golf Ball Bathroom Set
christmas golf gifts
  • ​Golf ball shaped bathroom accessory set
  • Soap/lotion dispenser, soap dish, toothbrush holder, and 2 cups
  • Made of ceramic
  • Bring golf to your bathroom!
Golfer's Prayer Golf Coffee Mug
  • For golfers who understand how tough this game can be
  • Hand painted, beautiful craftsmanship
  • Holds 18 oz of your favorite beverage
  • Dishwasher/microwave safe and FDA approved
Golf Cart Wind Spinner
  • Brighten up a garden with this colorful golf cart wind spinner
  • Comes in different sizes
  • Easy to assemble
  • 100% UV resistant
Mahogany 49-Ball Cabinet
  • Show off logo ball collection
  • Elegant ball cabinet for office, den, or family room
  • Mounts easily to wall
  • Holds 49 balls
Golf Course Window Wall Decal
  • Brighten up a golfer’s room/office
  • Add a beautiful view to any room
  • Thick grade vinyl resists tears and rips
Nostalgic Wooden Golf Coasters
  • Beautiful golf design coasters
  • Absorbs drips and condensations from beverages
  • Protects tables and countertops
  • Has a bit of weight which means no worries about slipping
I Golf Therefore Doormat
  • Humorous doormat, perfect for golfers
  • Washable with garden hose
  • Made in USA
Personalized Golf Name Art
  • Golf themed letters to spell out any name or word
  • Ready to hang on the wall
  • Perfect gift for golfers who have everything
Personalized 19th Hole Golf Sign
  • Personalized golf plaque hanging on your wall
  • 19th hole - perfect for the golfers who drink after a game
Golf Ball Picture Photo Frame
  • Photo frame with clubs, balls and shoes as decorations
  • Holds a 3” X 3”

Quirky Golf Balls to Bring Happiness onto the Course

Golf balls are the most important part of a golfer’s bag, as they are the one item that a golfer will use the most throughout a game, unless some ill fate befalls their ball, such as dense woods or water hazards. Seeing as golfers spend so much time staring at their golf balls, why not make it a little more fun for them?

These quirky golf balls are just the thing you may be looking for. These balls each come with fun and comedic designs, but also play well on the course, making them a perfect golf gifts for the golfers who don't take themselves too seriously.

Wilson SpongeBob Squarepants Golf Balls
  • Real playable golf balls designed for distance and control
  • Bright, attention-grabbing, hard to lose
  • Reminder to have fun and enjoy the game
Emoji Golf Balls
  • Put a smile on everyone’s faces
  • Good for practice or recreational game with family
  • Nice break from usual logo’d balls
Unputtaball Golf Ball
  • Putt it - it jumps, baulks, skids and gyrates
  • Unpredictable, maddening, hilarious
  • Bet your partner he can’t putt!
Exploding Golf Ball Four Pack
  • Realistic and genuine looking golf balls
  • Explodes into a cloud of white dust on impact
  • Adds a bang to your game!
GlowV2 Night Golf Balls
  • Unlike LED golf balls, GlowV2 balls are soft on drive and can be used over and over again
  • Has tour-quality responsiveness and distance of a day time ball
  • Rechargeable using UV flashlight in under one minute
  • Stays glowing for up to 6 hours so you never lose them

Golf Training Aids to Secretly Train while Having Fun

So it's the winter months, and thanks to the cold, biting temperatures, outdoor activities are few and far between. Golf is one of these activities that suffers from the cold weather (unless you are a winter golfer).

Seeing as these months of the year are near some major holidays, what better gift could you give the golfer in your life than some training aids?! These aids can be used in or outdoors, and are fun to use, making them great golf gifts for the golfer who may be feeling a touch of cabin fever.

Strength and Tempo Trainer
  • Teaches lag, pacing and helps eliminates early release
  • Improves core strength
  • Good for warm-up
  • Fun and easy to use
Aqua Golf Backyard Chipping Game
  • Floating green can be placed on lawn or in pool
  • Hone your skills while having some fun
  • Simple to inflate and Velcro balls stick well
  • Comes with chipping mat, floating green, 2 cups and 2 flags, 12 practice balls
Shit N Stroke - Potty Putter Bathroom Golf
  • Drop a deuce while letting loose
  • Includes a golf mat with golf putter
  • Practice putting while on the toilet
  • Comes with a Do Not Disturb sign for longer sessions

Useful Golf Tools for an Effortless Golf Game

What many non-golfers are not usually aware of is that there is more equipment that a golfer carries around in their golf bag other than clubs, balls, and tees. These extra tools, from divot repair tools to ball washers, are all essential for golfers to have in order to play golf properly.

That is why these following golf gifts, featuring a variety of golf tools for different uses, are a good choice when buying for golfers who have everything else. No matter what kind of golfer you may be buying for, they are sure to appreciate these essential gifts.

Swiss Army Golf Tool
  • All-in-one golf tool
  • Includes repair tool, ball marker, scissors, tee punch, toothpick, groove cleaner, tweezers, cap lifter, blade and nail-file to name a few
  • Trusted brand and quality
Suncast Golf Organizer
best golf gifts
  • Golf equipment organizer
  • Stores bags, clubs, accessories 
  • Keeps the house tidy
Callaway Executive Set
gifts for golfers
  • Perfect gift for the Callaway lover!
  • Includes a Callaway pouch, neon ball markers, tees, balls
  • Pro-Line Putt Align Tool for lining up putts
Pocket Ball Washer
  • Cleans balls between holes
  • Inside stays wet, outside stays dry
  • Easily slips into pockets
  • Cleaner balls lead to cleaner shots
Club Groove Cleaner
  • Easy cleaning of clubs
  • Cleans clubs in a hurry
  • Cleaner clubs means more backspin, more accuracy, more distance
Electric Golf Club Drink Dispenser
  • Driver-shaped drink dispenser
  • Fits discretely in any golf bag
  • Insulated to keep drinks hot/cold for up to 5 hours
Stealth Golf Cooler Bag
gifts for golfers who have everything
  • Sneak a few beers on the course
  • Fully insulated for ice-cold beers
  • Easy to carry
MySack Golf Ball Storage Sack
  • The original ball holder
  • Great conversation piece
  • Guaranteed to bring smiles to everyone’s face
Ted Talking Golf Club Cover
  • Cute and innocent looking teddy bear club cove
  • Spews expletives and R-rated quotes from the movie Ted
  • Livens up a golf course
  • Not for children
Nuddie Golf Tee Lady
  • Golf tee, divot repair tool and ball marker in one
  • Comes in men’s favorite shape
  • Strong, unbreakable plastic
  • Perfect gift for single men

Casual Wear for The Golfers Off the Course

Finding good clothes can sometimes be a daunting task. You want to find clothes that not only fit, but are comfortable and fit your personality, that you can show off across town.

If you want to make the search for clothes a little easier for your favorite golfer, then these clothes items will make great gifts. Your golfing fan will love these clothes because they are not only stylish, but will tell the world just how much they love their favorite sport.

Golf Evolution T-Shirt
  • Comfortable, good-looking, funny
  • 100% cotton
  • Perfect casual wear for golfers
Men’s Novelty Crew Socks
  • Golf themed socks
  • Bright and amusing design
  • Great on and off the course

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